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Dead Man's Hand
by Eddie Jones
Publisher/Distributor: Zondervan
Release Date: November 2012
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9780310723448
Pages: 138
Binding: softcover
Price: $7.99
Brief Description
Jones’ western mystery trilogy follows Nick Caden, a young man who begins to question everything around him, including his faith. Nick’s vacation at Deadwood Canyon Ghost Town takes a turn toward trouble when the 15-year-old finds himself trapped in a livery stable with Jesse James. The shooter whirls, aims and—vanishes. Great theatrics, Nick thinks, except now he’s alone with the bullet-riddled body of Billy the Kid. And by the time the sheriff arrives, the body disappears. Will Nick solve the murder? Will his parents have him committed? Or will the town’s infatuation with Hollywood theatrics conceal the truth?
Target Audience: Children, Teens
Product Relevance: Back to School, Catholic, Children's
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