DVD Beat September 2012 Print
Written by Eric Tiansay   
Wednesday, 26 September 2012 09:54 AM America/New_York

TimTebowOnAMissionBeyond Tebowing: Tim Tebow: On A Mission is an in-depth look at what makes Tim Tebow the popular and polarizing sports figure he is today. The 60-minute DVD chronicles how his hard work and steadfast faith have guided him to collegiate success and NFL stardom. From being born on the mission field through his playoff run last season and trade to the New York Jets, the film explores his life through insightful interviews and rare footage. Released this month by Screen Media Films and distributed by EMI CMG Distribution, Tim Tebow: On A Mission retails for $9.99.

Civil-LoveTo love again: Civil Love tells the story of Rachel Taylor, who lost her Union soldier husband in the Civil War—blaming the South for his death. When a wounded Confederate soldier named Daniel takes refuge in her barn, she reluctantly helps him and soon must protect him. Rachel must discover the strength to do what's right, protect her family and muster the courage to open her heart again to love. The 92-minute film, produced by SunWorld Pictures and released last month, retails for $19.99 and is distributed by Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

WomanThouArtLoosed-OnThe7thDayAgainst all odds: Blair Underwood, Sharon Leal, Nicole Beharie and Pam Grier star in Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day. Rated: PG-13, the 101-minute film is a suspenseful, race-against-the-clock thriller that takes audiences on a seven-day journey inside the souls and secrets of a married couple fighting to save their kidnapped child, while relying on their faith, strength and convictions to rebuild a broken marriage. Released this month by Codeblack Studio and distributed by EMI CMG Distribution, Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day retails for $19.97.

BeStillCaught up in busyness? In Be Still: Finding Your Identity in Jesus, Lisa Chan—wife of best-selling author and pastor Francis Chan—explores the pressures, perceptions and expectations that women face, encouraging them to release the cultural lies that keep them frantically busy instead of being with Christ. Part of the “True Beauty” series, the 20-minute DVD, which retails for $14.99 and is ideal for small groups or individual study, releases this month from David C Cook and Flannel.

LettersToAnUnknownDaughterRedeeming life's pain: A mother's story of adoption gives way to the bigger story of God extending hope and healing in Letters to an Unknown Daughter from Vision Video. Having grown up in a loving but strict Christian home, 17-year old Anita Keagy discovers that she is pregnant by her boyfriend and considers having an abortion. Instead, she gives up her child for adoption. Years later, married and raising four children, Anita feels compelled to write letters to her unknown daughter. Releasing this month, the drama retails for $14.99.

TheSoundOfTheSpiritStill small voice: The Sound of the Spirit tells the story of Rivka, a precocious 12-year-old Messianic Jewish girl whose life is shattered when her father, her last remaining parent, dies. Forced to live with her aunt and uncle, a traditional Jewish couple who have broken their relationship with her father because he viewed Jesus as his Messiah, Rivka begins to prepare for her bat mitzvah. Along the way, she finds her calling and learns lessons that stir her to listen carefully for the still small voice of God. Running for 128 minutes, the film, which releases this month and retails for $19.95, is distributed by Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

RenegadeTruth revealed: Renegade tells the story of life, love and gold mining. Mattie, a young lady living in a Southwest mining camp, falls in love and unwittingly marries a claim jumper, even though an ethical gold miner wanted to make a life with her. The gold fields of the old West bring her tragedy, confusion and the hard reality of her claim-jumping husband. Family and friends reach out to Mattie and teach her that trouble brings out the truth in people. Released this month by GT Media and distributed by EMI CMG Distribution, the 88-minute Renegade retails for $14.99.

StandStrongTrue success: Stand Strong tells the tale of Matt Webster, who measures his success by his possessions. Though he appears to have it all, pride of ownership does little to fill the void of a purposeless life. Broken relationships, isolation and pain are the result. Through financial and family crises, Matt and his family are stripped of all they own and are humbled enough to learn what true success really is. Released this month, the 91-minute inspirational drama retails for $19.95 and is distributed by Bridgestone Multimedia Group.