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Written by Cathy Hickling   
Monday, 07 September 2009 01:58 PM America/New_York
First Spanish-language novels address 'universal issues' of faith

In response to demand from retailers, Whitaker House is releasing its first two Spanish fiction titles this month—translations of two contemporary novels by Sharlene MacLaren, the company's top-selling fiction writer.

"Both Christian and general market retailers have been asking us for good Spanish fiction for quite some time, but we wanted to wait for books that would translate well," said Vice President Bob Whitaker Jr.

en medio de la tormentaEn medio de la tormenta (Through Every Storm, 978-1-603-74165-1, $9.99), MacLaren's 2007 debut novel, revolves around a couple coming to grips with the loss of a child. Un largo camino a casa (978-1-603-74164-4, $9.99), released in English by Whitaker House last fall as Long Journey Home, explores the relationship between an abused single mother and an embittered former pastor who flee their respective hometowns in an effort to escape their problems and end up as neighbors.

The protagonists in both books grapple with survival, loss, bitterness, betrayal and abuse. Though the storylines, characters and settings vary, the threads of hope and redemption throughout both texts are themes that transcend cultural and language barriers, Whitaker said.

"We felt the universal issues addressed in these two books—along with their success in the English versions—provided the perfect scenario to test the market for Spanish fiction," Whitaker said. "The fact that both are also modern stories that could take place anywhere in the world contributed as well."

Whitaker House Bilingual Sales Associate Diane Rogers introduced the new fiction titles in May at Expolit, where she said interest was high. "The general Spanish fiction market is booming with novels, short stories, novellas and graphic novels—popular with both men and women," Rogers said. "Many at Expolit were optimistic that the growing hunger for Spanish fiction will cross over into the Christian market as well."

Besides exposure at Expolit and the International Christian Retail Show, Whitaker House featured the new titles in a mailing to 4,000 retailers worldwide.

"It's too early to tell whether Spanish fiction will take off for us or not," Whitaker said, "but we've had some good pre-sales and are cautiously optimistic."

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Cathy Hickling is director of publicity for Whitaker House.