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Tuesday devotions encourage affection for Jesus Print Email
Written by Christine D. Johnson   
Tuesday, 27 August 2019 10:32 AM America/New_York

AsheritahCiuciu Tuesday CPEMoody Publishers author Asheritah Ciuciu called retailers to spend time in God's Word and in the presence of Jesus during Tuesday morning devotions at CPE International. But not only did she teach about the value of that, she also did so with understanding just how busy the life of a Christian retailer is.

"We don't serve a boring God," she said, but one who encourages believers to experience "fullness of joy." She invited retailers to "replace distractions with invitations" to Jesus' presence. Naming the distractions and temptations, from Netflix to social media to Oreos or even a glass of wine, these substitutes for His presence can be "poison" that numbs our affection for Jesus Christ, she said.

"When sales are down, where do you go for comfort?" she asked, adding the unpaid bill, the empty nest or terminal diagnosis as conditions that need to drive believers to Jesus.

As some in the audience may not have found time to read the Scriptures in the morning before show activities started, she led them in a prayer through John 21 with prompts for them to commune with Jesus personally. 

Ciuciu, who was a pastor's kid and missionary kid who grew up in Romania, has written several books, including the new Bible & Breakfast and He Is Enough. Moody's trade sales manager, Adam Dalton, interviewed Ciuciu about her books after her message.

The Christian Retail Association (CRA) also announced the winner of a $200 cash-prize drawing, which was T&L Christian Books in Cleveland, Ohio.