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‘Renewed cooperation’ sought in India Print Email
Written by Eric Tiansay   
Thursday, 18 March 2010 02:44 PM America/New_York

A meeting for supplier and retailer representatives in India, later this year, is being organized to renew cooperative efforts among those involved with Christian resources on the subcontinent.

Up to 100 people are expected to attend the meeting planned for mid-September by the Christian Trade Association International (CTAI) following its Marketsquare Asia convention.

"We want to link organizations committed to fulfilling the Great Commission through the distribution of Christian resources," said CTAI President Jim Powell. "India's diverse religious climate presents unique challenges for those who proclaim the good news about Jesus. We invite Christian suppliers and retailers to see how they can increase their impact through working together."

The meeting is due to be held at the Bangalore offices of the Bible Society of India. Marketsquare Asia is scheduled for Sept. 2-11 in three separate venues: Beijing, Singapore and Seoul, South Korea.

CTAI Director Kim Pettit said that there had been a tradition in India of Christian suppliers and retailers working together. The former Evangelical Literature Fellowship of India, organized "decades ago," joined CBA in the 1990s. But since CTAI was founded, the chapter had been inactive. "We would like to see renewed cooperation and excitement in the industry in India ... and ideally, an active national organization and member nation of Christian Trade."