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Human trafficking thriller ‘exposes light in dark places’ Print Email
Written by Eric Tiansay   
Friday, 14 December 2012 03:47 PM America/New_York

TradeOfInnocentsScene-DermotMulroney‘Redemption, rescue and healing’ runs through ‘Trade of Innocents’ starring actress Mira Sorvino

The subject of Mira Sorvino’s latest film was something near and dear to the Academy Award winner. 

Releasing this month to Christian stores, Trade of Innocents tells the story of a couple, Alex and Claire Becker (Sorvino and Dermot Mulroney) grieving the death of their daughter who set out to rescue young girls sold into the sex slave trade.

Sorvino has been a United Nations goodwill ambassador to combat human trafficking since 2009, and has lobbied the U.S. Congress to abolish human trafficking in Darfur, Sudan. She also starred in the Lifetime TV film Human Trafficking in 2005. 

“I am very proud to be a part of this film,” Sorvino, who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1995 for Mighty Aphrodite, told Christian Retailing. “Most people are unaware that this terrible trade of children for sexual exploitation flourishes both in the U.S. and around the globe. Trade of Innocents will open their eyes and their hearts, and inspire them to become part of the solution.”

Rated PG-13 for disturbing thematic material involving child sex trafficking and some violence, the thriller is “an accurate depiction of frontline activists fighting for the freedom of enslaved children,” said Christopher Bessette, writer and director of Trade of Innocents. “There is no gratuitous, rather a stark revelation of the facts. The characters are based on characters in organizations with Christian beliefs and roots. 

“The theme of redemption/rescue and healing runs throughout the movie,” he added. “As seen in the reconciliation between the married couple to scenes between the rescued girls and Claire’s [Sorvino] coming to terms with her lost child.”

The film features the tag line “Justice needs a hero.”

DVD-TradeofInnocentsTrade of Innocents exposes light in dark places with truth, with the website at the end of the movie,,” Bessette said. “It empowers the viewer to be a hero, investigate the organizations linked to connect and support directly the frontline freedom fighters.

“The Bible contains more than 300 verses on the poor, social justice and God’s deep concern for both,” he added. “Christian retailers have an opportunity to serve their customers, not only with quality entertainment, but also with practical means of enabling them to reach out in love to those without a voice.”

Trade of Innocents, which retails for $19.98 and runs 91 minutes, is being distributed by Wesscott Marketing. To order, call 800-375-3702.