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We know that the most effective way to serve the readers of Christian Retailing is by listening to them, so we invite you to share any of your questions or concerns in our customer care center below. Do you have a problem with your print or digital subscription? Are you having technical issues with your newsletter or our website? Let us know your likes and dislikes about Christian Retailing or perhaps share an idea you may have to enhance our publication. Simply select the appropriate option below and fill out the corresponding form.

Customer Care Center


ChristineJohnson-150Christine D. Johnson, managing editor, print, has been with Christian Retailing since 2000. She earned her master's degree in journalism from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va. Prior to that, she worked in Christian radio with Far East Broadcasting Company in Manila, Philippines, and with WARO/WWCS in the Pittsburgh area. She also has worked in retail and particularly enjoyed working in a Christian retail store. She is now managing editor for all of Charisma Media's print magazines, including Christian Retailing.
Phone: (407) 333-0600, ext. 2682

ShawnAkers-150Shawn A. Akers, managing editor, online
Phone: (407) 333-0600, ext. 2620


Sean Roberts
Editorial Assistant
Phone: (407) 333-0600, ext. 2601



Cliff Morales
Advertising Manager, Christian Retailing
Phone: (407) 333-0600, ext. 2282

Erica Heitz
Media Ad Traffic and Support Supervisor for Christian Retailing
Phone: (407) 333-0600, ext. 2204

NancyWileman.WebNancy Wileman
Media Ad Traffic and Internet Coordinator for Christian Retailing
Phone: (407) 333-0600, ext. 2206

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