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Pray Like a Gourmet by David Brazzeal (book)
978-1-61261-627-8 | | Paraclete Press
softcover, 192 pages, $19.99
Release Date: April 2015
David Brazzeal stirs together a love of French dining and his innovative prayer practices with a dash of international adventure to concoct an inspiring, reinvigorating prayer experience. Fun, yet profound, from confession to meditation, from observing to lamenting to praising, this book is full of practical ideas.
Vulnerable Faith by Jamie Arpin-Ricci (book)
978-1-61261-591-2 | | Paraclete Press
softcover, 200 pages, $16.99
Release Date: April 2015
Drawing from Scripture, church history and his own ministry experiences among those who live on the margins, Vulnerable Faith bridges the often enormous gap between the conceptual ideal of faithfulness we talk about in church and a genuine, practical, radical obedience to Jesus.
A Young Man After God's Own Heart by Jim George (book)
978-0-7369-5978-0 | | Harvest House Publishers
softcover, 208 pages, $11.99
Release Date: April 1, 2015
Pursuing God really is an adventure—one that can get extreme, one you’ll never tire of. It’s all about discovering God’s priorities for you—including building your faith, choosing the right kinds of friends, getting along at home, winning the battle over temptation, and making right choices about the future.
A Young Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George (book)
978-0-7369-5974-2 | | Harvest House Publishers
softcover, 224 pages, $11.99
Release Date: April 1, 2015
What does it mean to live God in your everyday life? It means knowing and following God’s perfect plan for you as a young woman. Learn how to grow close to God, get along with family and friends, make right choices, become more like Jesus, and prepare for the future.
Unleashed by Sonja Corbitt (book)
978-1-59471-599-0 | | Ave Maria Press
softcover, 192 pages, $15.95
Release Date: April 8, 2015
Sonja Corbitt was an evangelical Baptist before she converted to Catholicism. In Unleashed, she shares her passion for the scriptures by weaving the Word of God with her own experiences to show readers how the Holy Spirit flows through their lives in relationships, prayer, and even in times of suffering.
Freedom Clause 14 Amendments to Freedom by Colby Sutter (book)
9781633570191 | | CrossLink Publishing
softcover, 204 pages, $15.95
Release Date: April 9, 2015
What do you do when you go “All In” for God and you are still filled with feelings of anger, depression, Un-forgiveness, hopelessness? What do you do when you tried everything and those feelings still won’t go away?
Like the First Morning by Michael J. Ortiz (book)
978-1-59471-591-4 | | Ave Maria Press
softcover, 192 pages, $15.95
Release Date: April 17, 2015
In Like the First Morning, acclaimed author and teacher Michael J. Ortiz presents a literary yet deeply personal approach to the Morning Offering, a popular form of daily prayer practiced by millions of Catholics worldwide. The book reveals the depth of this simple devotion, showing how a daily offering up of prayers, works, joys, and sufferings renews every aspect of life, and inspires the reader to live each day with greater intentionality and joy.
Seeking Surrender by Colette Lafia (book)
978-1-933495-88-0 | | Ave Maria Press
softcover, 160 pages, $14.95
Release Date: April 17, 2015
An unlikely friendship between Colette Lafia and a silent monk at the Abbey of Gethsemani, where Thomas Merton lived, comes to life through seven years of shared letters. Lafia's palpable openness and warm storytelling lead readers through the same compassionate process that led the author to accept herself, find peace with life, and strive for an ever-deepening relationship with God.
The Broken Blade: No Man Can Serve Two Masters Forever by Anna Thayer (book)
978-1-78264-105-6 | | Lion Hudson (Kregel Publications)
softcover, 608 pages, $15.99
Release Date: April 27, 2015
The third and final installment in the Knight of Eldaran finds Eamon Goodman in the final battle to control the fate of the River Realm. High fantasy from debut author Anna Thayer. Publishers Weekly called the first book in the trilogy “a thrilling story fraught with uncertainty and betrayal.”
Click: Enjoying Friendship for New Reasons and Seasons by Beth Jones (book)
9781606833896 | | Harrison House Publishers
softcover, 112 pages, $10.99
Release Date: April 28, 2015
In today’s busy world there’s nothing like a good friend, a God-knit friendship. In Click, you will discover what God has to say about friendship and His plan for relationships that are like two peas in a pod!
Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt (book)
9781433545993 | | Crossway
hardcover, 256 pages, $19.99
Release Date: April 30, 2015
Arguing that there’s more to being a Christian than sitting in a pew and listening to a sermon, this book will help readers recover a biblical view of discipleship and joyfully embrace God’s mission in every facet of their lives.
What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality by Kevin DeYoung (book)
9781433549373 | | Crossway
softcover, 160 pages, $12.99
Release Date: April 30, 2015
Offering readers a helpful resource for thinking through a contentious issue, this timely book by award-winning author Kevin DeYoung summarizes the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality and responds to popular objections raised by Christians and non-Christians alike.
Soul of a Pilgrim by Christine Valters Paintner (book)
978-1-933495-86-6 | | Ave Maria Press
softcover, 160 pages, $15.95
Release Date: May 8, 2015
The renowned author of eight books and abbess of the online retreat center Abbey of the Arts, Christine Valters Paintner takes readers on a new kind of pilgrimage: an inner journey to discover the heart of God. Eight stages of the pilgrim’s way—from hearing the call to coming home—are accompanied by scripture stories of great biblical journeys and the author’s unique and creative practices of prayer, writing, and photography.
Curse of the Seer(Book Three in Legends of Tira-Nor) by Daniel Schwabaeur (book)
9780899578507 | | AMG
softcover, 288 pages, $12.99
Release Date: May 23, 2015
King Ahaz accused my Master—the Seer of Tira-Nor, AlBear the Wise, the Merciful, Maker of Miracles and Potentate Secundi Propositum, etc—of high treason. King Ahaz said AlBear was to blame for the drought that ruined the city. He told everyone that my Master had bewitched the sun, that rain would not come again until the Seer gave the word. He called him, “AlBear the Accursed” and told the mice of Tira-Nor that he was using his unearthly powers to dry up the heavens, crack the earth, wither the berries of the Dark Forest, and throttle the neck of the White River. He even called my Master a foul prophet and tool of the ancient God, ElShua. King Ahaz was right.
10 Reasons to Stay Christian in High School by Michael Ross and Greg Johnson (book)
978-1-63058-375-0 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 192 pages, $7.99
Release Date: June 1, 2015
Christian teens don’t have to leave their faith back in Sunday school or slide toward what’s popular (risking painful regrets). They can build the courage to “stay Christian” around their peers—and ultimately lead them to Jesus. This book is filled with everything they need to LIVE what they believe.
Words That Heal by Michael Ross and Brian Doyle (book)
978-1-63058-374-3 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 192 pages, $7.99
Release Date: June 1, 2015
Filled with 40 engaging stories and dozens of relevant Scriptures, this brand-new resource from Back to the Bible shows readers how to “tame the tongue” and live their witness at home, at work, at church … everywhere! Words that Heal is ideal for small group studies, family devotions, and personal reflection.
The Jesus Experience by Bill Myers (book)
978-1-63058-989-9 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 192 pages, $14.99
Release Date: June 1, 2015
Many Christians have become more focused on serving the Lord they love, rather than loving the Lord they serve. Through the pages of The Jesus Experience, award-winning author Bill Myers leads readers on their own journey of rediscovering God’s love for them and, in turn, loving others more deeply.
The Cultural World of the Bible, 4th Edition: An Illustrated Guide to Manners and Customs by Victor H. Matthews (book)
9780801049736 | | Baker Academic
softcover, 320 pages, $26.99
Release Date: June 16, 2015
A leading expert on the social world of the Bible offers students a reliable guide to the manners and customs of the ancient world.
Stories of Faith&Courage from Civil War Officers by Terry Tuley (book)
9780899573519 | | AMG
softcover, 464 pages, $16.99
Release Date: June 23, 2015
Stories of Faith and Courage from Civil War Officers is part of the Battlefields & Blessings® series of daily devotionals, providing inspiration and patriotic thoughts through more than 250 stories that capture the courage and spirit of wars throughout American history. The themes presented in these books transcend generations, making the books relevant to modern day readers who struggle with topics such as loneliness, contentment, purpose, fear, safety, God’s will, jealousy, rivalry, cooperation, and disappointment.
A Sherlock Holmes Devotional by Trisha Priebe (book)
978-1-63058-912-7 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 320 pages, $12.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015
After a century, Sherlock Holmes mysteries still fascinate readers—and this devotional will delight them with spiritual truths drawn from the pages of the classic detective stories. A Sherlock Holmes Devotional contains 60 entries drawn from the characters, stories, and events of the classic detective stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
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