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Vital Signs: Unwrapping Gifts Print Email
Written by Felicia Abraham   
Monday, 23 February 2009 10:19 AM America/New_York


Individual comments from respondents to our survey on Christian gifts:

QUESTION: Other than the types of products they buy (framed art, collectibles, plush, etc.) what trends have you observed regarding your customer's attitudes toward buying gifts in your store? What are they doing differently now than they were 2-3 years ago?

“ Increasing frustration with products they've seen before; they want to see new things constantly; but we can't buy until we clear existing shelf space."

“Thinking of our store for decorating their own home.”

“More juvenile and special interests (except Judaica).”

“Less large gifts are sold.”

“Price and value are the No. 1 concern. People don’t have the time to look, it seems they want a personal shopper, so it's important to have a well-trained staff to 'hand-sell' or 'show off' our products.”

“More interest in ‘functional’ gifts--kitchen and garden items.”

“We were a Christian bookstore but changed into school and office supply, also a copy machine. We will only be selling bibles and gifts.”

“Buying more scripture items to put in their own homes.”

“Looking for cheap inexpensive gifts--under $15.”

“They look for gifts with a use, rather than just knickknacks to put on a shelf."