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Monday, 12 October 2009 03:59 PM America/New_York

Popular author Max Lucado's newest book is being packaged for children with a message to help them feel significant.

TallestOfSmallsTo be released Nov. 3 by Tommy Nelson, The Tallest of Smalls (978-1-400-31514-7, $16.99, jacketed hardcover) is a parable based on Lucado's Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear, released last month by Thomas Nelson.

Featuring colorful illustrations by Maria Monescillo, the 32-page hardcover picture book tells the story of Ollie, a young boy in Stiltsville, where the villagers are obsessed with the biggest and best, and their most special citizens. These important people are rewarded with stilts to tower over the rest of the town.

Ollie fears that he will never be special enough to earn such an honor. When he finally gets a chance to use stilts and be perceived as someone special to the rest of the town, it isn't what he expects at all as he falls from his high place to the ground. Alone and once again afraid, Ollie is visited by Jesus who tells him that he is precious and special just the way he is.

Lucado's message in The Tallest of Smalls aims to show children who have ever felt insignificant, small or hurt to know that they don't have to fear being alone or unloved because they are special and chosen by God.

The book will be marketed and publicized by Tommy Nelson in conjunction with Lucado's Fearless.

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