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A Better Freedom
Michael Card
IVP Books/InterVarsity Press
$16, October
Card explores the biblical imagery of slavery as a metaphor for Christian discipleship, showing how the freedom we find as slaves of Christ also empowers us to free others from the real-world slavery and human trafficking that still take place today. Read by the author.
Addicted to Hurry: Spiritual Strategies for Slowing Down
Kirk Byron Jones
Judson Press
978-0-817-01547- 3
$17, October
What do you do when you're too busy to stop and read a book about slowing down? Seize the opportunity to hear pastor, author and motivational speaker Jones read to you the words of his own book, Addicted to Hurry.
Bo's Café
Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol and John Lynch
Oasis Audio
$27.99, September
From the publishers of The Shack, a story of encouragement for all who struggle with unresolved problems and a performance-based life.
Fear Fighters
Jentezen Franklin
$21.98, Nov. 1
Helps readers identify and defeat the source of fears that keep them from living in peace and joy.
Fields of Grace
Kim Vogel-Sawyer
$24.98, Oct. 1
With their eldest son nearly the age when he will be drafted into military service, Reinhardt and Lillian Vogt immigrate to America with their three sons and Reinhardt's adopted brother, Eli. But when tragedy strikes, Lillian and Eli are forced into an agreement neither desires. Determined to fulfill his obligation to Reinhardt, Eli plans to see Lillian and her sons safely settled on their Kansas homestead-and he's equally determined that the boys will be reared in the Mennonite faith. What he doesn't expect is his growing affection for Lillian-and the deep desire to be part of a family.
Home Tonight
Henri J.M. Nouwen
Hovel Audio
$18.98, Sept. 1
Follows the path of Nouwen's spiritual homecoming. More than three years prior to writing the classic The Return of the Prodigal Son, Nouwen suffered a personal breakdown followed by a time of healing solitude when he encountered Rembrandt's famous painting. In his solitude he reflected on and identified with the parable's characters and experienced profound life lessons.
Leadership 101
John C. Maxwell
$5.98, Oct. 1
Drawing from Maxwell's best-sellers Developing the Leader Within You, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader and Becoming a Person of Influence, Leadership 101 focuses on the essential qualities necessary for true leadership-influence, integrity, attitude, vision, problem-solving and self-discipline-and offers practical steps to develop these qualities.
Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World
David Jeremiah
Oasis Audio
$27.99, October
A follow-up to the New York Times best-seller What in the World is Going On?, this new audiobook looks through the lens of the same verses that speak of Christ's return. Jeremiah now points listeners to the habits they must establish to form a pattern for living with hope in uncertain times.
Master Leaders: Revealing Conversations with 30 Leadership Greats
George Barna with Bill Dallas
$24.98, Oct. 1
Affords the listener the opportunity to sit down with 30 of the world's best-known and respected leaders as they share their secrets to success. Offering 16 key distinctives for successful leadership, Master Leaders is based on personal interviews and never-before-published conversations with leaders including Colleen Barrett, Ken Blanchard, Ben Carson, Tony Dungy, Newt Gingrich, Seth Godin and Patrick Lencioni,
My Father, Maker of the Trees
Eric Irivuzumugabe
Hovel Audio
$21.98, Sept. 1
Irivuzumugabe is a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide that claimed the lives of 800,000 people in just 100 days. Without a job, home or education, he was determined to start a new life for himself and his two surviving brothers. This is the story not only of physical survival, but also of his spiritual rebirth and the role he is playing in the healing and redemption of his land and people.
Terror by Night
Terry Caffey with James Pence
Oasis Audio
$22.99, September
The true story of the brutal Texas murder that destroyed a family, restored one man's faith and shocked a nation.
The Birth Order Book-Updated Edition
Kevin Leman
Oasis Audio
$29.99, October
Leman's classic best-seller gets a brand new look and updates throughout.
The Genesis Enigma: Why the Bible is Scientifically Accurate
Andrew Parker
Hovel Audio
$26.98, Oct. 1
Respected evolutionary biologist Parker explains each parallel between Genesis and science in detail-and the closer he looks, the more amazing the parallels become. Ultimately, Parker argues, it must be divine inspiration that guided the writing of the Bible.
The Intolerance of Tolerance
D. A. Carson
Hovel Audio
$21.98, Oct. 1
When tolerance is made an absolute good, it drifts toward intolerance. It must then, argues Carson, be thoughtfully challenged. The author examines how the definition of tolerance has changed.
The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book
Chuck Norris
$18.98, Oct. 1
Chuck Norris facts are a quirky but popular Internet phenomenon. Norris has repeatedly been asked which "facts" are his favorites and now he gives readers his list, the stories behind them and his code for living: Faith, Family, Freedom, Fight and Fitness.
The Silent Gift
Michael Landon Jr. & Cindy Kelley
$24.98, Nov. 1
A bittersweet yet heartwarming story of a mother and her son struggling to survive in the Depression years, and of the boy's unusual gift.
Think No Evil
Jonas Beiler with Shawn Smucker
Oasis Audio
$25.99, September
A firsthand account of the October 2006 Amish schoolhouse shooting of 10 girls and the subsequent deaths of five of them, Think No Evil follows the ongoing story of the gentle Amish community having faith in God's design and determining to move forward in living out their faith in peace.
Unthinkable: The Scott Rigsby Story
Scott Rigsby and Jenna Glatzer
Oasis Audio
$27.99, October
The true story about the first double-leg amputee to complete the world-famous Ironman Triathlon.


Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl
Lysa TerKeurst
$12.99, Sept. 4
TerKeurst knows what it's like to consider God just another thing on her to-do list. For years she went through the motions of a Christian life: Go to church. Pray. Be nice.
Longing for a deeper connection between what she knew in her head and her everyday reality, she wanted to personally experience God's presence.
Jumping Through Fires: The Gripping Story of One Man's Escape From Revolution to Redemption
David Nasser
Baker Books/Baker Publishing Group
$17.99, October
Nasser's memoir tells of a life filled with heartbreak and healing. Forced to escape from a country gripped by a religious revolution, he and his family run for their lives. Nasser offers a raw and transparent account of his transition from hating religion to having a living faith in Christ.
Life of Washington
Anna C. Reed
Attic Books
$16.99, Sept. 1
As modern revisionists seek to minimize or erase all traces of America's Christian heritage, this biography sheds light on the life of our first president, George Washington. Reed, the niece of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, authored this work for the American Sunday School Union prior to 1850. Translated into more than 20 languages within a few years, the book was among the most widely read biographies of Washington of the time.
Love Has a Face
Michele Perry
Chosen/Baker Publishing Group
$13.99, Sept. 1
A young missionary working with Sudanese children sees transformation of one child at a time, changed from the inside by Jesus' love and power.
My Father, Maker of the Trees: How I Survived the Rwandan Genocide
Eric Irivuzumugabe with Tracey D. Lawrence
Baker Books/Baker Publishing Group
$17.99, September
Irivuzumugabe is a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide that claimed the lives of 800,000 people in just 100 days. Without a job, home or education, he was determined to start a new life for himself and his two surviving brothers. This is the story not only of physical survival, but also of his spiritual rebirth and the role he is playing in the healing and redemption of his land and people.
The Top 100 Women of the Christian Faith
Jewell Johnson
Barbour Publishing
$9.97, November
This volume covers 100 Christian women who changed the world, offering courage and inspiration.
Unthinkable: The Scott Rigsby Story
Scott Rigsby
Tyndale House Publishers
$19.99, October
After losing both legs in a truck accident at age 18, Scott Rigsby battled his way back from depression and addiction to achieve the unthinkable-becoming the first double-leg amputee ever to cross the finish line in the Ironman Triathlon.
Welcome Home
Kimberley Woodhouse
Tyndale House Publishers
$13.99, September
Due to a rare medical disorder, Kayla Woodhouse feels no pain, doesn't sweat and needs protective cooling gear just to go outside. Millions have witnessed how the Woodhouse family has faced seemingly impossible challenges on Discovery's Mystery ER, The Montel Williams Show and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Now Kayla's mom, Kimberley, reveals their family's journey as never before.
What Difference Do It Make?
Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent
Thomas Nelson
$19.99, Sept. 2
Three years since the publication of their New York Times best-seller Same Kind of Different as Me, Hall and Moore offer insights into their lives in What Difference Do It Make? Stories of Hope and Healing. With each chapter rotating authors, readers experience new "Denverisms" and reflections from Moore on his dealings with homelessness and disrespect; insights from Hall on what readers can learn from people not like them and from those with terminal illness; and the stories of readers of Same Kind of Different as Me who have been impacted by the book's themes.


Angels on Assignment
Perry Stone
Charisma House/Strang Book Group
$15.99, Oct. 6
Best-selling author Stone helps readers discover one of the most unusual covenants in the Scriptures, the Mizpah Covenant, asserting that it has the power to release angels and provides protection. Biblical and current examples of angelic protection are given, and readers will discover steps to engaging in a covenant relationship with God that includes the help of angels.
Let God Talk to You
Becky Tirabassi
Bethany House Publishers/Baker Publishing Group
$17.99, Sept. 1
Encourages readers to connect with God in a two-way conversation that will satisfy the longing of their souls to know and be loved by Him.
Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith
Andrew Wommack
Harrison House
$19.99, Sept. 30
Wommack takes on one of the biggest controversies of the church, the freedom of God's grace versus the faith of the believer. Wommack reveals that God's power is not released from only grace or only faith. Rather, God's blessings come through a balance of both.
Make Room for Your Miracle
Mahesh Chavda and Bonnie Chavda
Chosen/Baker Publishing Group
$13.99, Oct. 1
The Shunammite woman in the Bible shows the pathway to releasing God's resurrection power when a dream dies, as hers did when her son, a gift from God through the prophet Elisha, died unexpectedly.


Dinosaurs for Kids
Ken Ham
Master Books/New Leaf Publishing Group
$14.99, Oct. 1
A kid-friendly exploration of dinosaurs from a Christian worldview. Kids will learn about dinosaur names and misnomers, what the Bible can teach about them and what can be learned from the evidence of their existence.
Dragons: Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs
Master Books/New Leaf Publishing Group
$16.99, Nov. 1
Dragons are the stuff of fantasy-or are they? Dragon legends can be found around the world-similar, compelling and difficult to dismiss as baseless tales or mere lore. See their direct connection to the last living dinosaurs.
Fool Moon Rising
Kristi and T. Lively Fluharty
$14.99, Sept. 30
This rhyming tale tells of a crime of cosmic proportions: the moon, blinded by pride, fails to see the true source of his abilities-the light provided by the sun. This illustrated book introduces the concept of humility to children. Readers will be reminded that everything they have, including gifts and talents, is from God.
Noah's Floating Animal Park
Janine Suter
Master Books/New Leaf Publishing Group
$9.99, Oct. 1
Combines humor and rhyme to help kids understand the flood and its global impact.
The Creation Story for Children
David and Helen Haidle
Master Books/New Leaf Publishing Group
$14.99, Sept. 1
An illustrated day-by-day exploration of the creation week. Colored designs enhance the biblical account, and can be used as an educational supplement or a gift.
The Day the World Went Wacky
Janine Suter
Master Books/New Leaf Publishing Group
$9.99, Oct. 1
Recounts the story of the garden of Eden and how what happened there affects the world today.
The Not So Super Skyscraper!
Janine Suter
Master Books/New Leaf Publishing Group
$9.99, Oct. 1
Helps kids learn the true story of the tower of Babel and the source of all nationalities.


Energy: Its Forms, Changes, & Functions Teacher's Guide
Tom De Rosa & Carolyn Reeves
Master Books/New Leaf Publishing Group
$4.99, Sept. 1
This guide for teachers makes it easy to use this material in the home or classroom. From objectives and teaching aids, the guide helps readers make the most of this new science series.
Rock Solid Answers
Mike Oard & John K. Reed
Master Books/New Leaf Publishing Group
$19.99, Oct. 1
A core group of authors provide clear and comprehensive answers to the most common objections to the global flood and a young earth.
The Archaeology Book
David Down
Master Books/New Leaf Publishing Group
$16.99, Nov. 1
Reveals the world of professional explorers and archeologists. Discover how archaeologists preserve ancient artifacts and historical information, while finding clues to the daily lives of cultures and civilizations left in ruins.


