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Written by various  
Posted on 21 May 2018
Attention all novelists! Every fiction book proposal must include a synopsis. Everyone who teaches on the book proposal says you need one. But why? Those two to three single-spaced pages of agony will [...]
Written by Skip Prichard  
Posted on 21 May 2018
Generational Conversations Many people who write me express frustration about dealing with a different generation. Often the emails I receive are full of sweeping generalizations and accusations. Some are less frustrated, but sincerely baffled, wondering how to bridge the divide. …
Written by Albert Mohler  
Posted on 21 May 2018
Why a sane society cannot ‘throw their hands up’ after another school shooting, this time in Texas || Prayer is at the center of the conversation after shooting in community that has famou [...]
Written by Mary Demuth  
Posted on 21 May 2018
Today’s Scripture: Let Your face shine upon Your servant,     and help me to learn what You require. My eyes shed rivers of tears     whenever people fail [...]
Written by Dee Brestin  
Posted on 20 May 2018
Suffering softens hearts toward God, World War II had begun with unimaginable losses of human life. The scene was set for an apologist. It certainly seems C. S. Lewis was chosen for such a time as thi [...]
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