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Lucado picture book helps children feel significant Print Email
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Monday, 12 October 2009 03:59 PM America/New_York

Popular author Max Lucado's newest book is being packaged for children with a message to help them feel significant.

TallestOfSmallsTo be released Nov. 3 by Tommy Nelson, The Tallest of Smalls (978-1-400-31514-7, $16.99, jacketed hardcover) is a parable based on Lucado's Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear, released last month by Thomas Nelson.

Featuring colorful illustrations by Maria Monescillo, the 32-page hardcover picture book tells the story of Ollie, a young boy in Stiltsville, where the villagers are obsessed with the biggest and best, and their most special citizens. These important people are rewarded with stilts to tower over the rest of the town.

Ollie fears that he will never be special enough to earn such an honor. When he finally gets a chance to use stilts and be perceived as someone special to the rest of the town, it isn't what he expects at all as he falls from his high place to the ground. Alone and once again afraid, Ollie is visited by Jesus who tells him that he is precious and special just the way he is.

Lucado's message in The Tallest of Smalls aims to show children who have ever felt insignificant, small or hurt to know that they don't have to fear being alone or unloved because they are special and chosen by God.

The book will be marketed and publicized by Tommy Nelson in conjunction with Lucado's Fearless.

For more information and a digital flipbook of The Tallest of Smalls, visit

A video of Lucado talking about Ollie and his adventure is also available at

To order, contact Thomas Nelson at 800-251-4000

Highlighting 'the fun stuff of Scripture' Print Email
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Monday, 12 October 2009 03:58 PM America/New_York
Illustrated book presents 'gross, interesting details and humor' of the Bible

An illustrated reference book released this month by Barbour Publishing hopes to introduce children to the amazing, funny, even "gross" side of the Scriptures.

KidsBibleFactsDesigned for children ages 8 to 12, Kids' Bible Facts (978-1-602-60476-6, $9.97) offers more than 800 entries on the people, places and ideas of God's Word.

Written by Ed Strauss, the book highlights what's weird and important in the Bible, featuring hundreds of fascinating facts and nearly a hundred pictures to inform and entertain young readers.

"Who's That?" biographies spotlight both the heroes and villains of Scripture—from Aaron to Delilah and Jonah to Zipporah. The "Peoples & Places" entries explain people groups like the Canaanites and Edomites as well as the nations of Bible times.

"And That Means..." definitions describe key Bible terms like atonement, covenant and great white throne.

"The Big Story" accounts describe lesser-known events of the Bible, including dead saints coming back to life when Jesus died on the cross. The "I Love Lists!" section features tidbits like "8 People Who Came Back from the Dead" and the "3 Fattest Men in the Bible."

The "Fun Facts" sidebar information includes nuggets like Herod Agrippa being eaten to death by worms as a result of his pride.

Strauss, whose previous children's books include Bible Freaks & Geeks (2007), Big Bad Bible Giants (2005) and Seriously Sick Bible Stuff (2007), all published by Zonderkidz, said he wanted to create a book featuring "gross, interesting details and humor, (which) will help draw young readers in and help the Bible facts to stick in their brains like burrs."

Strauss "did a great job of highlighting the fun stuff of Scripture, while also explaining some really important Bible truths," said Paul Muckley, senior editor for nonfiction at Barbour Publishing.

Every entry in the book is accompanied by a Bible reference, so children can follow up with their own study of Scripture.

Like a previous book in the series—Kids' Bible Dictionary by Jean Fischer—Kids' Bible Facts is a 160-page softcover volume.

For more information on Kids' Bible Facts, visit To order, contact Barbour Publishing at 800-852-8010.

Illustrated storybook spotlights classic Bible stories Print Email
Written by Karen Stoller   
Monday, 21 September 2009 04:49 PM America/New_York
belovedbiblestoriesAn illustrated Bible storybook released this month by David C. Cook, Beloved Bible Stories (978-0-781-40310-8, $16.99) walks children through 65 classic Bible stories from creation to Pentecost.

Designed for children ages 6 to 10, the 144-page hardbound book features whimsical drawings and lyrical language of the lives of characters such as Cain and Abel, Ruth and John the Baptist.

Written by Rhona Davies and illustrated by Maria Cristina Lo Cascio, Beloved Bible Stories features an index of Scripture references and a presentation page for gifting.

David C. Cook also released three new editions of its popular "Baby Bible" series titles last month. Updated and featuring new color pictures, the books—designed for toddlers—feature a parent guide, a prayer at the end of each story, suggested actions and sounds to help bring the stories to life.

Written by Robin Currie and illustrated by Constanza Basaluzzo, The Baby Bible ABCs (978-1-434-76542-0, $9.99) combines favorite Bible stories with actions and hand motions, as a child begins to relate to the alphabet.
The Baby Bible Animals (-1-3, $9.99)—also written by Currie and illustrated by Basaluzzo—introduces toddlers to animals through stories such as Jonah and the big fish.

Written by Elisa Stanford and illustrated by Basaluzzo, The Baby Bible 1, 2, 3 (-0-6, $9.99) teaches simple lessons in numbers and counting through stories, including 10 "rules" or commandments.

To order, call David C. Cook at 800-323-7543, or go to


Karen Stoller is associate marketing manager of trade books and study resources for David C. Cook.

