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Floods impact Christian suppliers, retailers in Australia Print Email
Written by Eric Tiansay   
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 11:40 AM America/New_York

Prayers are being requested for Christian suppliers and retailers who have been impacted by floods in Australia.

"Rescuers helped drivers escape swift floodwaters and used helicopters to pluck stranded people from rooftops in northeast Australia today after torrential rains flooded thousands of homes and businesses, killed four and forced thousands to huddle in shelters," Associated Press (AP) reported.

In an email sent to Christian Trade Association International last weekend, Albert Abel, a council member of the Christian Booksellers Association of Australia, wrote that more than 58,000 in Queensland were without power, and were inundated by flood waters and storm damage.

Suppliers and retailers affected include Condios Entertainment in Mooloolaba; Christian Art Gifts in Macgregor; and Wombat Books in Capalaba.

"The adverse weather has targeted all of southeast Queensland," said Abel, director of Outback Ministries. "I accept that we are facing the prophetic result of warnings, but we need to be vigilant and mindful in praying for our family members particularly."

In the hardest-hit city of Bundaberg in Queensland, 240 miles north of Brisbane, rescue crews rescued 1,000 people after the river that runs through town broke its banks, AP reported.

The flooding was caused by the remnants of a tropical cyclone that led to tornadoes and created sea foam that came ashore on the Queensland coast.

Abel told Christian Retailing that Christian Art Gifts' warehouse and staff "have fared well."

"As power and phones are out and may well be for the next few days, information is scarce," he said. We do not have many members in these areas, although there are a few struggling stores endeavoring to maintain a Christian witness and ministry. I believe there is a concerted effort by the evil one against those who maintain a witness. This is everywhere, of course, but we are feeling it with a vengeance."