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Written by Eric Tiansay   
Tuesday, 09 October 2012 02:05 PM America/New_York

TheMarkDVD‘The Mark’ ‘creatively weaves’ in revelation predictions of the tribulation

With 15-plus years experience in the entertainment industry, James Chankin is literally hoping to leave the mark with his latest project.

Producer and director on 60-plus projects, including movies, live concerts, one-man shows, television series, commercials and documentaries, Chankin directed The Mark (8-57533-00304-2, $19.99), which released last month and is distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment.

“I was excited to work on a project that is a broad, human-interest action-adventure story, and one that we could creatively weave in the revelation predictions of the tribulation into the storyline,” he told Christian Retailing. “The Mark is a film that can appeal to the masses, and getting this message out is very important.”

The 98-minute movie is described as “an ordinary overseas flight [that] turns into an extraordinary mid-air battle between the forces of good and evil.” On a flight from Bangkok to Berlin, Chad Turner (Craig Sheffer, A River Runs Through It), a former soldier who has abandoned his faith, carries hope for the world—a biometric microchip implanted in his arm that is capable of revolutionizing global trade.

Turner is accompanied by Dan Cooper (Eric Roberts, The Dark Knight), head of the Avanti Corporation, inventors of the new technology. Also on the flight is a group of mercenaries, led by Joseph Pike (Gary Daniels, The Expendables), with plans of hijacking the plane and stealing the microchip for the group’s leader, Philypp Turk (Ivan Kamaras). But in the midst of a catastrophic worldwide event, the true nature of the chip is viewed as civilization’s salvation or a powerful weapon to be used for evil.

“This is a story of choice, and if you do not have a chance to choose, what would you do?” Chankin said. “The Mark has a cast of seasoned actors that present the story in a realistic and suspenseful manner. The action, cast and even the [DVD] cover should grab the attention of consumers.”

The Mark joins the ranks of end-times Christian movies such as the “Left Behind” film series, Revelation: The Book Has Been Opened and In The Blink of an Eye.

“I believe a film like The Mark is an incredible tool to introduce those with questions and doubts that God really exists, without truly having to ask the questions out loud,” said Chankin, who produced the faith-based films Jerusalem Countdown and Christmas With a Capital C. “It’s a perfect way to create a self discovery of the truth in a non-threatening manner.”

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