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Monday, 14 January 2013 04:02 PM America/New_York

SueSmith2Sue Smith, manager of the newly reconstructed Baker Book House, offers advice to retailers considering a similar store transformation:

  •  Let yourself think outside the box. Now the store not only looks better, but lives better.
  •  Ask first, then listen. Ask what staff and customers want and need, then listen to their answers.
  •  Communicate with customers about changes. Let them know what sections will be gone for awhile; let them know when the renovation will be done.
  •  Keep the renovation in perspective. The mess is temporary, and in the end, the store will be vastly improved. 
  •  Decide early exactly what you want your store to be, then make all decisions based on that definition.
  •  Know your customers. What kind of furniture will appeal to them? Do they use the store as a study spot? Offer them tangible benefits such as Wi-Fi and coffee.
  •  Separate the store’s children’s space with lighting, flooring, bright colors and shelving that allows youngsters to access books.
  •  Position the teen/young adult section near, but not in, the children’s section.
  •  Brainstorm unique ways to bring customers into the store.
  •  Step out in faith. Plan well and trust God.