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Women & Idolatry (LBS) by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun and Tracey D. Bianchi (book)
9780830831081 | | InterVarsity Press
softcover, 64 pages, $9
Release Date: July 2015
We live only a fraction of the lives God has for us, circling around the demands of the present while God whispers or hollers for us to harness our whole hearts. These studies follow biblical themes as well as journeys of women showing the way to live whole lives.
We Speak: Proclaiming Truth in an Age of Talk by Mike Baker, J. K. Jones and Jim Probst (book)
9780830844258 | | InterVarsity Press
softcover, 208 pages, $16
Release Date: July 2015
As Christians, we are all called to speak out—in our workplaces, our schools, our neighborhoods. Every believer has a faith testimony compelling us to be Christ's representatives. This devotional-style book is designed to be an encouragement and support as you identify and add your voice to the chorus.
Structured for Mission: Renewing the Culture of the Church by Alan J. Roxburgh (book)
9780830844241 | | InterVarsity Press
softcover, 192 pages, $18
Release Date: July 2015
What should we do about the broken old structures of the church? Alan Roxburgh calls us to see the underlying narratives that make structures necessary and to experiment with new ways of being the local church in a changing world.
Spirituality of Gratitude: The Unexpected Blessings of Thankfulness by Joshua Choonmin Kang (book)
9780830846030 | | InterVarsity Press
softcover, 192 pages, $16
Release Date: July 2015
God invites us to enter into a world of thankfulness at every moment in our lives, even in the hard times. Come and discover a spirituality of gratitude with bestselling Korean author Pastor Kang in these fifty-two short chapters, which can be read in weekly reflection or daily devotional use.
Ruth: Rescued by the Redeemer (LBS) by Dale Larsen and Sandy Larsen (book)
9780830831098 | | InterVarsity Press
softcover, 64 pages, $9
Release Date: July 2015
In the book of Ruth we meet not only Ruth but other players who populate the drama: Naomi, Elimelech, Mahlon, Kilion, Orpah and Boaz. Additionally there are a whole host of unnamed kinsmen, reapers, elders, neighbors. Like us, each of these characters in their own way needs the Redeemer.
Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys: A Native American Expression of the Jesus Way by Richard Twiss (book)
9780830844234 | | InterVarsity Press
softcover, 304 pages, $20
Release Date: July 2015
The gospel of Jesus has not always been good news for Native Americans. But despite the effects of colonialism, some Natives have forged culturally authentic ways to follow Jesus. Twiss surveys the complicated history of Christian missions among Indigenous peoples and voices a hopeful vision of contextual Native Christian faith.
Inside Job: Doing the Work Within the Work by Stephen W. Smith (book)
9780830844289 | | InterVarsity Press
softcover, 192 pages, $16
Release Date: July 2015
Smith helps leaders set aside the life-draining values of power and position and instead explore the life-giving qualities of building character. There is a better way to live than the craziness of our driven world. This is your invitation to journey inside and do the work within your work.
Fool's Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion by Os Guinness (book)
9780830836994 | | InterVarsity Press
hardcover, 270 pages, $22
Release Date: July 2015
Our world is changing dramatically, yet many Christians still rely on cookie-cutter approaches to evangelism and apologetics. In his magnum opus, Os Guinness presents the art and power of creative persuasion—the ability to talk to people who are closed to what we are saying.
The Cultivated Life: From Ceaseless Striving to Receiving Joy by Susan S. Phillips (book)
9780830835980 | | InterVarsity Press
softcover, 240 pages, $17
Release Date: July 2015
Phillips walks us through our circus-like cultural landscape to invite us into a cultivated life of spirituality and attentiveness. God extends to us an invitation to live in the garden of grace, and these pages unfold the spiritual practices that can lead us into a new way of living.
The Cactus Creek Challenge by Erica Vetsch (book)
978-1-63058-927-1 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 320 pages, $13.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015
Anything he can do, I can do better. At least that was what schoolmarm Cassie Bucknell thought before she pinned on Ben Wilder’s sheriff badge. When they are picked to swap jobs for a month as part of the annual Cactus Creek Challenge, Cassie and Ben square off in a battle of wills that becomes a battle for their hearts.
