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Monday, 13 September 2010 11:59 AM America/New_York

thirdday_move_pressimageGRAMMY- and GMA Dove Award-winning band Third Day sees the release of Move (Essential Records/Provident Label Group/Provident-Integrity Distribution) on Oct. 19. Frontman Mac Powell, bass player Tai Anderson, drummer David Carr and guitarist Mark Lee talked with Christian Retailing about the latest recording.



Your new album is simply titled—Move. How did you come up with the name?

(Tai Anderson) We were answering the question from “Revelation” (the title track from our last album), which says, “Tell me, should I stay here or do I need to move?” and we really liked the idea of go, move—put your faith into action.


What are some of the album’s other highlights?

(Mark Lee) “Children of God” is a powerful song with a great message that we’re excited about sharing with our fans. “Surrender” is another fun one. It never fails to get a reaction when we play it for our friends.


thirdday_move_cdIf you had to pick a favorite song on the album, which would it be?

(Anderson) “Surrender.” It starts so small with just a single slide guitar. By the end of the song, the band is rocking, accompanied by a huge string section. The song is just epic, and made more so because we allow it time to develop.


What is special to you about the sound or the lyrics of this album?

(Mac Powell) This album somehow has this mix of a sound that you haven’t quite heard from Third Day before and yet there’s a familiar sound as well.


Has Third Day developed through the years?

(Lee) When the band started out, we were all single, high school and college students. Now we’re all married and have school-aged kids. But we’re still the same guys.


Any message for stores?

(Anderson) Crank it up! I think this is a project that even passive Christian music fans will respond to if they hear it.

(Powell) When you have been around for as long as we have, you come to realize very quickly that we don’t achieve success on our own. There are so many people behind the scenes sharing our music with others and getting our music out to the masses. Christian retail has been a key element in the success of Third Day, and if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t still be here doing this.