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Gotee Records commemorates 20 years with compilation album Print Email
Written by Jeremy Burns   
Monday, 12 May 2014 11:27 AM America/New_York

GoteeRecordsTwentyYearsBrandNew-webGotee Records is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special compilation album that pays homage to its big artists and singles, past and present. Gotee Records: Twenty Years Brand New will feature new recordings from the label’s current artist roster along with Gotee alumni performing each other’s songs. The album will release June 17 in digital formats alongside a limited-edition CD version.

“Twenty years can feel like a lifetime, but when it’s filled with creation, dreams being fulfilled, new friends being made, character-defining moments, memories cataloged, hopes being shared, potential being realized, family trees growing and prayers being answered (not always the way one hopes), it all happens in the blink of an eye,” said Gotee President and co-founder Joey Elwood.

The album features contributions from artists such as Out of Eden, GRITS, Reliant K, The Katinas, Capital Kings and John Reuben, performing hits originally recorded by Family Force 5, Sonicflood, Jennifer Knapp, Christafari, Johnny Q. Public, House of Heroes and other artists.

“We were called into a community that hopefully leaves a legacy that goes beyond any song written, any image projected and any concert memory made,” Elwood added. “Twenty years of music is not worth celebrating unless it’s accompanied by 20 years of surrender. If it's ‘our’ story, it has little to no power. If it's His story, then let the party begin."

Gotee has debuted two singles exclusively at iTunes ahead of the release. The first is Out of Eden's rendition of House of Heroes' "Constant," and the second is Capital Kings' version of “Ooh Ahh” (featuring John Reuben), which was initially recorded by GRITS featuring tobyMac.

“We had an incredible time reuniting in the studio for the first time in eight years to celebrate Gotee Records and all the artists that have been a part of the Gotee family for the past 20 years!” Out of Eden said. “Congrats to Gotee Records for an incredible 20 years!”