A Sherlock Holmes Devotional by Trisha Priebe (book)
978-1-63058-912-7 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 320 pages, $12.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015
After a century, Sherlock Holmes mysteries still fascinate readers—and this devotional will delight them with spiritual truths drawn from the pages of the classic detective stories. A Sherlock Holmes Devotional contains 60 entries drawn from the characters, stories, and events of the classic detective stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club Trilogy by Wanda E. Brunstetter (book)
978-1-63058-884-7 | | Barbour Publishing, Inc.
softcover, 960 pages, $24.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015
Each of three different classes Emma Yoder teaches in her home includes six dissimilar men and women who while trying to make scraps of fabric something beautiful they begin sharing details of their fragmented lives. Suddenly quilt classes become life lessons. . .and their souls are healed one stitch at a time.
The Prayers of Jane Austen by Terry Glaspey (book)
978-0-7369-6518-7 | | Harvest House Publishers
hardcover, 80 pages, $9.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015
Jane Austen was not only a beloved and uniquely gifted writer, but she was also a woman of unexpected spiritual depth. Here are her beautiful, heartfelt prayers, which reveal her gratitude for God’s blessings and express her desire for a holy life.
Relying on the Power of the Spirit by Elizabeth George (book)
978-0-7369-3701-6 | | Harvest House Publishers
softcover, 160 pages, $9.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015
Are you living in the Holy Spirit’s power? The book of Acts is filled with incredible examples of God’s Spirit at work in the lives of His people. As you study along with Elizabeth George, you’ll learn about what it means to yield yourself completely to all that God wants to do through you.
Reflections at First Light Gift Book by Al Lindner and Ron Lindner (book)
978-0-7369-6427-2 | | Harvest House Publishers
hardcover, 48 pages, $15.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015
With long, successful careers in the sport fishing world, Brothers Al and Ron have shared their faith-filled insights in Reflections at First Light. This beautiful gift book edition contains excerpts from that book, stunning outdoor photography, and inspiring quotes—a beautiful compilation of fishing lore for everyone loving the outdoors.
Blossoms on the Roof by Rebecca Martin (book)
978-0-7369-6367-1 | | Harvest House Publishers
softcover, 160 pages, $8.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015
In 1894 times are hard for the Yoder family, so they pack up and move to North Dakota in the hope that life will be better out West. As soon as they step onto the windswept prairie, however, they realize they have much to learn about homesteading.
The Treasure Hunt by Rebecca Martin (book)
978-0-7369-6369-5 | | Harvest House Publishers
softcover, 160 pages, $8.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015
The Yoder family packs up and moves once again—this time to join other Amish families in Colorado where inexpensive farmland is plentiful. Despite the drought, Mother’s illness, and a raging wildfire, the family quickly adapts to life in their new homeland where young Joe learns to pan gold.
Little Prayers for Little Kids by Stormie Omartian; artwork by Shari Warren (book)
978-0-7369-6345-9 | | Harvest House Publishers
hardcover, 32 pages, $14.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015
Bestselling author Stormie Omartian recently welcomed a granddaughter into her life, and these prayers are fresh from her heart. You and your special little one will love reading this adorable book of prayers together. Beautiful four-color illustrations go with each sweet thought.
101 Inspirational Thoughts for My Friend by Lori Siebert (book)
978-0-7369-6453-1 | | Harvest House Publishers
hardcover, 64 pages, $9.99
Release Date: July 1, 2015
Here’s to all that’s special between girlfriends—fun times, big smiles, a few tears, and always an encouraging word. Give this joyful bit of bliss to your girlfriend to brighten her day. It’s filled with Lori Siebert’s whimsical artwork and a special collection of quotes to celebrate friendship.
Chosen for His People: A Biography of Patriarch Tikhon by Jane Swan, Scott M. Kenworthy (book)
9781942699026 | | Holy Trinity Publications (Independent Publishers Group)
softcover, 172 pages, $16.95
Release Date: July 1, 2015
St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow (Vasily Ivanovich Bellavin, 1865–1925) is one of the most important figures of both Russian and Orthodox Church history in the 20th century.This biography reveals a picture of a man whom no one expected to be chosen as Patriarch, yet who nevertheless humbly accepted the call of God and the people to guide the Church during the most turbulent of times as it faced both internal upheavals and external persecution.
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