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Releases from May to August

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alt Held Hostage: A Serial Bank Robber's Road to Redemption
Ken Cooper
Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group)
$14.99, Aug. 1
The riveting true story of a "gentleman bank robber"-detailing his years of armed robberies, tragic romance, dramatic near-death police capture and coming to Christ while serving a 99-year prison sentence.
alt LT & Me
Loreane Tomlinson
Tyndale House Publishers
$24.99, July 7
When San Diego Chargers running back and NFL MVP LaDainian Tomlinson (LT) was a senior in high school, he wrote his mom a letter making three promises: he was going to go to college, he was going to play professional football, and he was going to make her the proudest mother in the world. In LT & Me, Loreane tells the behind-the-scenes story of how all of these once seemingly impossible dreams came true.
alt Notes From the Tilt-a-Whirl: Wide-Eyed Wonder in God's Spoken World
N.D. Wilson
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, June 3
A visual, poetic exploration of the narrative nature of the world and the personality of the Poet behind it all.
alt The Girl in the Orange Dress
Margot Starbuck
Likewise (IVP Books/InterVarsity Press)
$16, July
Starbuck's story begins with a woman looking for her biological father. But it doesn't end when she finds him. Instead, his rejection punctures her soul and sends her on a different search-one that leads to a different Father. This One did not just "sacrifice a son" like the parents she knew, but instead gave his own life out of love for her.
alt They Called Me White Jesus: I Was a Legend ... Now I'm Something More
Bill Rieser with Bruce Nygren
Moody Publishers
$14.99, May 1
A star high school basketball player in New York City, Rieser expected to play in the NBA. But after a knee injury and clashes with a coach derailed his college career, Rieser descended into a self-destructive lifestyle of drinking, drug abuse, gambling and womanizing. He could have been just another washed-up playground legend, until he found his life turned around by an encounter with God.


alt Conquering the Antichrist Spirit: Discerning and Defeating the Seducer That Binds Believers Today
Sandie Freed
Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group)
$13.99, July 1
Prophetic teacher Freed shows how to discern and defeat a demonic spirit that has left believers confused, anxious and lacking in spiritual authority.
alt God Still Speaks
John Eckhardt
Charisma House (Strang Book Group)
$14.99, July 7
Eckhardt combines instructive, narrative teaching about the role and power of the prophetic in the lives of believers with succinct, dynamic power truths.
alt Power to Heal
Joan Hunter
Whitaker House
$12.99, July 7
Hunter delves deep into the scriptural backbone of her healing ministry, asserting that God wants to heal every person, His power is limitless, His plan is great, and He will provide for all of one's needs.
alt Redeeming the Time
Chuck Pierce
Charisma House (Strang Book Group)
$14.99, May 5
Redeeming the Time presents God's system of time by looking at the biblical concept of time: what and how God operates within the time frames He has outlined in the Bible.
The Overcomer's Anointing The Overcomer's Anointing: God's Plan to Use Your Darkest Hour as Your Greatest Spiritual Weapon
Barbara J. Yoder
Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group)
$12.99, Aug. 1
Just as God brooded over the deep in Genesis, so the church should "engage" darkness, in order to transform it. Biblical teaching and real-life examples from an international speaker.


Daddy, Do You Love Me?
Smart Kids
Smart Kids Publishing (Ideals Publications)
$5.99, July 1
Written in a simple question format, this playful, interactive photo book provides an opportunity for dads to express their love to their little ones.



How Noah Knew What to Do
Karen Moore
Thomas Nelson
$12.99, May 19
How Noah Knew What to Do shows how, even though Noah wasn't a veterinarian or even a ship builder, he listened to God and trusted Him to help him build the ark and fill it with animals. Moore's rhyming text along with Pete Kersten's whimsical illustrations make this a way for children to learn to rely on God in every situation.



Jungle Jack's Wackiest, Wildest, and Weirdest Animals in the World
Jack Hanna
Thomas Nelson
$19.99, June 9
Explore 30 unusual animals with expert Jungle Jack Hanna. Kids will learn animal facts and stories of Jungle Jack's adventures with some of these unique creatures. The book includes a bonus DVD with bloopers from the Emmy award-winning show, Jack Hanna's Into the Wild, and other shows from his career.


kaleidescopekids Kaleidoscope Kids: Japan
Debbi Michiko Florence
Williamson Books (Ideals Publications)
$12.99, Aug. 1
Children will learn about the culture and history of Japan. They can dig in with hands, feet and mind to learn about traditions, holidays and festivals, food and the lives of today's Japanese children. More than 40 activities, modern photographs, diagrams and humorous art bring the country to life.

