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Thursday, 11 December 2008 04:12 PM America/New_York

Popular author and TV preacher gives hope for readers in hard times

John Hagee, author of the best-seller Jerusalem Countdown, delivers a message of hope to readers in Life’s Challenges, Your Opportunities. The pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio aims to provide answers in the book for the significant questions of why God allows suffering and why bad things happen to good people. The author himself knows a little about life’s setbacks, having undergone open-heart surgery in October.


In the book, Hagee first explains the God-given destiny that is available to each person.

“I believe that every person has a divine destiny, one known only to God since before the world was created … before we breathed our first breath,” Hagee writes in the introduction.


On the way to that promise, Hagee believes, lie “problems” or challenges, which, in turn, present opportunities for the individual to accept or reject God’s provision.


The book’s chapter titles include “Don’t Get Trapped in the Problem,” “Signposts to the Promised Land” and “Your Vision Determines Your Provision.”

Life’s Challenges, Your Opportunities will be supported by a national marketing plan that features a book-signing tour in eight cities, including Kansas City, Dallas, Atlanta, and Tampa and Jacksonville, Fla.; TV advertising; electronic media blasts; a downloadable online study guide through retail sites; and a satellite radio tour.

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