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Tyndale’s children’s classics get a new lease on life Print Email
Written by Karen Schmidt   
Monday, 09 February 2009 03:20 PM America/New_York

Two longstanding favorite children’s Bible storybooks are being united in a new volume intended to bring Jesus close to kids of a new generation. Classic Bible Storybook (978-1-414-30769-5, $12.99), a collection of stories from two of Kenneth N. Taylor’s previous Bible storybooks, will be published in March by Tyndale Kids.
The Living Bible Storybook, published in 1970, and Taylor’s Bible Storybook, published in 1973—with more than 341,000 copies in print between the two, though no longer available—were culled for the 120 stories in the new book.

Music legends’ son celebrates enduring love Print Email
Written by Karen Schmidt   
Monday, 09 February 2009 03:17 PM America/New_York

John Carter Cash’s story honors ‘beautiful bond’ of mother and child

momma lovesJohn Carter Cash, son of music legends Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, sees his first children’s book, Momma Loves Her Little Son (978-1-416-95912-0), published next month. Little Simon Inspirations, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, is releasing the hardcover picture book for kids ages 4-8.

The story revolves around the loving words Cash’s mother spoke to him as a young child, telling a sweet love story about the relationship between mom and child.

Book Reviews-February 2009 Print Email
Written by Various   
Monday, 09 February 2009 02:33 PM America/New_York

leadership revisionLeadership Re: Vision
Jim Seybert
Tyndale House Publishers
softcover, 208 pages, $13.99

Consultant Seybert offers biblically based business principles in Leadership Re: Vision. Intended for believing supervisors and business owners, the book begins with a careful distinction between leadership and management: the former an adherence to existing rules, while the latter involves knowing when the organization needs to revise.

Each chapter opens with a Scripture passage that demonstrates some counterintuitive business advice—avoid goal-setting, share meals with employees and encourage tinkering with successful practices, to name a few. Seybert then demonstrates how each axiom was true in biblical times and remains true today.

Seybert concludes by positing that God is the ultimate rule-breaker, entering the world through the womb of a virgin to redefine His own laws. For Christian professionals, Leadership Re:Vision offers an insightful viewpoint on what it means to lead.

—John D. Leatherman
Author promotes discovery of a ‘day of delight’ Print Email
Written by Staff   
Monday, 09 February 2009 01:21 PM America/New_York

Revisiting the concept of the Sabbath is the central focus of the newest release in the “The Ancient Practices Series,” Sabbath, by Dan Allender (978-0-849-90107-2, Thomas Nelson). The author, president of Seattle’s Mars Hill Graduate School, contends that many modern Christians have misconceptions about what he says should be a “day of delight.”

“There is a notion that the Sabbath is no longer part of our spiritual practices because we have the Lord’s Day,” he told Christian Retailing.
“I ask people, ‘How many commandments can you think of’? (If you pass over the Sabbath), well, then, you’re saying there are now only nine.”

Allender believes the Sabbath commandment is the “swing hinge” commandment between our focus on God and our focus on others: “Without it, there’s not a focus between allowing God to be God and our relationships with others.”

Some faith lessons from maximum security Print Email
Written by Staff   
Monday, 09 February 2009 01:09 PM America/New_York

Former San Quentin inmate shares tools discovered during hard time

lessons san quentinBill Dallas, a former real estate developer, documents his five-year sentence at one of the country’s most notorious maximum security prisons in Lessons From San Quentin: Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned in Prison.

Although the book, co-written with George Barna, recounts Dallas’ own story of landing in prison after being charged with grand theft embezzlement, it is just as much about the Christians he encountered behind bars, men who have faced their worst struggles and lived to tell about it.

“What intrigued me (about writing this book) was not to do so much on the Bill Dallas story, but to focus on these men of faith in prison and the lessons I learned, so that’s what got me excited about doing it,” he said. “I don’t want to say it’s a tribute to them, but the faith they live is amazing.”

Catholic News: Business leader issues challenge to professionals Print Email
Written by Terry Walsh   
Monday, 05 January 2009 10:37 AM America/New_York

Holding the moral high ground in the workplace may seem especially tough during challenging economic times.

“What got us into this (financial) mess was short-term thinking and greed-oriented leading,” said Dave Durand, author, business leader and career coach. “People traded morality and ethics for personal gain.”

In Durand’s Win the World (Without Losing Your Soul) (978-0-824-52601-6, softcover, $14.95, The Crossroad Publishing Co., April), he offers 12 lessons to strengthen professional and personal integrity to reach their maximum potential.