Let's Be Helpful
P.K. Hallinan
Ideals Children's Books (Ideals Publications)
$8.99, Aug. 1
With short rhyming verse and colorful illustrations, Hallinan gives youngsters an example to follow in being helpful to their friends and family.



Let's Share
P.K. Hallinan
Ideals Children's Books (Ideals Publications)
$8.99, Aug. 1
With short rhyming verse and colorful illustrations, Hallinan gives youngsters an example to follow for sharing with their friends.



Me, Myself, & God
Claire Page
Thomas Nelson
$12.99, June 9
Complete with engaging questions and quizzes in a cool, colorful format, Me, Myself, & God offers an entertaining way for young girls not only to learn more about themselves, but also to learn more about God.



Meet Abraham Lincoln
Patricia A. Pingry; illustrated by Stephanie McFetridge Britt
Ideals Children's Books (Ideals Publications)
$7.99, Aug. 1
This biography allows young readers to see Lincoln not only as one of the most influential presidents in American history, but also, at various stages of life, as a youngster with hopes and dreams, a young adult, a statesman and a father.



Meet George Washington
Patricia A. Pingry; illustrated by Stephanie McFetridge Britt
Ideals Children's Books (Ideals Publications)
$7.99, Aug. 1
Allows young readers to see Washington as the first president of the United States, but also in other roles, as a youngster with hopes and dreams, a young adult, a war hero and a statesman.


Mommy, Do You Love Me?
Smart Kids
Smart Kids Publishing (Ideals Publications)
$5.99, July 1
Written in a simple question format, this interactive photo book captures the loving bond between mother and child.



Sharing With You
Tish Rabe
Thomas Nelson
$9.99, July 14
"I Believe Bunny" is a new series that helps kids learn about putting their faith in action. In this story, Bunny struggles with a "mine" attitude, then remembers that all we have comes from God and He wants us to share with others.


Tahi: A Baby Dolphin's Story
Kathleen Duey; illustrated by Lara Gurin
Smart Kids Publishing (Ideals Publications)
$12.99, Aug. 1
As part of the "My Animal Family" book-DVD-Web site series, Tahi explores the life of a baby dolphin that learns an important life lesson and ultimately how to take care of herself.



The Big Book of Animal Devotions
Willam L. Coleman
Bethany House Publishers (Baker Publishing Group)
$14.99, June 1
Includes 250 devotional readings from God's animal kingdom providing fascinating faith lessons. Black-and-white illustrations.



The Jesus Book
Stephen Elkins
Thomas Nelson
$16.99, Aug. 11
Introduces kids to the life, teaching, wonder and love of Jesus. Divided into Who, What, Where, When, Why and How sections, the book teaches things like who Jesus is: Jesus is God's Son, and He is also my friend. Where is Jesus? He lives in heaven, but He also lives in my heart. How does Jesus act? He acts with kindness and forgiveness, and He wants me to be like Him. Includes an audio CD with more than 60 minutes of songs about Jesus.



The Pink Ballerina
Sheila Walsh
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, June 9
Gigi and her best friend, Frances, take their first dance lesson after Gigi reads half of a verse in Psalms about praising God in dance. Gigi struggles to dance perfectly so God will be proud of her. She learns that God looks at our hearts, not on how perfectly we do things. Includes a fully animated, 15-minute story from the "Gigi, God's Little Princess" DVD series.


Walk in Peace
Ingrid Hess
Herald Press
$12.99, May 5
Reflects the wish of parents around the globe as they send their little ones off to school, to play, to do chores and to encounter an unfamiliar world. Parents assure their children of God's love and protection, reminding them to walk in peace. For preschoolers.

Christian Education

alt Baptism Ahead: A Road Map for Young Disciples
Wallace R. Smith
Judson Press
$15, August
Integrating contemporary narrative, biblical lessons and student-friendly talking points, this volume leads older children through baptismal preparation and a basic orientation to Christian discipleship and membership in the local church. The book's content is complemented by online features, including a message board where students and teachers can post lessons learned and best practices. Ages 8-12.
alt The Indispensable Guide to Practically Everything: Life After Death & Heaven
Bryan McAnally
$15.99, July 15
Puts at readers' fingertips need-to-know information about the Bible's teachings on the hope of heaven, the reality of hell, angels, myths about heaven and hell, and answers to common questions.

