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Written by various  
Posted on 14 July 2014


Recently Philip Yancey, a revered and bestselling author, wrote an article mourning the decline of the golden age of Christian Publishing. His words got me thinking… Are the G [...]

Written by Michael Hyatt  
Posted on 14 July 2014
When it comes to work and life, most of us know what it feels like to be out of balance. But do we know what it feels like to be in balance? It’s not a trick question—even if it seems so at first. A few years ago I took my mentoring group on a ropes […]
Written by Mary Demuth  
Posted on 14 July 2014

I had a product on this site where I shared the healing journey, how God heals your broken heart. Instead of selling it, I am going to give it to you for free in six installments. This is installment [...]

Written by Dee Brestin  
Posted on 13 July 2014
My dear friends Sylvia and Ann have come to my home each summer since Steve’s death — true and faithful friends who radiate the love of Christ. Each year we renew our friendship through tears and laughter and prayer. I am blessed by their seeking hearts, hungry for God, and by their unselfish husbands who give them up, knowing what this time means to us all. Again, this year, they helped me in both spiritual and practical ways. (Ann and Sylvia gave me the necklace I’m wearing from the Holy Land that says. “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.” Then they took me shopping because “my wardrobe looked a little tired.”) I love them so! What a gift from God friendship in the Lord can be.   Sylvia, me, and Ann — forever friends –  July 2014. In […]
Written by John Maxwell  
Posted on 11 July 2014
Entire countries come to a standstill during the World Cup soccer tournament, as people pause from their daily routine to tune into the action. Part of the excitement comes from the fact that games are often decided by a single goal. One well-timed kick can make all the difference.With such a small margin separating victory and defeat, the decisions made by referees play a significant role in determining the outcome of a match. This is particularly true when two players collide within the penalty box, and officials must determine whether or not a foul has been committed. If so, a...}
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