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Monday, 22 November 2010 03:54 PM America/New_York

Tomlin_ChrisGRAMMY-nominated artist Chris Tomlin has won multiple Dove Awards, and has gold and platinum records to his credit. Time magazine has called him "the most often sung artist anywhere."

He talked with Christian Retailing about new release And If Our God Is for Us..., from sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records (EMI CMG Distribution). 


You recorded in your new cabin studio for the first time. What was that like?

Every record I've done has been in Nashville, so this has been really nice to be just down the road from my house, and it just created an atmosphere that all of us were like, this is the best experience we have ever had recording, I think just because we were at home and there was no clock that was ticking, it was just like, let's see what happens and record. It's just been so awesome. 


"I Will Follow" has seen quick success. Why was it chosen as the first single?

Well, there was a song released earlier this year called "Our God." It was from the Passion: Awakening CD, and it was such a massive, rocket song that I could never believe for it to become that strong of a song. It probably ended up being one of the biggest songs of our music life for me and my band, so we've just been blown away by it. 

What can you tell us about the sound on this album?

It's big, it's beautiful, it's very high energy. 

What we did differently this record is I used two different producers. Ed Cash has produced my last several records, and he is amazing and has became a huge part of the success of my music, and I didn't want to walk away from that, so Ed produced half of this record, and then we wanted to bring in someone new because it's been several years now, five or six years, since I've used anybody new and so I used Dan Muckala, who is amazing. People would know him from Brandon Heath.