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Written by John Maxwell  
Posted on 31 July 2014
As I shared in mylast post, one of the teachings from John that has caused me to grow the most is How to be a REAL Success.  Previously I wrote on Relationship principles that I’ve learned from [...]
Written by Selma Wilson  
Posted on 31 July 2014
“Lord, You have searched me and known me.”  Psalm 139:1 I am amazed at how many people say they are lonely.   Moms who feel alone, men who say they have a hard time with friendships, and executive leaders who have no one to talk to about their work.  LifeWay Research did a survey of […]
Written by Rachel McRae  
Posted on 31 July 2014
LifeWay’s Top Christian Books Here’s a look at the top selling books at LifeWay Christian Stores for July.  Lots of great novels and nonfiction titles were snatched up by our lovely customers this month.  How many have you read? Best selling nonfiction     #1  The Family of Jesus by Karen Kingsbury #2  Jesus Calling […]
Written by various  
Posted on 31 July 2014


We are so thrilled to have our family from overseas visiting with us this week. Our son-in-law brought us a gorgeous vase made by hand from a solid piece of Korean oak. His [...]

Written by Mary Demuth  
Posted on 31 July 2014

I never called you Dad. Not Daddy. Father. Papa. Always Jim. Which kept a somewhat safe distance between our hearts in the aftermath of divorce. We spent parts of weekends together as a part of a lega [...]

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