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Written by Adam Sabados  
Posted on 28 April 2015
Guest post from author Dandi Daley Mackall. When I was a kid, my two favorite words were: “’Member when?” Those words always led to the greatest adventures, true stories populated with my own relatives facing real-life conflict. My mom had eleven brothers and sisters, who married and gave me about a million cousins, or so […]
Written by Rachel McRae  
Posted on 28 April 2015
New from best selling novelist Calling all romantic suspense novel fans!  The long awaited new book from Dee Henderson is over! Today is the release date for Taken, the next soon to be best selling novel from the queen of the romantic suspense genre within the Christian market.  We have it for just $9.99 at […]
Written by various  
Posted on 28 April 2015

Author:Dan Balow

Most people find it astounding how long it takes for things to happen in traditional publishing. Even after spending months or even years writing, an author waits for weeks or months t [...]

Written by Albert Mohler  
Posted on 28 April 2015
Today, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral arguments in the case known as Obergefell v. Hodges. The decision in this case will eventually determine the legal definition of marriage in the fifty states. Few issues loom so large over the nation’s future. Christians should pray for the nine justices of the […]
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