The Smart Guide to the Bible: 1 & 2 Corinthians
Dewey Bertolini and Larry Richards, Ph.D.
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, May 5
In writing to his beloved church, Paul left a Christian "how-to" guide for believers of today. He offers words of encouragement, advice on conflict and suffering and knowledge about spiritual gifts.


smartguidesolomon The Smart Guide to the Bible: The Life of Soloman
Angie Peters and Larry Richards, Ph.D.
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, May 5
God blessed Solomon with the wisest of hearts and through The Smart Guide to the Bible Series: The Life of Solomon, readers will see how they too can be blessed with God's wisdom through Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon.

Christian Living

A Silk Road Pilgrimage: Discovering the Church of the East
Richard and Jewell Showalter
Herald Press
$16.99, July 14
The silk road is a loose network of trade routes from China to Bulgaria. In 2007, the Showalters traveled this ancient highway and visited with missionaries, church leaders, pastors and ordinary people of the Church of the East, an expression of Christianity little known to the West.
alt A Taste of Heaven
Madeline Scherb
Tarcher (Penguin Group USA)
$15.95, July 23
From cheese and beer to wine and chocolate, monks and nuns in the United States and Europe are producing some of the most heavenly food and drink on earth. In A Taste of Heaven, Scherb captures the heart and spirit of the work that goes into making these delicacies, and offers more than 35 recipes.
angelsindisguise Angels in Disguise: When God Sends Animals to Comfort Us
Phyllis Hobe
$14.99, July 1
Includes more than 30 true accounts of animals that have touched people's lives. Readers will be reminded of the ways in which God shows His love and the beauty of creation.
alt Breaking the Barriers: Overcoming Adversity and Reaching Your Greatest Potential
Jason Frenn
FaithWords (Hachette Book Group USA)
$19.99, Aug. 13
Through biblical principles, personal stories and testimonies, Frenn gives readers the tools they need to break down the barriers in their lives.
alt Christianish
Mark Steele
David C. Cook
$14.99, Aug. 1
Somewhere between cold faith and hot pursuit lies the middle ground of Christianish. Join author Steele on his humorous and honest journey to discover what it means to follow Christ.
alt Cloister Talks: Learning From My Friends the Monks
Jon M. Sweeney
Brazos Press (Baker Publishing Group)
$12.99, May
A seasoned spirituality writer shares wisdom and insights for everyday living gained through friendships with monks.
alt Counsel From the Cross
Elyse Fitzpatrick
Crossway Books & Bibles
$15.99, June 30
To aid churches in ministering to broken and hurting people, the authors present a counseling model based on Scripture. Through careful exegesis and helpful case studies, they demonstrate the "why" and "how" of consistently biblical, gospel-centric counseling.
alt Finding an Unseen God: Reflections of a Former Atheist
Alicia Britt Chole
Bethany House Publishers (Baker Publishing Group)
$13.99, May 1
A thought-provoking telling of the journey from atheism to confident faith in Jesus from "a fierce realist who prefers unanswered questions over fairy tales."
alt God Will Do the Rest: 7 Keys to the Desires of Your Heart
Catherine Galasso-Vigorito
FaithWords (Hachette Book Group USA)
$19.99, July 6
The inspirational brand personality of QVC shares seven keys to unlocking the secrets of a life that allows God to grant us the desires of our hearts.
God's Master Plan For Your Life God's Master Plan for Your Life
Gloria Copeland
Berkley Praise (Penguin Group USA)
$15, May 5
Heaven and the Afterlife Heaven and the Afterlife
James L. Garlow
Bethany House Publishers (Baker Publishing Group)
$14.99, July 1
A straightforward exploration that will demystify the afterlife with information about heaven, hell, ghosts, angels, near-death experiences and more.
Holy Available Holy Available: What If Holiness Is About More Than What We Don't Do?
Gary Thomas
$14.99, May
Thomas issues a manifesto, declaring that lives can be changed and used by God in profound ways. In Holy Available, he calls readers beyond just the avoidance of sin to a robust holiness that radiates Christ.
I Can't See God Because I'm In the Way I Can't See God ... Because I'm in the Way
Bruce Bickel & Stan Jantz
Harvest House Publishers
$13.99, July
Bickel and Jantz help readers understand how they get in their own way of experiencing a heart-igniting faith. This is an inspiring call to spiritual self-examination for readers ready to replace belief boredom with hunger for God's truth and with the desire to renew their minds and spirits.
