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Simple Gospel, Simply Grace by Bob Christopher

Living for God is impossible when all our efforts and ideas are based on the same fear-based, guilt-driven plot line—try harder. Simple Gospel, Simply Grace demonstrates that everything we try to achieve in the Christian life has already been given to us…from God, by grace, in Christ.

Great Horse Stories for Girls by Rebecca E. Ondov

Horsewoman Rebecca Ondov invites tweens to experience horses—caring for them, knowing their personalities, and training them. Using love for horses as a base, Rebecca helps girls build confidence in God, make wise choices, create stronger friendships, handle “the blues,” and enjoy prayer. They’ll grow stronger spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

A Perfect Chord
Cadence (Malia Flack) has an incredible gift for music. The only problem is no one knows it. She struggles to deal with the weight of expectations, as she wrestles with her talent and the style of music her heart yearns to play.

Introducing Christian Doctrine, 3rd Edition by Millard J. Erickson (edited by L. Arnold Hustad)

This college-level abridgment of Erickson’s classic "Christian Theology" offers students an accessible textbook on Christian doctrine.

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