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Written by Karen Schmidt   
Monday, 06 April 2009 02:21 PM America/New_York

ontherunSuspense, supernatural happenings and likable characters are the winning ingredients in Bill Myers’ latest tween series, “The Elijah Project.” Zonderkidz will release the first four books in May.

On the Run (978-0-310-71193-3), The Enemy Closes In (-4-0), Trapped by Shadows (-5-7) and The Chamber of Lies (-6-4) are geared for 9- to12-year-olds, a group that is showing increased interest in reading good books.

Kids in the broader 8 to 14 age group are a growing market, said Annette Bourland, Zonderkidz senior vice president and pub-lisher, with “The Elijah Project” as one of several new offerings Zonderkidz  is producing to meet this interest.

The series revolves around three siblings battling unseen dark forces. Zach, 16, and Piper, 13, protect younger brother Elijah, 8, who has a God-given supernatural gift. The three try to reunite with their parents while dodging the malevolent powers that want to squelch Elijah’s abilities.

Myers said “The Elijah Project” was a direct response to all the supernatural products influencing kids today. “Go to any secular bookstore and look at the alarming percentage of shelf space dedicated to these elements,” he said. “Our thinking is, if we can deal with such an obviously popular genre from a biblical base, then we not only (are) lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness, but we’re turning the genre on its head to teach biblical truths.”

With a collage of images on the covers that suggest intrigue, action and real-to-life characters, the books grab readers’ attention. Myers said he not only wanted to engage their imaginations with the stories, but he also wanted to bring out the truths of Christ in a way that tweens can put them into action.

On the Run has a $4.99 introductory price; the other three titles are $6.99 each. Myers promises more books to come in the se-ries. “Those who finish the series—and we’re not done yet—will have a thorough knowledge of how to walk in Christ’s integrity,” he said.

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