A Christ-centered walk to the manger Print Email
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Monday, 21 September 2009 04:47 PM America/New_York
Latest title in 'Read and Learn' series helps families celebrate birth of Jesus

The latest offering from children's market consultant and best-selling author Mary Manz Simon's "Read and Learn" series channels a young child's anticipation into simple activities to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Countdown-to-ChristmasReleased this month by Little Shepherd Books, an imprint of Scholastic, My First Read and Learn Countdown to Christmas (978-0-545-16509-9, $9.99) offers families a Christ-centered walk to the manger. A brief devotional thought, Scripture selection, short prayer and fun activity are offered for each day from Dec. 1 to Dec. 25, with the aim of helping families focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

The content for the 26-page board book, which is illustrated by Siobhan Harrison, is developmentally appropriate and written for children ages 3-8. Activity ideas include tying jingle bells onto shoes as a reminder that Christmas is coming and flicking a flashlight in a dark room while repeating the message of the angels, "Don't be afraid."

An ornament strip along each page helps a child visually track the days until Christmas, while colorful illustrations create visual appeal. To help a family move beyond the commercial clutter of Christmas, the birth of Christ is highlighted in a rhythmic verse repeated on every page: "I'm ready and I'm waiting to shout it's Christmas Day! It's almost Jesus' birthday, I'm counting down each day."

Although "home for the holidays" reflects a traditional value, the author believes that sentiment will have new meaning this year as parents thank God for helping them survive the international economic crisis. The book offers ideas to redirect the sometimes—uncontrolled anticipation of the holiday into meaningful gatherings.

"Research shows that parents are looking for ways to maximize their time and develop deeper relationships," said Simon.

Her new book "offers the opportunity in a fun, easy-to-use format for family members to connect with one another and with Jesus," she said. "It's also a helpful starting point for parents who have been wanting to try regular family devotions, but don't know how or where to start."

The first two books in the series are My First Read and Learn Favorite Bible Verses (978-0-545-02509-6) and My First Read and Learn Book of Prayers (978-0-439-90632-6).

For more information, visit To order, call 800-242-7737.

Standard relaunches popular children's line Print Email
Written by Joni Sullivan Baker   
Monday, 07 September 2009 04:15 PM America/New_York
'Baby Blessings' books have been 'dynamite' for publisher and retailers

baby blessingsStandard Publishing is relaunching its popular line of books for babies and toddlers with several titles this month.

The "Baby Blessings" line features new and revamped products designed to help cultivate the first steps of a child's spiritual growth.

"Baby Blessings" has "historically been a dynamite line for us and for retailers, but it was time to update it," said Bob Wallace, Standard Publishing's marketing manager for children's products.

"We are so excited to be reintroducing this line, with some familiar, well-proven titles as well as some new ones," he added. "The reaction from retailers thus far, at the International Christian Retail Show and other events, has been phenomenal."

Featuring soft fabrics in the cloth books as well as textures and padding in others, the line is being marketed as appealing to and safe for small children. With colorful illustrations and rhyming text, the books are designed to stimulate interest, as some titles include pockets to hold photos of the child, while others feature music of favorite songs such as "Jesus Loves Me" and "Away in a Manger."

Seven titles will be released in September, with two more in January. To be published this month includes the Baby Blessings Bible (978-0-784-72372-2, $16.99), which received a Gold Medallion Award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association and has sold more than a million copies. Featuring 10 of the best-loved stories from both Old and New Testaments—from creation through Easter—the 24-page, soft-cloth board book includes a closure tab and carrying handle.

The other titles to be released in September include Baby Blessings Christmas: (978-0-784-72374-6, $12.99); Away in a Manger (-3-9, $12.99); Jesus Loves Me (-0-8, $12.99); God Bless (Baby's Family Photo Album) (-65-4, $12.99); Baby’s Bible (-66-1, $14.99); and Noah's Ark: (-69-2, $14.99).

Two additional titles to be released in January are Baby's Bible Friends: (-67-8, $14.99) and Tell Me About Easter (-94-4, $12.99).

To order, call 800-543-1353. For more information, visit


Joni Sullivan Baker is managing director of Buoyancy Public Relations.


Summer reading push as 'Robot Wars' winds up Print Email
Written by By Christy M. Wong   
Monday, 24 August 2009 03:47 PM America/New_York
Sigmund Brouwer's "Robot Wars" series concludes with the release next month of its last three books. Each book in the five-part series from Tyndale House Publishers features two stories and follows the adventures of 14-year-old virtual reality specialist Tyce Sanders, who lives in an experimental community on Mars in the year 2039.

robot wars: ambushIn book three of the series, Ambush (978-1-414-32311-4, $6.99), Tyce has to rescue scientists who are trapped in a cave. He also uncovers a devious plot that threatens to overtake their spaceship, the Moon Racer.

In Counterattack (-2-1, $6.99), book four, Tyce and some of the Mars Project's staff are captured and held in a prison, while carrying out a special mission to Earth. In Final Battle (-3-8, $6.99), book five, Tyce threatens to reveal his special talents to the world as he battles the rebels while trying to return to Mars.

Through each adventure, Tyce finds that the mysteries of the red planet point to his greatest discovery—a new relationship with God. Although life on Mars is not always easy, Tyce talks about his growing faith and curiosity in a manner that will appeal to teens.

The final three "Robot Wars" books—key titles in Tyndale's fall juvenile fiction ads—were to be featured in summer reading programs with print and online advertising in Homeschooling Magazine.

"Robot Wars" will also be featured on's e-newsletter and Web site. In addition, Tyndale is launching a Google AdWord campaign tied to the series to attract mothers looking for fiction titles for their sons and for reluctant readers.

With 280 pages in each book, the "Robot Wars" series is a repackaged and updated version of the "Mars Diaries," which made its debut in October 2000. The first two books in the "Robot Wars" series are Death Trap and Double Cross.

For more information on the "Robot Wars" series, visit To order, contact Tyndale House at 800-323-9400.

Christy Wong is publicity assistant at Tyndale House Publishers.