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Author takes viewers 'Inside the Revolution' Print Email
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Monday, 12 October 2009 04:26 PM America/New_York

Inside-the-Revolution-DVDTyndale House Publishers chose Sept. 11, the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist bombings, to release Joel C. Rosenberg's Inside the Revolution (978-1-414-32626-9, $24.99), a 90-minute documentary examining the dangers from the ongoing instability in the Middle East.

Based on his travels and research for his best-selling book of the same name released in March, Rosenberg's film includes interviews with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former CIA Director Porter Goss and Hormoz Shariat, a former Shia Muslim convert to Christianity now known as the "Billy Graham of Iran."

"There are more people converting from Islam to Christianity in the Middle East than any time in history," said Rosenberg, who has also authored several best-selling novels addressing current issues in the region.

In the documentary made in conjunction with Solomon Productions based in Albuquerque, N.M., Rosenberg identifies three revolutions he says are taking place simultaneously in the Middle East—led by "radicals," "reformers" and "revivalists." He contends that U.S. government leaders are in danger of underestimating the fanatical ideology of the Iranian government.

"We are at the most dangerous stage of the Iranian Revolution at this moment," he said.

Tyndale has also released the Inside the Revolution Study Guide, including more than 100 questions and Scripture references, retail price $7.99. To order the guide or the DVD, contact the publisher at 800-323-9400.

Tracing painful journeys toward forgiveness Print Email
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Monday, 12 October 2009 04:22 PM America/New_York
Documentary captures power of reconciliation after Rwandan genocide

AsWeForgiveDVDThe remarkable story of reconciliation taking place in a nation haunted by genocide is captured in the award-winning documentary As We Forgive (8-99459-00201-3, $16.95).

Released last month, the 53-minute program traces the journey toward forgiveness of people whose lives were irrevocably changed by the 1994 bloodletting in Rwanda that saw more than 1 million people killed in a frenzy of ethnic violence between Hutus and Tutsis.

Laura Walters traveled to the small African country to record the efforts of what the makers of the film describe as a "radical and, frankly, unreal" reconciliation project established by Anglican Bishop John Rucyahana, which brings together victims and perpetrators of the violence.

As We Forgive follows Rosario Bankundiye, pregnant when she was widowed and seriously injured herself in the clashes, as she meets the neighbor who had murdered her sister. One of many involved in the killings who has been released from prison and returned to his home area, the man—Nemeye Saveri—builds Bankundiye a new home as part of the bishop's project.

Walters also filmed Chantale Ukebereyinfura, who lost 30 of her family members during the bloodshed, as she met John Nzabonimpa, a former family friend who murdered her father.

As We Forgive—narrated by actress Mia Farrow—won a 2008 Student Academy Award for Best Documentary.

Laura Waters Hinson, founder of Image Bearer Pictures, premiered the film in Rwanda in July as part of the Festival of Hope commemorating the 15th anniversary of the killings.

Hinson's documentary inspired Catherine Claire Larson's book of the same name. Released in February by Zondervan, the book tells other stories from the Rwanda reconciliation project.

To order As We Forgive, contact Mpower Distribution, 310-899-5548.

'Fasting' course supports church-wide program Print Email
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Monday, 07 September 2009 04:40 PM America/New_York
fasting dvdA DVD course edition of Jentezen Franklin's best-selling book, Fasting, aims to bring his teaching on the practice to a wider, church-based audience.

Released this month, the five-part Fasting (978-1-599-79769-0, $19.99) series is intended to help participants tap into the spiritual power that can be found when Christians fast together. The Charisma House curriculum is being supported by the launch of a Web site,, which includes downloadable resources such as health advice.

With a Fasting Study Guide also available for $9.99, the DVD series features Franklin—pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Ga., and Free Chapel West in Orange County, Calif., as well as founder of the Kingdom Connection Media Ministry—teaching the core principles of fasting. He also shares stories of how the spiritual discipline has impacted individual lives and churches.

Published in 2008, Fasting made the New York Times best-sellers list. "From the overwhelming response, it soon became clear to us that there would be an interest in ancillary products," said Woodley Auguste, senior publicist for the Strang Book Group. "In particular, we wanted to be able to help churches and church groups explore the corporate benefits of fasting together.

"There have been remarkable stories of what has happened when churches have fasted corporately—changes in people's lives, marriages healed. There's a spiritual dynamic that takes place."

To order the Fasting DVD, call 800-283-8494.