24 Hours That Changed the World
Adam Hamilton
Abingdon Press
$18, December
A Climate For Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions
Katharine Hayhoe and Andrew Farley
FaithWords/Hachette Book Group
$22.99, Oct. 29
Nobel Prize-winning U.N. panel expert Hayhoe and evangelical pastor Farley share why global warming is an issue that matters to Christians and create a plan to make a positive difference.
Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom for a Complicated World
Suzanne Woods Fisher
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$12.99, October
Of all the gifts that Jesus left us, peace is most elusive. One place we can see "living peace" is in the lives of the Amish. Organized around five central themes in Amish life, each section includes real-life stories, callouts of Amish proverbs, interesting facts about Amish communities and questions for reflection and action.
Beyond the Yellow Ribbon
David A. Thompson and Darlene Wetterstrom
Abingdon Press
$13, December
Welcoming with yellow ribbons is only the first step to bringing combat veterans home. Beyond the Yellow Ribbon provides guidelines for churches and communities who want to help veterans feel at home again.
Can God Be Trusted? Finding Faith in Troubled Times
Thomas D. Williams
FaithWords/Hachette Book Group
$19.99, Oct. 13
Williams guides readers toward a deep, fulfilling relationship with God that generates trust and peace.
End of an Era: The Rise and Fall of Solomon
John MacArthur
Thomas Nelson
$9.99, Sept. 1
In this Old Testament study guide, readers will learn how Solomon's gift of wisdom can be theirs through God's grace, as part of a 12-week, in-depth look at Proverbs, the Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes.
Every Day With Jesus
Andrew Wommack
Harrison House
$21.99, Oct. 30
Compiled from the best of Wommack's teaching, this 365-day devotional will encourage readers to live in victory regardless of circumstances or ability. Readers will follow the prophecies of the Messiah's coming and Jesus' fulfillment of these prophecies.
Fascinating People of the Bible
Christopher D. Hudson
Barbour Publishing
$9.97, September
Bible characters are intriguing, and readers can learn a lot from their lives-that's the idea behind this new release.
Fear Fighters
Jentezen Franklin
Charisma House/Strang Book Group
$21.99, Nov. 3
Helps readers identify and defeat the source of fears that keep them from living in peace and joy.
Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain
Dr. Paul Meier & Dr. David Henderson
Thomas Nelson
$22.99, Oct. 7
Meier and Henderson teach readers how to face painful struggles head-on in a way that allows them to mature emotionally and spiritually
Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle
Kent Annan
Likewise/IVP Books/InterVarsity Press
$16, December
Annan left behind his prosperous, comfortable upbringing to face the world beyond in Haiti, where people wear his cast-off clothing and seek comfort from the heat in the long shadow of his homeland.
Grace Notes
Philip Yancey
$19.99, Sept. 4
Yancey's words have influenced the lives of millions. These meditations-drawn from his beloved and best-selling writings-will take readers through an entire year, covering a broad range of topics.
Jesus Loves You This I Know
Craig Gross and Jason Harper
Baker Books/Baker Publishing Group
$17.99, September
The constant noise of contemporary life makes it easy to miss the most profound message the world has ever known: Jesus loves you. Gross and Harper separate the religious from the real as they show how this simple truth is worth readers' undivided attention. The authors weave Jesus' narrative with their own stories of serving among the "least of these," encountering shut-ins, drunks, inmates, porn stars and others. A companion DVD is available.
Leaning Into God When Life is Pushing You Away
Robert A. Schuller
FaithWords/Hachette Book Group
$21.99, Nov. 12
New York Times best-selling author Schuller shows readers how to jump-start an exciting connection with God and stay plugged into His love and power.
Learning to Soar
Avery T. Willis Jr. and Matt Willis
$17.99, Sept. 4
Just as a mother eagle stirs her nest to encourage her eagles to fly, God "stirs our nest," allowing us to grow toward spiritual maturity. This book will motivate unfulfilled Christians to respond to God's stirrings and to step into abundant living.
Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World: What on Earth Should We Do Now?
Dr. David Jeremiah
Thomas Nelson
$22.99, Sept. 2
Offers an optimistic outlook while fostering a return to a morally and spiritually centered life.
Loved: Stories of Forgiveness
Rebecca St. James
FaithWords/Hachette Book Group
$16.99, Sept. 21
Award-winning singer and best-selling author St. James brings readers a collection of true stories and captivating testaments of God's love and forgiveness.
mY Generation: A Real Journey of Change and Hope
Josh James Riebock
Baker Books/Baker Publishing Group
$19.99, October
Christians have largely failed to bring restoration to this 70 million-member group of young people. What are we missing? And what are the consequences if it doesn't change? Riebock offers a journey into the soul of a generation that is slowly being transformed from within.
No Idea
Greg Garrett
David C. Cook
$12.99, Sept. 1
In this engaging spiritual memoir, the critically acclaimed author of Crossing Myself explores how readers can live faithfully and joyfully in the face of the uncertain, the unfinished and the uneasy.
Our Invisible Allies
Ron Phillips
Charisma House/Strang Book Group
$14.99, Oct. 6
This guide to understanding the role of angels. This book aims to move readers from faith to facilitation of heavenly resources. The will of God consumes and possesses angels, and they passionately pursue His salvation for us.
Pause, Recharge, Refresh
H.B. London Jr.
Tyndale House Publishers
$19.99, September
In ministry since 1962, London understands the needs pastors have in postmodern culture. Now his numerous talks, devotions and messages have been expanded and revised to create timeless devotions for pastors. Topics like integrity, marriage and the family's call to ministry are discussed from a caring mentor's perspective. The devotional also deals with leadership issues, including staff relations, congregational unity and counseling families through grief.
Pure Pleasure
Gary Thomas
$14.99, Oct. 2
Thomas helps readers discover the power of guilt-free pleasure. Pleasure isn't something Christians should fear, shun or disparage; it's something that should be cultivated. Thomas guides readers into this way of life, which is foundational to a healthy relationship with God, with loved ones and with the world.
Role of a Lifetime
James Brown
FaithWords/Hachette Book Group
$24.99, Sept. 24
Brown, host of CBS Sports' The NFL Today and Showtime's Inside the NFL, reveals his personal story, that of a devout Christian whose journey is invariably intertwined with Jesus in this memoir of faith, character, integrity and selflessness.
Scouting the Divine
Margaret Feinberg
$16.99, Sept. 18
While some dismiss the Bible as a dusty old book, Feinberg views its pages as portals to adventure. What does it mean to know that Jesus is the Good Shepherd when the only places I've encountered sheep are at petting zoos? Can I grasp the urgency of Jesus' invitation to abide in the vine when I shop for grapes at a local grocery store?
Join her on a spiritual adventure that moves from reading the Bible to entering stories that can be touched, tasted, heard, seen, smelled and savored.
Secular Sabotage: How Liberals are Destroying Religion and Culture in America
William A. Donohue
FaithWords/Hachette Book Group
$26.99, Sept. 2
In his first trade book, Donohue takes off the gloves to do battle with liberal extremists bent on undermining and dismantling the underpinnings of American culture.
Shaken, Not Shattered
Matthew Hagee
Charisma House/Strang Book Group
$14.99, Sept. 1
Hagee aims to help readers get back in touch with who God created them to be, not what the world has tried to make them. Readers will discover how getting back in touch with God will reconnect them to family, faith, finances, physical health and hope for the future.
Silent Savior: Daring to Believe He's Still There
A.J. Gregory
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$12.99, September
Silent seasons are common in the life of any honest Christian. In Silent Savior, Gregory navigates the sorrow, pain, angst and doubt on the way to a recognition of God's infinite faithfulness and perpetual, if sometimes silent, presence.
The Church of Facebook
Jesse Rice
David C. Cook
$12.99, Oct. 1
Online social networks like Facebook and MySpace are changing how people connect. This timely release takes a look at these sites and what they say about God, people and the church.
The Gospel-Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World
Michael Horton
Baker Books/Baker Publishing Group
$19.99, October
In Christless Christianity, Horton offered a prophetic wake-up call for a self-centered American church. With The Gospel-Driven Life, he turns from the crisis to the solutions, offering recommendations for a new reformation in the faith, practice and witness of contemporary Christianity. The first six chapters explore breaking news from heaven, while the rest of the book focuses on the kind of community that the gospel generates and the surprising ways in which God is at work in the world.
The Hopeful Skeptic
Nick Fiedler
Likewise/IVP Books/InterVarsity Press
$16, December
Fiedler of Nick and Josh Podcast fame decided to travel the world for a year or so, and heard a voice telling him to set aside the faith of his childhood. So he changed his Facebook religion status from Christian to "Hopeful Skeptic" and set out to see where God would take him.
The Justice Project
Brian McLaren, Elisa Padilla, and Ashley Bunting Seeber
Baker Books/Baker Publishing Group
$21.99, September
Whether it's extreme poverty, human rights, racism or the Middle East, news outlets bombard us with stories about the need for justice. But how are Christians to respond?
Editors Brian McLaren, Elisa Padilla and Ashley Bunting Seeber have amassed a collection of more than 30 brief chapters by penetrating thinkers in the justice conversation, including René Padilla, Peggy Campolo, Will and Lisa Samson, Sylvia Keesmaat, Bart Campolo, Lynne Hybels, Tony Jones and Richard Twiss.
The Love Revolution
Joyce Meyer
FaithWords/Hachette Book Group
$21.99, Sept. 22
A manifesto for a grass roots revolution of love.
The Potluck Club Cookbook
Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$14.99, September
The authors of the "Potluck Club" books, Shepherd and Everson, have gathered their favorite recipes. From salads to casseroles to slow-cooker delights, there's something for everyone, even those watching their waistlines.
Transforming Church in Rural America
Shannon O'Dell
New Leaf Press/New Leaf Publishing Group
$12.99, Sept. 1
Without meaningful change, thousands of rural churches won't survive the next decade. O'Dell reveals the need for relevancy and shares a powerful mission for rural churches in reaching the unchurched and lost in their communities. Readers will learn the strategies and biblical guidance that turned a church of 30 into a multi-campus church of several thousand.
Don Cousins
David C. Cook
$16.99, Sept. 1
Have you come to experience a life of such remarkable quality and impact that people who watch you have to shake their heads and honestly say, "There really is no explanation for it - except God!" Learning to live in that dimension is what Unexplainable is all about.
When Heaven Comes Down
Ché Ahn
Chosen/Baker Publishing Group
$13.99, Nov. 1
A fresh look at heaven invading earth, based on personal experiences with God's glory. To know God personally, says the author, is to experience His glory.