If God Were Real If God Were Real
John Avant
Howard Books
$14.99, July 7
If God Were Real encourages readers to uphold a consistent practice of what they believe. Avant asserts that if Christians truly believe in God, they should live genuinely changed lives as the ultimate proof that He is real.
Jesus Jesus
Tim LaHaye
David C. Cook
$22.99, Aug. 1
LaHaye, author of the "Left Behind" series, asks the most important question of all time: Who is Jesus Christ, and why does He still have a hold on the world's imagination?
jesusnation Jesus Nation
Joe Stowell
Tyndale House Publishers
$17.99, August
According to Stowell, there is a revolution happening right under our noses. In his trademark style, the author wakes up readers to a revolution of the heart occurring now-the Jesus Nation.
Learning My Name Learning My Name
Pete Gall
$14.99, July
Learning My Name is the harrowing chronicle of a fearful prodigal putting family relationships on the line as he learns to trust the love of both his dad and his heavenly Father for the sake of putting neurotic, addictive thinking to rest.
Love is a Verb Love Is a Verb: Stories of What Happens When Love Comes Alive
Gary Chapman
Bethany House Publishers (Baker Publishing Group)
$18.99, May 1
True stories of lives changed by love, each with a "Love Lesson" demonstrating true love in action.
Make Love Make War Make Love, Make War
Brian Doerksen
David C. Cook
$14.99, Aug. 1
Doerksen believes God is calling believers to both battle and love through a life of radical worship. Here he shares insights behind some of the most beloved songs of our time.
nuChristian nuChristian: Finding Faith in a New Generation
Russell E.D. Rathbun
Judson Press
$15, August
How has the body of Christ on earth become so un-Christian? Experienced young adult pastor Rathbun responds to the question and the perceptions with a challenging invitation to be transformed-from un-Christian to nuChristian-by taking seriously the critique of a new generation.
Overcoming Emotions That Destroy: Practical Help for Those Angry Feelings That Ruin Relationships
Chip Ingram and Becca Johnson
Baker Books (Baker Publishing Group)
$19.99, May
Ingram teams up with Johnson for this practical book, showing how many emotions lead to anger, and that many emotions follow from it. Their message is clear: As one deals with anger, he deals with the primary cause for all emotions that destroy.
Personalities According to Pooh Personalities According to Pooh
Elizabeth Baker
Standard Publishing
$12.99, July
By drawing on A.A. Milne's familiar characters, Personalities According to Pooh will take readers on a humorous journey that identifies the joys, pitfalls and growth opportunities that come with every pooh-sonality. Each chapter summarizes characteristics, strengths and growth points. The book includes questions at the end of each chapter for use in small group discussions.
Powering Up Powering Up
Jack Graham
Crossway Books & Bibles
$14.99, May 31
In this small-group and personal resource, Graham uses first-person stories, insights and imagery to help believers understand the Spirit's role, then tap into and practice His power. He also casts a vision for the empowered church, leading readers to a supernatural infusion of spiritual vigor that ultimately and victoriously displays Christ to the watching world.
Practices: Mennonite Worship and Witness
John D. Roth
Herald Press
$12.99, June 2
In Practices: Mennonite Worship and Witness, Roth examines the traditions of Anabaptist-Mennonite worship. These practices, he argues, are part of an essential unity that transforms and renews the people of God and calls them to lives of integrity that are embodied with discipleship and mission.
PurposeFilledPresentations Purpose-Filled Presentations
Tony Jeary
Standard Publishing
$14.99, June
Purpose-Filled Presentations aims to help Christians unlock personal and professional success, whether speaking behind a podium, on the phone or on a street corner. This quick-reference communication guide will assist pastors, teachers, outreach ministry workers and anyone interested in becoming more effective at personal evangelism. The easy-to-follow tips help readers gain confidence, improve self-esteem, enhance credibility and maximize response.
Religion Saves Religion Saves: And Nine Other Misconceptions
Mark Driscoll
Crossway Books & Bibles
$19.99, June 30
