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Wednesday, 23 March 2011 04:35 PM America/New_York
Shawn McDonald

Shawn McDonald sees the release of his fourth album and first recording in three years, Closer (Sparrow Records/EMI CMG Distribution), this month. With songs written by McDonald, Brandon Heath, Joy Williams and others, the album features themes of hope and redemption.

How would you describe your music?

I am a songwriter by nature. I also love all sorts of music. Every record I have written has been different. This current record I would call “intellectual pop.” 

How is this album different than your others?

I try to remain fresh and innovative and at the same time retain a deep sense of my faith. I really try hard to not make the same record over, and it is a hard line to walk because you gain fans on one sound you gave them, and the goal is to not lose them on the next one. I have found that if I don’t continue growing as an artist or even in my faith, my heart sort of dies, and I start to do it for the wrong reasons. I am extremely excited about this record. It is a bit more on the pop side of things, but it was where my heart was at when I wrote it.

What are some of the album’s themes?

This record for me is a redemption record. It is about the ups and downs of faith that I wrote going through an intensely broken season of my life. It is really aimed at getting closer to God and learning to lean on Him in hard times rather than run.  

What’s a favorite song or two of yours on the new album?

My personal favorites on this record are “Don’t Give Up” and “Closer.” 

What would you like to say to Christian retailers selling your music?

I write music because God has placed a seeker’s heart within me. I still don’t understand why He uses me, but the stories I receive from fans blow my mind. The fact that God is moving and healing broken people and lives through music and words reminds me that what I do is important. I don’t understand it, but I will follow and continue to create music as long as God continues to inspire and drive my heart. Thanks for walking on this journey with me.