A Better Freedom
Michael Card
IVP Connect/InterVarsity Press
$15, October
Card explores the biblical imagery of slavery as a metaphor for Christian discipleship, revealing Christ as the true Lord and Master who sets us free from our own slavery to sin.
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, What I Learned While Editing My Life
Donald Miller
Thomas Nelson
$19.99, Sept. 29
The latest book from the author of Blue Like Jazz details Miller's opportunity to edit his life as if he were a character in a movie. When two filmmakers start fictionalizing his life for film, Miller decides to start a journey to edit his actual life into a better story. His new book details that journey, challenging readers to reconsider what they strive for in life.
Bioethics and the Christian Life
David VanDrunen
$19.99, Oct. 31
Theologian, ethicist and lawyer VanDrunen equips Christians to make bioethical decisions based on biblical truth, wisdom and virtue. Bioethics and the Christian Life places bioethics within the holistic context of the Christian life, both developing a general Christian approach to making bioethics decisions and addressing a number of controversial areas.
Everyday Justice
Julie Clawson
InterVarsity Press
$16, October
Clawson takes readers on a tour of everyday life and shows how ordinary lifestyle choices have big implications for justice. She unpacks how we get our food and clothing and shows us the surprising costs of consumer waste.
Forgotten Girls
Kay Marshall Strom, Michele Rickett
IVP Connect/InterVarsity Press
$16, December
Statistics show that the world's most oppressed are overwhelmingly female, with thousands of girls suffering from starvation, abuse, sexual exploitation, displacement and illiteracy. Moved by their plight, Strom and Rickett took a trip across continents to partner with ministries working to help females and to interview girls in some of the most difficult places in the world.
The Gospel According to Lost
Chris Seay
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, Dec. 2
Lost breaks all the formulas for television, and in doing so has drawn together millions of people on a shared journey that explores life, faith, history, science, philosophy, hope and the basic questions of what it means to be human. It is the seemingly infinite ideas, philosophies and biblical metaphors that make this story so engaging.
The Selfless Gene: Living With God and Darwin
Charles Foster
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, Dec. 2
Ever since the famous debate on Darwinism between Huxley and Wilberforce in 1860, there has been little real conversation between the scientific community and much of the Christian world. This book offers the prospect of reconciliation between what are seen as two opposing worldviews. Foster shows that most evolutionary theory and its consequences are easily reconciled with Christian orthodoxy and explores the ethical problems of natural selection in a fresh and invigorating way.
This is Your Brain in Love
Dr. Earl Henslin
Thomas Nelson
$22.99, Dec. 16
Using the latest in brain research, This Is Your Brain in Love helps couples by encouraging each mate to bring their healthiest, most balanced and joyful self to their marriage. Henslin speaks to the vital connection between spirituality and sexuality and identifies five types of lovers, with insights and solutions for the challenges presented by each.