Brothers' ministries inspire family drama Print Email
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Monday, 07 September 2009 04:39 PM America/New_York
Inner-city youngsters find a new life path through Western trail

set apartReal-life ministries run by two brothers form the basis of Set Apart (6-02341-00359-9, Provident Films, suggested retail price not available), an inspirational family film releasing this month with a cast including Shaft star Richard Roundtree.

The famous actor appears as J.T., a friend of rodeo riding ministry partners Randy and Heidi Gunn, who use their Western skills on horseback and with guns to share the gospel at cowboy events across the country.

They appear as themselves in the movie, which sees them taking on four troubled inner-city youngsters referred to them by The Power Company Kids ministry. It is run by Randy's brother, John, and his wife, Michele—the two portrayed by John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard) and Jennifer O'Neill (Summer of '42).

Mixing drama and comedy, the 97-minute film follows the quartet's adventures as they learn new skills and values and endeavor to make new starts. The movie is aimed at families "hungry for entertainment that opens kids and adults to a positive experience and a good message," said Kris Fuhr, marketing vice president for Provident Films.

"Parents like the conversation it opens about risk, about what's right, about true friendship and how to look at life," she added.

Schneider welcomed the opportunity to help bring to the screen an example of everyday Christian ministry. "We have a tremendous problem in the inner cities with bored-ness," he said. "These kids need something positive to do. Instead of sitting around and complaining, John Gunn and his wife, Michele, are providing kids with something to do."

Through their GunnPoint organization, Randy—known as "The Pistol Packin’ Preacher"—and Heidi—dubbed "Straight Arrow"—lead cowboy services at rodeo events and have both earned mounted shooting trophies. They also sing, and have won several inspirational country music awards.

The drama was shot in Los Angeles and in the Black Hills of South Dakota, from a script by George Flynn, an award-winning actor and writer, and host of the "Words of Freedom" radio show.

Set Apart is to be distributed by Provident-Integrity Distribution. To order, call 800-333-9000.

New edition for Bible designed for reading aloud Print Email
Written by Cat Hoort   
Monday, 31 August 2009 04:17 PM America/New_York
lion storyteller bibleA new edition of the best-selling The Lion Storyteller Bible (978-0-825-47877-2, $19.99) is to be released this month by Lion Children's and will be distributed in North America by Kregel Publications.

Written by Bob Hartman and illustrated by Krisztina Kallai Nagy, the Bible—designed especially to be read aloud to children ages 4 through 7—features more than 50 stories from Scripture, including 20-plus new Bible story re-tellings of old favorites such as David and Goliath and Noah and the Ark as well as lesser-known stories.

Hartman said the stories of the Bible "are meant to be told," adding: "That's how many of them were handed down in the first place—shouted by prophets, proclaimed by preachers, whispered as prayers and spoken out loud by one person to another."

Featuring humor throughout, The Lion Storyteller Bible includes an appendix of Hartman's tips for storytelling. The original edition has sold more than 130,000 copies and has been printed in 11 languages.

A pastor in Pittsburgh and a former storyteller in residence at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum, Hartman is also the author of numerous other books, including The Three Billy Goats' Stuff! (Lion Children’s) and Telling the Bible: 100 Stories to Read Out Loud (Monarch).

"I am always amazed by the power of a story to capture, entertain and delight," Hartman said. "My hope is that, having seen God in these stories, children will learn to trust God, to listen for His voice and to love God in return."

To order The Lion Storyteller Bible, call Kregel Publications at 800-733-2607, or go to


Cat Hoort is the trade marketing manager at Kregel Publications.

Library edition set from award-winning apologist Print Email
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Thursday, 16 July 2009 11:21 AM America/New_York
An award-winning author's defenses of the claims of Christianity are brought together for the first time this month in the compilation DVD library, The Lee Strobel 3-Disc Film Collection (0-31398-11248-8, $24.98, Lionsgate).

A former investigative journalist for the Chicago Tribune, Strobel uses his research skills to examine The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith and The Case for a Creator, programs based on his Gold Medallion—winning books by the same names. Originally released 2006-2008, the three programs look at the historicity of the Gospels, barriers to belief and the origins of life.

Running 71 minutes, The Case for Christ's special features include "Faith Stories" of scholars and theologians interviewed for the main documentary discussing their own personal faith and ministries, and a collection of additional resources.

At 79 minutes, The Case for Faith also includes a "Dealing With Doubt" featurette and "The Least of These," a discussion about the Christian response to evil and suffering. For The Case for a Creator (60 minutes), extras include questions and answers about science and God, and a "How Did Life Begin" feature. Other extras include the soundtrack of the original music score composed by Mark Edward Lewis. To order the set, distributed by Thomas Nelson, call 800-251-4000, ext. 1480.