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Catholic News: Business leader issues challenge to professionals Print Email
Written by Terry Walsh   
Monday, 05 January 2009 10:37 AM America/New_York

Holding the moral high ground in the workplace may seem especially tough during challenging economic times.

“What got us into this (financial) mess was short-term thinking and greed-oriented leading,” said Dave Durand, author, business leader and career coach. “People traded morality and ethics for personal gain.”

In Durand’s Win the World (Without Losing Your Soul) (978-0-824-52601-6, softcover, $14.95, The Crossroad Publishing Co., April), he offers 12 lessons to strengthen professional and personal integrity to reach their maximum potential.

“People can be on top of the world, leaders in their profession, and lead as Christians without sacrificing or compromising their integrity,” he said, adding that it’s especially important during professional or personal trials that one’s morality should not be checked by the workplace door.

Durand said he wrote the manuscript a couple of years ago, but his message is timeless. The guidelines he offers go beyond traditional motivational or business books. The book’s chapters include insight into avoiding short-term gratification traps and being grateful for who you are and what you have.

An endorsement by Patrick Lencioni, management consulting guru and best-selling author, carries a lot of weight with this market, said John Jones, Crossroad Publishing’s editorial director.

Durand is a contributor to the Relevant Radio Network, the nation’s largest Catholic radio network, and the founder of ProBalance, a time management company.
Crossroad plans additional marketing support with an outside publicist to market Win the World.

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