'Hercules' fights back against modern-day myths Print
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Tuesday, 19 October 2010 04:21 PM America/New_York

12-Biggest-lies_DVDHaving made his name as a mythological hero, Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) changes direction to help people separate make-believe from reality in presenting The 12 Biggest Lies (7-45638-05585-4, $19.98), released last month.

Made by Cloud Ten Pictures, the documentary tackles what Producer-Director André van Heerden called a dozen of the most controversial commonly held beliefs relating to faith and society, challenging them with an alternate view.

Among the hot potatoes that are served up: There is no such thing as truth. People are inherently good. A fetus isn't human. The world is overpopulated. Islam is a religion of peace. There is no God.

Van Heerden said that Sorbo was the perfect choice for his first-ever gig as on-camera host because "he has a very human and approachable quality to him. He's trustworthy and you want to follow him. When dealing with topics as controversial as this documentary does, we needed someone like that to help people keep an open mind."

As host, Sorbo introduces and links the segments that include interviews with a wide range of Christian leaders and experts, including Ravi Zacharias, Alex Jones and Ray Comfort.

"I can't say that I espouse everything as it is presented in this project," said Sorbo, "but I can say my mind is open to consider all the possibilities, and I'd like people to join me—in making up their own minds."

Each segment runs for between eight and 12 minutes, with a total running time of 1 hour, 48 minutes. The 12 Biggest Lies is distributed by E1 Entertainment.

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