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Written by Skip Prichard  
Posted on 04 February 2024
Explore insights on leadership from Billy Joel's new song "Turn the Lights Back On," revealing lessons on reconciliation, timing, and persistence.The postLessons from Billy Joel’s “Turn th [...]
Written by Angela Hunt  
Posted on 26 January 2024
A little bit of news for you, and my very best wishes for a wonderful new year!First, we had a wonderful time discussing STAR OF WONDER in the "Prepare Your Heart for Christmas" Facebook group! More [...]
Written by Brian Zahnd  
Posted on 19 January 2024
The Wood Between the Worlds releases February 6 — just in time for Lent. This is the Prelude to the […]The postThe Wood Between the Worldsappeared first onBrian Zahnd.

Written by Dave Almack  
Posted on 24 September 2022
I walked down the center aisle with my wife and couldn’t stop thinking – how did we get here so fast?  Not the venue, not the day, not the year – just this particular moment in [...]
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