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Written by Rachel McRae  
Posted on 30 January 2015
Announcing LifeWay’s Top Books It’s been a great month at LifeWay with oodles of great books leaving our shelves and finding homes with you.  Thanks for shopping with us! Did you know that LifeWay supports many ministries around the world buy giving Bibles to the military, providing resources for local ministries and churches, and in […]
Written by Stephen Mansfield  
Posted on 30 January 2015
It is a dangerous sign of our times. A vicious...
Written by Michael Hyatt  
Posted on 30 January 2015
7 Ways to Make Sure You’re Always in Demand. The recent recession taught us all an important lesson: Employment is not forever. Companies change. Jobs vanish. It might have already happened to you. Some don’t mind the churn. I don’t know one single person, Gen X or younger, who thinks employment is forever. In fact, they wouldn’t even want it. It’s too constricting. Others […]
Written by various  
Posted on 30 January 2015

Author:Steve Laube

In honor of our countrymen buried by snow this past week…three videos taken from your “favorite” movie musical… FROZEN! First is a brilliant acapella medley [...]

Written by Albert Mohler  
Posted on 29 January 2015
1) Legal win for Trinity Western Law school dodges choice between religious and erotic liberty Nova Scotia’s top court upholds Trinity Western accreditation, The Globe and Mail (Andrea Woo) Trinity Western law students OK to practise in Nova Scotia, CBC News (Blair Rhodes) 2) White House shift on Taliban terminology review danger of misleading euphemisms […]
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