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Survivor collects other ‘cancer stories’ to offer hope Print Email
Written by Staff   
Monday, 08 June 2009 04:28 PM America/New_York

After her own experience with cancer, artist and video producer Nancy Hamilton Myers decided to gather stories from others who, like her, had faced the disease, anchored by their Christian faith.

Among those who spoke about their experiences were a NASA space engineer, a sports champion, successful career men and women, parents, children and homemakers, moms and dads.

Combining a medical perspective with the contributors’ testimonies, Cancer Stories (7-27985-01311-4, $14.99) is intended “for anyone who has ever experienced the pain and triumph of this ever-increasing scourge, either on a personal level or through a family member or friend,” Myers said.

The firsthand accounts “embrace the essence of what it means to cope with cancer with courage and dignity,” she said.

“I have never been more uplifted by a group of individuals as I was while filming Cancer Stories,” she added. “Their testimonies were living sermons of the grace and goodness of God, without being in any way overbearing or boring.”

Completed in January, the two-disc program, released last month, runs for two hours, and was broadcast on Faith TV in March. Based in California, Myers has worked as an art director for more than 20 years, and has also taught art in state and private schools.

Cancer Stories is distributed by Vision Video. For more information, go to, or to order, call 610-584-3500.