Finding Organic Church
Frank Viola
David C. Cook
$14.99, Sept. 1
The author of Reimagining Church presents a fresh call for the church to return its roots. This guide offers practical tools for finding and planting organic churches that won't just grow, but thrive.
Introducing the Missional Church: What it Is, Why it Matters, and How to Become One
Alan J. Roxburgh and M. Scott Boren
Baker Books/Baker Publishing Group
$17.99, November
In Introducing the Missional Church, two leading voices in the missional movement provide an accessible introduction, explaining how the movement developed, why it's important and how churches can become more missional.
Taking Your Church to the Next Level: What Got You Here Won't Get You There
Gary L. McIntosh
Baker Books/Baker Publishing Group
$16.99, September
If a church is on a downward trend, how can it turn around? Taking Your Church to the Next Level explains the impact of age and size on churches and outlines the improvements that must be made at each point for a church to remain fruitful and faithful to its mission.
Thy Kingdom Connected: What the Church Can Learn from Facebook, the Internet, and Other Networks
Dwight J. Friesen
Baker Books/Baker Publishing Group
$14.99, November
Friesen brings the complex theories of networking to church leaders in easy-to-understand, practical ways. Rather than bemoaning the modern disintegration of things like authority and structure, Friesen inspires hope for a more connective vision of life with God. He shows those involved in ministry how they can maximize existing connections in order to spread the gospel, get people plugged in at their churches and grow together as disciples.


NKJV Greatest Stories of the Bible
Thomas Nelson
$29.99, Sept. 29
This heirloom edition provides readers with the tales of the Bible in an easy-to-navigate storybook format. From creation to Jesus' promise to return to Earth again, the NKJV Greatest Stories of the Bible recounts more than 250 of the most valuable lessons and triumphs from the most memorable people of the Bible.


A Visual Guide to Bible Events: Fascinating Insights into Where They Happened and Why
James C. Martin, John A. Beck and David G. Hansen
Baker Books/Baker Publishing Group
$39.99, September
Why did Jesus pick Samaria as the place to announce his messianic identity? Why did God lead Moses and the Israelites to Mount Horeb after they fled from Egypt? This full-color book is filled with photographs, maps and easy-to-read commentary. By exploring the relevance of place within biblical stories, this volume aims to bring the Bible alive to modern readers.
The Liturgical Year: The Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual Life
Joan Chittister
Thomas Nelson
$17.99, Oct. 7
Chittister sets out to connect what may at first seem to be an arbitrary arrangement of ancient holy days, or liturgical seasons, to their essential relationship to one another and their ongoing meaning today.
The Sacred Meal
Nora Gallagher
Thomas Nelson
$17.99, Oct. 7
Gallagher explores the beauty and mystery of the holy communion in her memoir and personal reflections. Whether exploring the history of Communion, taking readers inside the workings of a soup kitchen or sharing times of joy and sadness with friends, Gallagher reminds readers what it means to partake of and be part of the body of Christ.


Jim Burns, Cathy Burns
Bethany House/Baker Publishing Group
$19.99, Oct. 1
52 devotionals with Scripture verses and engaging stories will inspire couples to draw closer through faith conversations-quiet talks vital for intimacy in a marriage.
Dwelling in His Presence: 30 Days of Intimacy with God
Cynthia Heald
$17.99, Oct. 16
In this devotional, popular author and Bible teacher Heald guides readers into God's Word to explore the relentless, passionate pursuit of those He loves.
Destined to Reign Devotional Leather Gift Edition
Joseph Prince
Harrison House
$21.99, Sept. 30
These 365 devotions will inspire readers to reign over every adversity, lack and destructive habit limiting them from experiencing success, wholeness and victory. Prince reveals the powerful grace of God that gives Christians the ability to live like Christ in a world of adversity.
Intimate Conversations: Devotions to Nurture a Woman's Soul
Alicia Britt Chole
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$11.99, September
This devotional will lead women on a gentle journey toward a deeper, more satisfying relationship with God-one fueled by His grace. In each of its 52 devotions, Chole addresses real life issues. She includes Scripture and questions for reflective prayer or journaling.

Quiet Reflections of Hope: 120 Devotions to Start Your Day
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$12.99, October
This volume includes 120 devotions with full-color art and contemporary design. Each devotion includes a verse using the God's Word Translation, a short devotional and a prayer. Quiet Reflections of Hope reminds readers of God's care and provision, and encourages them to stay faithful.
Souvenirs of Solitude
Brennan Manning
$19.99, Oct. 15
Beloved author and retreat leader Manning shares his wisdom, stories and heart from his own experiences in solitude. His meditations aim to prompt the reader's own pursuit of God in the quiet places.


Eats with Sinners
Arron Chambers
Standard Publishing
$12.99, November
Eats with Sinners introduces a biblical model for evangelism-building relationships like Jesus did, one meal (or cup of coffee) at a time.
Got Style? Personality-based Evangelism
Jeffrey A. Johnson
Judson Press
$15, October
Pastor Johnson aims to transform readers' commitment to sharing the good news of Jesus-as individuals and as a congregation. He helps readers identify the evangelism style that suits their personality, learn from biblical and contemporary role models who employ the same strengths and discover the joy in introducing others to the life of faith. Includes questions for small-group discussion.


Becoming a Family that Heals
Drs. Beverly and Tom Rodgers
Tyndale House Publishers
$13.99, September
Living in a fallen world, no one escapes the sting of emotional injuries, physical abuse or hurtful words. Not knowing how to deal with the emotions these situations create, people often bury them, only to see them manifested later in life. The authors have seen countless families healed even after decades of hurting each other. Their practical healing process, based on authoritative research, will dispel fears of a broken family and help readers allow God to truly heal past wound


