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Written by Karen Schmidt   
Monday, 05 January 2009 12:00 AM America/New_York

Conversation-starter tackles range of weighty topics with a light touch

What Does the BibleCrossway Books & Bibles aims to cater to the boundless appetite tweens have for facts and information with What Does the Bible Say About That? by Carolyn Larsen (978-1-433-50213-2, softcover, $15.99). Releasing Jan. 31, this compendium of facts about the Bible’s teaching—on everything from anger to movies, boredom to divorce—can provide conversation-starters for adults and relevant reading for youngsters.

Larsen notes in the book’s introduction that what’s inside “is not just a bunch of ‘do this and don’t do that’ lists. It’s the story of God’s love for you and how His Spirit living in you will guide, protect, love, forgive, and love you again.”


In the approximately 300 topics covered, tweens will encounter answers and spiritual truths that relate to their lives, problems and questions. Larsen takes a friendly tone with each page-long discussion, painting realistic pictures of life and its perplexities for pre-adolescents. She offers two or three brief Scripture portions that speak to the topic and interprets the verses in tween-speak. Most helpful is the final “Today I will … ” segment that directs the reader toward praying or acting in a Christlike, productive way.

Larsen derived the list of topics from talking and listening to tweens, which she said enlightened her as to “where these kids are and what their lives are like in our busy, techy world. I’ve heard them share the questions that are raised in their minds.”

Weighty subjects such as abuse, hell, sex and racism are handled head-on but gently. Nature, miracles, angels, overeating, personal hygiene, and even math and texting are also addressed. Comic art by artist Rick Incrocci lightens each topic.
Larsen, who has worked with students of all ages through creative arts in her church, hopes this book will be a resource for timely answers.

“My prayer is that this book will help make the Bible more understandable and relevant to everyday life,” she said. “Then the Bible will become where these kids go for guidance, encouragement and teaching for the rest of their lives.”
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