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Gardenfire ‘modern and trendy’ wall art lines expanding Print Email
Written by Christine D. Johnson   
Tuesday, 15 October 2013 04:43 PM America/New_York

Gardenfire-WallArt-webGardenfire is known for its trendy T-shirt designs, but now has seen success with its new wall art.

“Wall art has been the best thing we have done in a long time,” said owner and designer Jayme Brandt. “We have opened up accounts that previously were not interested in us due to limited product lines we develop or that they do not carry T-shirts.”

Brandt said the company has “stumbled upon a niche by creating our beloved designs on modern and trendy home décor.”

Gardenfire started shipping wall art in August and has shipped more than 4,000 pieces to date to CBA member stores, according to the Eureka Springs, Ark.-based company. Brandt said Gardenfire has just begun receiving orders for Christmas, so hopes are high for continued success of the home décor line.

“We are offering something different by making the art more modern, young and fresh just like our apparel art,” Brandt said. “Also, and probably the coolest part, is that each piece is 100% American-made. Each piece is shipping with an American flag sticker and says, ‘Made in America.’ We are making them ourselves and selling them for less than competitors are selling their ‘Made in China’ pieces.”

Gardenfire’s wall art includes three styles, small wood signs on a rope ($7.50), mounted box prints ($20) and framed wood prints ($16). The box prints and the framed prints stand up on their own, allowing for tabletop and shelf presentations as well as on the wall.

“Stores are merchandising these pieces in their wall art section, on general gift tables and even with our matching Gardenfire tees,” Brandt said of the collections for teens, newly married couples, contemporary, dad and tween girls.

To add to its offerings, Gardenfire will release an extensive tween girl bedroom art line for spring release as well as wood clocks in January. In addition, signed digital prints are now printing and will release for Christmas as a limited edition online product only.

To see Gardenfire’s home-décor designs, go to Order through Genesis Marketing Group at 800-627-2651.