A Cousin's Prayer
Wanda E. Brunstetter
Barbour Publishing
$10.97, September
Come to Indiana Amish country where a young woman strives to break free of the bondage of fear and find love again. Book two in the "Indiana Cousins" series.
A Lady Like Sarah
Margaret Brownley
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, Dec. 29
She's an outlaw; he's a preacher. Both are in need of a miracle. Filled with mishaps, laughs and adventure, this inspiring romance will keep readers cheering for Sarah as she struggles to become a true lady.
A Measure of Mercy
Lauraine Snelling
Bethany House Publishers/Baker Publishing Group
$13.99, Oct. 1
A new turn-of-the-century series set in the Red River Valley. Will 18-year-old Astrid have to give up on love to pursue her dream?
An Amish Christmas: December in Lancaster County
Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller and Barbara Cameron
Thomas Nelson
$16.99, Sept. 15
A collection of three novellas with overlapping characters, follow the lives of three Amish families through the Christmas season.
An Eye for an Eye
Irene Hannon
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$12.99, September
After he accidentally shoots a teenager at a tense standoff, FBI Hostage Rescue Team member Mark Sanders is sent to St. Louis to work as a field agent and get his bearings. Just weeks away from returning to Quantico to resume his work, Mark has a chance encounter with an old flame, Emily Lawson-but their reunion is cut short by a sniper. Now Mark must find the shooter before he tries to strike again. Second installment in the "Heroes of Quantico" series.
A Taste of Fame
Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$13.99, September
The women of the Potluck Catering Club have a growing business. They even become the subject of a budding filmmaker's class project. Problem is, they didn't read the fine print. When the filmmaker enters the project in the "Great Party Showdown" reality show, unbeknownst to club members, the ladies of Summit View, Colo., head to the Big Apple for the unexpected adventure of their lives.
Dawn's Prelude
Tracie Peterson
Bethany House Publishers/Baker Publishing Group
$13.99, Sept. 1
A dramatic adventure set in pioneer Alaska, the first book in a new romantic family saga from best-selling author Peterson.
Emmy's Equal
Marcia Gruver
Barbour Publishing
$10.97, October
This romantic adventure is set in deep South Texas, where a strong-willed city girl meets her match in a stubborn vaquero.
Ends of the Earth
Tim Downs
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, Sept. 15
Quirky, beloved Nick "Bug Man" Polchak is back and must face the realities of lost opportunities and the passing of time as he discovers a vicious agro-terrorism scheme underway to cripple America's corn and ethanol production.
Eye of the God
Ariel Allison
Abingdon Press Fiction/Abingdon Press
$13.99, October
Fast-paced intrigue and suspense of global proportions. Is the curse of the Hope Diamond
real or just a legacy of greed?
Fields of Grace
Kim Vogel Sawyer
Bethany House Publishers/Baker Publishing Group
$13.99, Sept. 1
Best-selling author Sawyer offers this tender, romantic story of a Mennonite family immigrating to 1870s' America.
Fit to Be Tied
Robin Lee Hatcher
$14.99, Oct. 2
It's 1916, and Idaho rancher Cleo Arlington knows everything about horses but nothing about men. When charged with transforming English aristocrat Sherwood Statham from playboy into cowboy, she's totally disconcerted. So is Sherwood, who has never encountered a woman succeeding in a "man's world."
Fools Rush in
Janice Thompson
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$12.99, September
When Bella Rossi's Italian-turned-Texan parents hand over their wedding-planning business, Bella is determined not to let them down. She quickly books a "Boot Scoot'n" wedding, but there's only one catch-she's a country music numbskull. Where will she find a DJ on such short notice who knows his Alan Jackson from his Keith Urban? Book one in the "Weddings by Bella" series.
Green: Book Zero, The Beginning and the End
Ted Dekker
Thomas Nelson
$25.99, Sept. 1
Green is Book Zero of the best-selling "Circle" series, both the beginning and the end. The starting point for new readers, and the climax for fans who loved Black, Red and White.

Terri Blackstock
$14.99, Sept. 18
Barbara Covington has one more chance to save her daughter from a devastating addiction, by staging an intervention. But when 18-year-old Emily disappears on the way to drug treatment-and her interventionist is found dead-Barbara enters her darkest nightmare. Did Emily's addiction lead her to commit murder-or is she another victim of a cold-blooded killer?
In the Arms of Immortals
Ginger Garrett
David C. Cook
$14.99, Sept. 1
In this richly imagined historical thriller, the Black Death sweeps through a medieval Sicilian village, revealing old secrets, true character and spiritual realities.
Love is a Battlefield
Annalisa Daughety
Barbour Publishing
$10.97, October
Take a walk in Shiloh National Military Park with battling park rangers, Ace and Kristy, as the park's history proves that true love really does exist.
One Imperfect Christmas
Myra Johnson
Abingdon Press Fiction/ Abingdon Press
$13.99, September
A warm, inspirational story of faith, hope and love for the holiday season.
Shades of Blue
Karen Kingsbury
$14.99, Oct. 16
Brad Cutler, 28, is a rising star at his New York ad agency, about to marry the girl of his dreams. But memories of a high school girlfriend begin to torment him. Lost innocence and one difficult choice flood his conscience, and he is no longer sure what the future will bring except that he must find his old love and make amends. Brad turns to God seeking forgiveness and redemption, and three people must work through the repercussions of a decision made long ago.
Songs of Deliverance
Marilynn Griffith
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$13.99, October
Zeely Wilkins and Ron Jenkins were students the school district stopped believing in, but their teacher didn't. Though they went their separate ways, the past is calling them back to the school and to the teacher. Now they'll have to decide what love really means-and whether they're willing to dance to a new tune to get it.

Stretch Marks
Kimberly Stuart
David C. Cook
$14.99, Sept. 1
A granola-eating, carbon footprint-conscious twentysomething is forced to face her estranged relationship with her mother in this comic yet poignant novel.
The Blue Umbrella
Mike Mason
David C. Cook
$14.99, Oct. 1
An orphan faces an evil magician-and the only person who can help just might be his mother's murderer, in this literary fantasy for 9- to 12-year-olds from best-selling author Mason.

