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Dr. James Dobson pens capstone to life work Print Email
Written by Leslie Santamaria   
Monday, 11 August 2014 12:37 PM America/New_York

Founder of Family Talk and Focus on the Family helps parents bequeath ‘heritage of faith’ to their children

YourLegacyThe preservation of the family has been the life work of Dr. James Dobson, well-known child and family psychologist and founder of the nonprofit organizations Family Talk and Focus on the Family. Dobson has worked through radio, video and print media, and advised three U.S. presidents in family matters. This month, FaithWords releases his new work, Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift.

“I have written dozens of books in the past forty years, but this one is the capstone,” Dobson said.

Rather than financial, the legacy he urges families to pass on is “an unshakable heritage of faith.” Dobson describes Your Legacy as “a compendium of my thoughts about winning your children—and others—to Jesus Christ, because nothing comes close to it in significance.”

Dobson begins by briefly tracing his family history from his great-grandfather, George Washington McCluskey, to present day. McCluskey was an evangelist and pastor, who said the Lord made a promise to him late in life—that all his descendants for four generations would be Christians. This promise, Dobson writes, “manifested itself through the next eighty years and continues to this day.”

The backstory reveals a connection between Dobson’s life work and the prophecy of his great-grandfather and spotlights the importance of passing on an inheritance of faith.

Much of the book discusses the spiritual training of children at all ages. For parents, Dobson argues, there is no higher priority in life.

“Fortunately, we are not alone in this assignment,” he writes. “God loves our children even more than we do, and He is faithful to hear and answer our prayers.”

The release precedes the simulcast of a documentary, also titled Your Legacy, in more than 10,000 churches nationwide Oct. 1-5. The film is an updated version of Dobson’s documentary from the late 1970s, which 100 million people viewed.

Dobson also discusses how to reach family members with the gospel and devotes a chapter to the power of words in relationships. He answers some tough questions from parents as well.

To order the book, call 800-759-0190.