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Legend of the Book Keeper
by Daniel Blackaby
Publisher/Distributor: Russell Media (Ingram, Anchor or STL)
Release Date: June 1, 2012
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9781937498047
Pages: 416
Binding: softcover
Price: $14.99
Brief Description
Teenager Cody Clemenson discovers a mysterious book in a used bookstore that awakens a bloodthirsty beast. Cody finds himself thrust into an ancient battle between two powers at the Earth’s center. Will Cody and his best friend, Jade, save this newfound world? Can he, an ordinary boy, handle the responsibilities required to become the Book Keeper, or will the Book fall into the hands of the evil empire? A tale full of mythical locations, the Legend of the Book Keeper is the first book in “The Lost City Chronicles” trilogy by Daniel Blackaby, grandson of Henry Blackaby.
Target Audience: Teens
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