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Author challenges believers to listen only to Christian music for Lent Print Email
Written by Jeremy Burns   
Friday, 14 March 2014 02:59 PM America/New_York

ChristianMusicChallenge-webOften people celebrate Lent by giving up chocolate, coffee, meat or some other luxury, but Christian music expert Al Menconi has a retailer-friendly suggestion to help believers prepare for Easter.

The author of The Christian Music Challenge: Find Peace and Purpose in a Chaotic World recommends giving up “secular” music until April 17.

With a variety of biblically based music and entertainment options on offer, Christian retailers will be a natural resource for those who undertake Menconi’s challenge.

As added incentive during the Lenten season and to help Christians better understand the value of listening to Christian music, Menconi is offering a free e-book copy of The Christian Music Challenge. The offer is good until March 22 and is available through

“I suggest eliminating negative entertainment choices and replacing them with Christian music until Easter,” he said.

Menconi recalls Isaiah 26:3, which promises perfect peace for those who keep their minds focused on God.

“From now until Easter, why not listen to music that will help you keep your mind focused on Christ and biblical values?” he said. “At the same time, evaluate your entertainment choices and eliminate entertainment that is against biblical values.”