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Written by Pamela Brossman   
Wednesday, 18 August 2010 10:17 AM America/New_York

Brossman_Pamela_CategoryKeyThey might not be found on the latest Top 100 list, but books that have stood the test of time are steady sellers and need a prime location in your store. Classics by the likes of A.W. Tozer, Corrie ten Boom, Matthew Henry, A.B. Simpson, D.L. Moody, F.B. Meyer and many others can offer stability and dependability to your store.

It takes real discernment to purchase books that provide your customers with uncluttered direction for their spiritual growth. Although written many years ago, great classics give us insight into human nature and use Scripture to speak to today’s issues. A classic will inspire and motivate with stories of individuals, no matter their race, age, culture or religion.

Tozer is one of the prime, classic authors who crosses over denominational and theological lines. His best-seller The Pursuit of God—one of more than 50 Tozer titles we keep in stock—has sold more than 2.5 million copies and continues to sell steadily.

One of the ministries of every Christian bookstore is to direct its customers to books that will help them grow spiritually. When God gives the call to start a bookstore, He doesn’t mean you should simply put a lot of books on shelves. Your responsibility is to provide product that will meet people’s needs.

From our experience as a publisher of classics, here are some ways to successfully promote them in your store:


PRAY for discernment regarding which classics to stock and recommend to customers.


LEARN about God-directed authors through a time of self-education. Read the classics yourself. You will quickly learn that each classic author has his or her own strengths that will meet the needs of the reader. Pay attention to who preachers, speakers and contemporary authors are quoting.

For instance, Tozer’s words on the church, worship and spiritual life are often quoted in sermons and books addressing these subjects today. Also, be sure to check with publisher sales representatives, telemarketers and catalogs from the industry for suggestions of popular classics.


CREATE a “Classic Books” section in a prime location with attractive and informative signage.


DIRECT customers to the classics. Train your staff to become familiar with the classics so they can help customers choose books that provide timeless spiritual insights.

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