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Stanley offers hope for ‘difficult times’ Print Email
Written by Harold Goerzen   
Monday, 19 January 2009 09:08 AM America/New_York
Best-selling author helps Christians understand the purpose of trials

En ArmoníaCharles F. Stanley’s En armonía con Dios: Cómo entender los caminos y planes de Dios para su vida (In Step With God: Understanding His Ways and Plans for Your Life, 978-1-602-55185-5, $13.99) debuted from Grupo Nelson on Dec. 30, three months after its parent company, Thomas Nelson, launched the English version.

Martha Restrepo, Spanish editor at Ministerios En Contacto, the Spanish arm of In Touch Ministries, said the book was written to help Christians develop a deeper relationship with God and truly know Him.

“It will help readers gain a deeper knowledge of how God works in our life,” she explained. “It teaches the plan of God and His way for our life. Dr. Stanley uses many useful biblical illustrations such as Moses, Aaron, David, Joshua and Abraham to help answer common questions.”

En armonía con Dios aims to answer questions such as these: Is now the right time to make this big decision? What does God have for my future? Why am I in this difficult situation? What is God like? Can I trust Him? Can He help me tackle the challenges I face?

Restrepo said the book also helps believers “understand how God uses our difficult times and gets our attention through suffering, teaching us obedience. It shows how God can make us holy through suffering. It teaches us to be thankful and how to persevere, restoring hope.”

“Any Christian who is going through any kind of challenge should read this book,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a new Christian or a mature Christian. We all go through challenges every so often, and this book helps keep your life focused on God’s point of view.”

Restrepo added that the book is “very unusual for the author” because it’s not based on a series of messages. Rather, it will become the basis for a future series to be presented “sometime in 2009.”

“The nearer I draw to the Lord, the more I will know about Him—His love for me and His good plans and desires for my life,” Stanley writes.

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