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Written by Ann Voskamp  
Posted on 17 May 2021
I was drawn to Sarah Robinson’s story because she speaks so openly about believing the lie that being depressed or anxious made her a bad Christian. How easy it is for each of us to imagine that if we just had enough faith or prayed the right prayer or got over “that” sin, we would […]
Written by various  
Posted on 17 May 2021
by Steve LaubeI came across a remarkable section in a book written around 124 B.C. The editor of the book wrote the following preface to help the reader understand his methodology and purpose. It show [...]
Written by Albert Mohler  
Posted on 17 May 2021
DOCUMENTATION AND ADDITIONAL READINGPART 1(0:0 - 13:29):──────────────────Yet Another “Faith-Based” University Surrenders — A Lesson From TexasTHE AMERICAN CO [...]
Written by Skip Prichard  
Posted on 17 May 2021
Leadership experts Chris Lewis and Pippa Malmgren argue that leaders must balance between analytic logic and intuition to achieve the best results.The postHow to Balance the Demands of Modern Business [...]
Written by Mary Demuth  
Posted on 17 May 2021
Today’s Scripture: Do you indeed [d]gods?Do you judge [f]birth.4 They have venom like the venom of a serpent;Like a deaf cobra that stops up its ear,5 So that it does not hear the voic [...]
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