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'Left Behind' movie remake planned Print Email
Written by Eric Tiansay   
Monday, 18 October 2010 02:46 PM America/New_York

Plans are being made for a new, improved movie version of the best-selling end-times thriller Left Behind (Tyndale House Publishers).

The project is being developed by Cloud Ten Pictures, which released the first film adaptation of the book in 2000, following it with two other installments from the successful series of novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins--which have sold more than 64 million copies since the first title came out in 1995.

The second screen version of Left Behind: The Movie follows the resolution of a long-running dispute between Cloud Ten and LaHaye, who was unhappy with the filmmakers' releases. The film rights reverted to LaHaye and Jenkins in 2008 as part of a settlement, but were returned to Cloud Ten as of Oct. 1, the company announced.

The remake will be "at the true Hollywood 'blockbuster' level that a message like this deserves," said Cloud Ten founder and CEO Paul Lalonde. Company President André van Heerden said that while the previous films had touched millions, "we know that the story can have an even bigger impact as a bigger-budget, end-times thriller on the big screen."

Production is due to start late next year.