The Bride Backfire
Kelly Eileen Hake
Barbour Publishing
$10.97, October
A witty historical romance about two feuding families and a marriage of inconvenience.
The Bride Blunder
Kelly Eileen Hake
Barbour Publishing
$10.97, November
Join the love and laughter as one man realizes he's sent away for the wrong wife-then tries to fix his bride blunder.
The Christmas Dog
Melody Carlson
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$14.99, September
Betty Kowalski isn't looking forward to the holidays. She just can't seem to find Christmas in her heart. But when a mangy dog appears at her doorstep, the stage is set for Betty to learn a lesson about what Christmas is all about. This contemporary story is a gentle reminder that God can work miracles through something as seemingly insignificant as a little brown dog.
The Fence My Father Built
Linda S. Clare
Abingdon Press Ficton/Abingdon Press
$13.99, October
This is a story of finding the way home-even when home is a trailer in the middle of nowhere.
The Great Christmas Bowl
Susan May Warren
Tyndale House Publishers
$9.99, September
Marianne Wallace is focused on two things this holiday season: planning the greatest family Christmas ever and cheering on her youngest son's football team in their bid for the state championship. But disaster strikes, and as life continues to unravel, will Marianne remember the true meaning of the holidays?
The Jewel of His Heart
Maggie Brendan
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$13.99, October
Set in 1890s Montana, the second installment in the "Heart of the West" series finds Juliana drawn to a handsome, gentle sheep herder-but sparks fly when he considers mining, the occupation that lured Juliana's father away from his family.
The Last Word
Kathy Herman
David C. Cook
$14.99, Oct. 1
Police Chief Brill Jessup must run from a death threat even as she struggles to help her pregnant daughter make decisions about her future in this work about God's power to heal the broken.
The Pilgrim's Progress
John Bunyan; CJ Lovic, ed.
$24.99, Sept. 30
Brought to life in 30 all-new, full-page color illustrations by Mike Wimmer, this deluxe edition of Bunyan's classic takes readers on a journey with Christian as he seeks the Celestial City.
The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow
Joyce Magnin
Abingdon Press Ficton/Abingdon Press
$13.99, September
No longer able or willing to leave her home in the small town of Bright's Pond, Pa., where she is cared for by her sister Griselda, Agnes Sparrow has committed her life to the one thing she can do-besides eat-and that's prayer.
The Swiss Courier
Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$13.99, October
In August 1944 the Gestapo is mercilessly rounding up suspected enemies of the Third Reich. When Joseph Engel, a German physicist working on the atomic bomb, finds that he is actually a Jew adopted by Christian parents, he must flee for his life. Gabi Mueller, a Swiss-American woman working for the American Office of Strategic Services, is asked to risk her life to "courier" Engel out of Germany.

The Unfinished Gift
Dan Walsh
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$14.99, September
Patrick Collins is 7 years old, and on his Christmas list are only three items. He wants the army to find his father, to leave his grandfather's house, and he wants the soldier in his grandfather's attic. Set at Christmastime in 1943, The Unfinished Gift tells the story of a family and reminds readers of the surprising things that affect powerful change.
Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah
Melody Carlson
David C. Cook
$14.99, Sept. 1
The final installment in the "86 Bloomberg Place" series, Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah follows Kendall, Lelani, Anna and Megan in a crazed competition for bridesmaids, wedding locations and showers.
The Sheriff's Surrender
Susan Page Davis
Barbour Publishing
$10.97, December
Get transported back to 1880s' Idaho, where a group of sassy women form the Ladies' Shooting Club-to find a killer before he strikes again.
The Silent Gift
Michael Landon Jr., Cindy Kelley
Bethany House Publishers/Baker Publishing Group
$13.99, Oct. 1
A bittersweet yet heartwarming story of a mother and her son struggling to survive in the Depression years, and of the boy's unusual gift.
The Transformation
Terri Kraus
David C. Cook
$14.99, Sept. 1
Can a good, hard-working Christian man disregard his cultural and religious admonitions-as well as his mother's plans for his life-for the love of a woman and an historic church building?


The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book
Chuck Norris
Tyndale House Publishers
$12.99, November
Chuck Norris facts are a quirky but popular Internet phenomenon. Norris has repeatedly been asked which facts are his favorites and now he gives readers his favorite "facts," the stories behind them and his code for living: Faith, Family, Freedom, Fight and Fitness.


50 Ways to Feel Great Today: Keys to Beating Stress, Worries and the Blues
David B. Biebel, DMin; James E. Dill, MD; and Bobbie Dill, RN
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$12.99, December
Helps readers discover how to beat stress, ward off worry and banish the blues. 50 Ways to Feel Great Today offers medically and scientifically sound advice.
Fit for My King: His Princess 30-Day Diet Plan and Devotional
Sheri Rose Shepherd
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$14.99, November
Shepherd offers specific help to women so that they can take care of the body God gave them and draw closer to Him at the same time, starting with Shepherd's own inspirational story about her struggles to treat her body well by eating real food, exercising and praying.
Start Somewhere
Calvin Nowell
Tyndale House Publishers
$14.99, December
Christian singer-songwriter Nowell once weighed more than 450 pounds. Readers will follow him on his journey of losing 215 pounds and developing a healthy lifestyle.


Christian Coaching
Gary R. Collins, Ph.D.
$27.99, Sept. 15
With a biblically based approach, this textbook explores a new life coaching model, and includes how-to sections field-tested for more than eight years, custom forms coaches can use and more.

Master Leaders
George Barna with Bill Dallas
Tyndale House Publishers
$24.99, October
Based on personal interviews and never-before-published conversations with great leaders-including Colleen Barrett, Ken Blanchard, Tony Dungy, Newt Gingrich, Seth Godin and others-Master Leaders offers the 15 key distinctives every leader needs to be successful.
The Longview
Dr. Roger Parrott
David C. Cook
$16.99, Oct. 1
Parrott offers both new and seasoned leaders proven, practical principles that can transform their church, ministry or business.


Battle Ready
Steve Farrar
David C. Cook
$14.99, Sept. 1
Battle Ready is the next release in the "Bold Man of God" series. Best-selling author Steve Farrar examines the lives of Joshua and Caleb, and shares how men today can be ready for any battle.


A Different Dream for My Child
Jolene Philo
Discovery House Publishers
$10.99, Sept. 1
Philo and her husband know what it means to have a child with a serious illness. In this book, she shares frank, heartfelt meditations to build faith and hope.
The Well-Behaved Child: Discipline that Really Works
John Rosemond
Thomas Nelson
$24.99, Sept. 16
Rosemond's step-by-step program-based on biblical principles, traditional parenting approaches and common sense-covers a wide range of discipline problems applicable from toddler to teen.
When Moms Pray Together
Fern Nichols
Tyndale House Publishers
$13.99, October
Mom's In Touch International is an organization that brings mothers together to pray for their children and their children's schools. As the organization prepares for its 25th anniversary, Nichols, the founder and president, has collected some of the most inspiring and encouraging stories of God's work in answer to those prayers.


