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Written by Christine D. Johnson   
Tuesday, 27 December 2011 03:27 PM America/New_York

Since GRAMMY-nominated and Dove Award-winning artist Jaci Velasquez recorded 2008’s Love Out Loud on her own Apostrophe Records label, she began co-hosting radio’s “Your Family Friendly Morning Show” with Doug Griffin and has moved to Inpop Records (EMI CMG Distribution) for new album Diamond. She and husband Nic Gonzales, of the band Salvador, have two sons. She is also currently appearing in two films, The Encounter and Jerusalem Countdown. 

How did your new season of life influence this recording?

My “new season of life” influenced the way these songs evolved. The stories that are told in these songs are stories that I live daily. This album is the most recent picture of my life.

Did the title song or the album title come first—why Diamond?

The song title came first. Once it was written, it was the obvious choice because I consider it to be the matriarch of the album.

First single “Give Them Jesus” has been received well at Christian radio. Your dad was an evangelist—maybe it’s in your genes, too?

It’s all in my DNA. I was born into a family of evangelists and music ministers.

What are your favorites on this album and why?

The songs about my kids are my favorites—”Stay” and “Good Morning Sunshine.” Apart from that, “Tell Me Again,” because it is something I can never hear enough.

 “Stay” has a jazzy feel. How did that song come about?

When in the studio, it’s not uncommon for songs to be based around my voice. This is not unusual for a solo singer. However, the producers that I worked with, Chris Bevins and Craig Swift, helped give “Stay” a more jazzy/band feel, which was very fun and new for me.

Were you thinking of someone in particular when you wrote “Girl”?

I was thinking about how it feels to have moments when you want to be someone else. I’ve learned that when you come to know and love yourself, true peace is found. I have that true peace and am thankful for that. This song is for every girl out there who has ever felt this way. I want to remind them that they are unique and special just the way they are. Each one is a child of God.

“Guilt” celebrates God’s grace. Did you write it out of your own personal experience?

I wrote “Guilt” out of every experience that I’ve had lately. “Am I doing enough for God? For my husband? For my family? For my kids?” This song is a reminder that He sheds our guilt.

You have one Spanish tune on this mostly English album. Have you done that on previous albums?

Yes, I’ve seasoned some of my ‘mostly English’ albums with Spanish songs before. It is in my heart, soul and heritage. I love to sing in Spanish and including “Con El Viento A Mi Favor” as the only Spanish song on Diamond makes it all that more special of a song.

What do you hope your listeners will take away from this recording?

That God can take something broken, or what society labels as flawed, and make it beautiful through His work.

Any word for Christian retailers?

Thank you for believing in and supporting my ministry. Thank you for walking with me on this journey. I couldn’t do it without you.