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Written by Brian Zahnd  
Posted on 25 May 2020
Memorial Day by Brian Zahnd I have vivid memories of Memorial Day growing up in Savannah, Missouri. The fourth Monday […]The postMemories of Memorial Dayappeared first onBrian Zahnd.

Written by Dee Brestin  
Posted on 24 May 2020
My daughter Sally was reading “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” to her young daughters. They realized someone was going to have to die to set Edmund free from the White Witch. Who wo [...]
Written by Dave Almack  
Posted on 23 May 2020
The news came like the first rays of sunshine bursting through the clouds after a long and dreary rainstorm.  It was as surprising as it was welcome.  On Friday the Governor of Pennsylvania [...]
Written by Angela Hunt  
Posted on 13 May 2020
Yesterday, while working on my WIP, tentatively titled A WOMAN OF WORDS, I had a breakthrough.  I have said this, in ignorance, many times but I will never say it again. What is the incorrect statement?  God became a man . . . (pertaining to Jesus).   Oh, no He didn’t.  The idea is repugnant…
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