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Written by Skip Prichard  
Posted on 25 May 2016
Photo courtesy of iStockphoto/diego_cervo Make Meetings More Effective How many meetings do you find yourself in without a clear objective? Do you get stressed in the meeting knowing that the real work is building up while you are stuck? Does …
Written by Albert Mohler  
Posted on 25 May 2016
History lessons not learned: Mao's bloody communist revolution still grips China today || In attempt to subdue Christianty's growth, China's Communist Party removes crosses from churches || Technology outstrips morality in closed-door meeting where scientists discuss creating synthetic DNA || There's a 91% chance Hawaii won't get hit by a mega-tsunami in next 50 years—and it's making headlines
Written by Ann Voskamp  
Posted on 24 May 2016
Written by Andrew T. Le Peau  
Posted on 24 May 2016

In the 1970s a friend gave me a copy ofKenneth Bailey'sThe Cross and the Prodigal. I was blown away. It transformed my understanding of how to read the New Testament. Later I devouredPoet and Peasant [...]

Written by B&H  
Posted on 24 May 2016

  Encouraging your kids to keep reading during the summer can be challenging. We’re all about helping foster a love of reading in your kids and helping them understand the journey that awa [...]

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