A Heart Exposed: Talking to God With Nothing to Hide
Steven James
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$12.99, September
The prayers of the people in Scripture include everything from stories of deliverance and explosions of praise to cries for mercy and observations about injustice. Why then do our prayers today often seem so bland? In A Heart Exposed, James presents a collection of image-rich prayers that do just that, reflecting a heart laid bare before God.
The Lost Art of Praying Together
James Banks
Discovery House Publishers
$9.99, October
Praying together is a privilege and an opportunity to enter into the presence of God, but it is a lost art for many Christians today. Author and pastor Banks makes the case for praying together as a means of enjoying God's blessings and pleasing Him.


Happy Spouse ... Happy House
Pat and Ruth Williams
Standard Publishing
$14.99, November
Drawing on personal stories, shared wisdom and God's Word, the authors encourage men to be the best leaders, lovers and listeners they can be. And they empower women to be the best partners and players in a winning relationship. This book offers compassionate and competent coaching for healthy marriages.
Have a New Husband by Friday
Dr. Kevin Leman
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$17.99, October
The New York Times best-selling author reminds any wife that if what she's doing to get better behavior out of her husband isn't working now, it never will, so it's time for a change. That means it's time to change her own patterns of behavior. Leman offers practical day-by-day suggestions.
I Don't Want a Divorce: A 90-Day Guide to Saving Your Marriage
Dr. David Clarke
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$14.99, September
For more than 20 years, Clarke has seen marriages turn around in just 12 weeks. Here he takes his 90-day plan and presents it using humor, Scripture and personal stories to help couples turn difficult marriages into great ones.
Regret-Free Living
Stephen Arterburn
Bethany House/Baker Publishing Group
$17.99, Oct. 1
Help for readers burdened by broken relationships to make peace with their past in order to move forward to new freedom and "do relationships right".


Every Woman's Guide to Managing Your Anger
Gregory L. Jantz, Ph.D., with Ann McMurray
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$12.99, October
Jantz shows women how to accept the truth of their anger, examine where it comes from, be honest about how they use it, be open to change, be willing to forgive, even themselves and be willing to feel something else besides their anger.
It's Your Time
Joel Osteen
Free Press/Simon & Schuster
$25, Nov. 3
Best-selling author Osteen issues a call to readers to seize the day and recognize that God has given them the power to improve their lives.
The Power of Respect
Deborah Norville
Thomas Nelson
$19.99, Sept. 16
Norville shows how respect yields benefits in parenting, marriage, education, business and leadership with a "do unto others" attitude.

The Solomon Secret
Bruce Fleet
Tarcher/Penguin Group (USA)
$19.95, Sept. 3
A financial advisor and owner of a large investment firm, Fleet draws from the wisdom of Solomon to offer financial strategies for today. Each chapter begins with a teaching story involving Solomon, the wise and rich investor, mentoring his protégé, Abidan, on the seven basic life principles and how they influence financial success.
The Wisdom to Know the Difference
Eileen Flanagan
Tarcher/Penguin Group (USA)
$22.95, Sept. 17
Flanagan draws on her Quaker faith to help readers transform the things they can in their lives-and to understand when to let them go. Focusing on the last lines of the Serenity Prayer, she guides readers to discover "the wisdom to know the difference."


Concordia Commentary-Proverbs
Andrew E. Steinmann
Concordia Publishing House
$42.99, November
Proverbs reveals Jesus Christ as the agent of creation and God's wisdom incarnate. Its didactic sayings teach prudence for the life of faith. The commentary explains Proverbs' larger features and the individual wisdom proverbs.
Luther's Works, Volume 69
Concordia Publishing House
$49.99, October
The first new volume to the series of existing 55 American editions. The 20 planned new volumes are intended to reflect both modern and 16th-century interests and to expand the coverage of genres in the existing volumes, such as Luther's sermons and disputations. The primary basis for the translation is the Weimar edition.


Find Your Strongest Life: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently
Marcus Buckingham
Thomas Nelson
$29.99, Sept. 29
Buckingham reveals the powerful key to help women draw enough strength from life to feel fulfilled, loved, successful and in control. He helps women reconnect with their purpose and gives a starting point for change.
The House is Quiet, Now What?
Janice Hanna and Kathleen Y'Barbo
Barbour Publishing
$7.97, November
Gives support and practical, biblically based pointers to women whose children have left home. Each chapter offers hope for women facing the challenge of living "home alone" with an empty nest.
Whatsoever Things Are Lovely: Must-Have Accessories for God's Perfect Peace
Rhonda Rhea
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$13.99, September
There is always room in a girl's closet for the perfect fashion accessory. But what about spiritual accessories? Humorist and Bible teacher Rhea challenges women to pursue those with the same passion that might be inspired by a blowout department store sale.
Whose Kids Are These?
Karon Phillips Goodman
Barbour Publishing
$7.97, November
Written by an award-winning author, mom and step-mom, this book is filled with wisdom, inspiration, insight and fresh parenting strategies. Each chapter provides stepping-strong pointers, joy-finding tips and stories of others who have walked the walk.


90 Minutes in Heaven: Young Reader's Edition
Don Piper with Cecil Murphy
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$9.99, November
Now in a special edition for readers ages 9-12, 90 Minutes in Heaven is the best-seller about one man's experience with death and life. When Piper's car collided with a semi-truck, he was pronounced dead at the scene. When a minister was led to pray for Piper, miraculously Piper came back to life, and the pleasure of heaven was replaced by a long and painful recovery.
God Girl: Becoming the Woman You're Meant to Be
Hayley DiMarco
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$14.99, October
From Hollywood to Washington, prominent women are making a mark on the world, and a media-rich society chronicles their every move. But what does it mean to be a girl who follows God and not just the latest popular public figure? Showing girls who they are, who they are becoming and who God made them to be, God Girl aims to help girls know what it means to be a woman of God in every area of life.
God Guy: Becoming the Man You're Meant to Be
Michael DiMarco
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$14.99, October
DiMarco helps young men realize that being a man is not just related to age, but rather about developing the character and principles befitting a man of God.
Ignite Your Faith: 365 Devotions That Will Set Your Faith on Fire
The editors of Campus Life's Ignite Your Faith
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$14.99, October
From the team at Ignite Your Faith magazine, this collection of 365 reflections and activities turns daily devotions into an adventure. Using a variety of approaches, Ignite Your Faith handles topics such as faith, friendship, family relationships, school and church.
Life: A Teen Devotional
Melody Carlson
Revell/Baker Publishing Group
$11.99, October
In this 90-day devotional, Carlson shares with her readers the life-changing message of Jesus, giving them something to lean on in the turbulent time of adolescence.