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Written by B&H  
Posted on 22 July 2016

Including the entire family in Bible journaling is a great way to connect and learn together. The Life Verse Creative Journal Set provides a great opportunity for kids to focus on Scripture as they c [...]

Written by Stephen Mansfield  
Posted on 22 July 2016

In his Republican convention acceptance speech, Donald Trump declared that,...

The postWhat is the Johnson Amendment?appeared first onStephen Mansfield.TV.

Written by Selma Wilson  
Posted on 22 July 2016
Written by various  
Posted on 22 July 2016

Author:Steve Laube

For some reason I found this mesmerizing. Only 1:21 in length so you tell me if you were as fascinated as I was. Enjoy! Can't see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! A [...]

Written by Skip Prichard  
Posted on 22 July 2016
Are You Confident? Self-confidence: That feeling that we know we can do it, that we have the ability, that we can reach higher and achieve our goals. To some, confidence feels like a fleeting illusion, a mirage in the desert …
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