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‘Duck Dynasty’ couple helps couples in crisis Print Email
Written by Leslie Santamaria   
Friday, 05 December 2014 11:54 AM America/New_York

Al and Lisa Robertson tell their story of marital trouble and ultimate reconciliation in Howard Books release

ANewSeasonThe eldest of the Robertson boys on A&E’s Duck Dynasty, Al, and his wife, Lisa, once stood at the brink of divorce. Now, after celebrating their 29th anniversary, they explain in a new book what saved their marriage.

Sometimes called “the beardless brother,” Al rejoined the Duck Commander business in 2012 and appears on the family’s show. He and Lisa tell their story in A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokenness and Redemption.

The two met in junior high and later started dating, but both brought unresolved issues into their union.

As a boy, Al witnessed his father, Phil, drink and behave irresponsibly, while his mother, Miss Kay, suffered heartache and struggled to care for the kids. Lisa was molested as a young child by a relative. As a teen, she became promiscuous.

During their courtship, Lisa idolized Al, and they got involved with alcohol and sex. When Al moved to New Orleans, the couple broke up and went their separate ways.

Eighteen months later, Al returned to West Monroe, Louisiana, ready to recommit his life to Christ. Phil, who had long since embraced sobriety and Christianity, welcomed, discipled and baptized Al. Lisa and Al reunited, got married and had two daughters—and Al became a minister. From afar, their marriage might have seemed happy, but Lisa’s personal baggage remained unaddressed. Eventually she had an affair.

Their road to repentance and a healthy marital bond was difficult, but in time, their marriage healed. Now they counsel and speak nationwide on the topic of marriage.

“Lisa and I live a redeemed life, free from our past sins and hurts,” Al writes in the book. “We are deeply in love with our God and with each other. ... Our new season is rich in love and mercy and is providing us with joy in all circumstances.”

Lisa found peace as she experienced God’s forgiveness.

“No matter who you are or what you have done, the same can be true for you if you will ask Him to forgive you and then receive the forgiveness He freely offers,” she writes.

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