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Retail lessons from Walt Disney Print Email
Written by Eric Tiansay   
Thursday, 23 June 2011 04:25 PM America/New_York

An author-events planner who has worked with best-selling writer Karen Kingsbury has recommended that Christian stores take a leaf out of the Walt Disney World book.

"As a frequent visitor to Walt Disney World (WDW), I have come to appreciate the experience offered that is both magical and profitable" says Suzanne Kuhn, who is due to lead a workshop on in-store events at the International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta, next month.

She points to how the parks engage visitors from the moment they arrive, organize events that provide interaction with favorite Disney characters and offer with-purchase specials that can encourage shoppers to buy more.

"As I work with authors, I try to adapt these practices as well," writes Kuhn in the "CompeTuition" article in the July issue of Christian Retailing. The regular column offers retail insights from other businesses.

Kuhn notes WDW's "fabulous" window and storefront in its Main Street stores. "Outgoing, accessible, knowledgeable staff set an inviting tone," she says. "Plentiful displays beckon for merchandise to be purchased. Impulse items, especially near the register, create a sense of urgency for customers, driving up sales."

Kuhn says that WDW's practice of special items that can only be purchased—at a special price—with a qualifying purchase can be adapted for Christian stores. "Offer a specific audiobook for $2 with a $10 audiobook purchase, a specific children's book for $5 with any $25 children's purchase and a $5 Christian fiction two-pack with any purchase," she suggests.

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