Inspired by 1 Corinthians, in which Paul answers a series of questions posed by the people in the Corinthian church, Driscoll sets out to determine the most controversial questions among visitors to his Mars Hill Church's Web site. The top nine questions are each answered in a chapter of Religion Saves.
Right on the Money Right on the Money: Financial Advice for Tough Times
Pat Robertson
FaithWords (Hachette Book Group USA)
$22.99, May 27
An accessible guide to keeping the assets you have and growing a secure future.
Satan and His Kingdom Satan and His Kingdom: What the Bible Says and How It Matters to You
Dennis McCallum
Bethany House Publisher (Baker Publishing Group)
$13.99, June 1
A clear examination of Satan, demons and demonic control, showing believers how to battle the enemy while keeping their focus on Christ
Secondhand Jesus Secondhand Jesus
Glenn Packiam
David C. Cook
$14.99, June 1
Secondhand Jesus addresses rumors of God that many Christians mistakenly hold, and calls for readers to truly experience Christ's power and love for themselves.
Singled Out Singled Out: Why Celibacy Must Be Reinvented in Today's Church
Christine Colon and Bonnie Field
Brazos Press (Baker Publishing Group)
$17.99, June
Colon and Field show how the adult single can embrace and maintain chastity as an important contribution to the church's witness and mission.
So Much More Than Sexy So Much More Than Sexy
Mark Atteberry
Standard Publishing
$14.99, July
Atteberry sets the record straight about what men really want. Men aren't just interested in outward appearance. Readers can bring sanity and hope back into their relationships, their dreams-and their closets-with the revelation of what men really want.
Stories Behind Heros of Faith Stories Behind Men of Faith
Ace Collins
$16.99, May
From contemporary men to historical figures, readers can learn how 16 individuals have inspired millions and created legacies that have helped bring so much light into a dark world. Inspiring stories of faith from a master storyteller.
The Attitude of Faith The Attitude of Faith
Frank Damazio
Whitaker House
$13.99, July 7
Damazio, pastor of City Bible church in Portland, Ore., and president of Portland Bible College, challenges readers to consider how their attitude impacts their faith and vice versa.
The Good and Beautiful God The Good and Beautiful God
James Bryan Smith
InterVarsity Press
$22, August
Smith invites readers to put their ideas about God to the test to see if they match up with what Jesus reveals about His Father. He leads readers through a process of spiritual formation that includes activities aimed at making these new narratives real in the body and soul as well as the mind.
alt The Jesus You Can't Ignore
John MacArthur
Thomas Nelson
$22.99, July
MacArthur surveys the entire public ministry of Christ, reintroducing readers to His mission to make the gospel clear and bring people into the kingdom of God-even when it caused offense to those promoting inaccurate doctrine.
Message Behind the Movie The Message Behind the Movie: How to Engage With a Film Without Disengaging Your Faith
Douglas M. Beaumont
Moody Publishers
$14.99, May 1
Christian books on movies often expose Hollywood's messages without teaching what to do about them or how to turn those messages into opportunities for sharing the gospel. With this book, readers will learn the basics of movie interpretation, how to identify and interpret key ideas and be able to provide an uncomplicated defense of the Christian worldview.
The Shame Exchange The Shame Exchange
Steve and Sally Breedlove and Ralph and Jennifer Ennis
$12.99, July 15
What would happen if Christians faced the issue of shame instead of running from it? The Shame Exchange includes discussion questions and explores the difference between 10 types of shame. Readers, including counselors and church leaders, will learn that facing shame brings deeper intimacy with God, spiritual transformation and ultimately freedom from shame.
shortlist The Short List
Bill Butterworth
Tyndale House Publishers
$13.99, May
When people are working too hard, seeing their families too little and talking to God almost never, they're living a life that has gotten out of sync with what's really important. The good news? There are four choices a person can make today that will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on themselves, their loved ones and their legacy.
The Torah Blessing The Torah Blessing
Larry Huch
Whitaker House
$13.99, July 7
In The Torah Blessing, Huch uncovers the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and shares ways his personal faith has been transformed since he began reading Scripture through "Hebrew eyes." He maintains that God's covenant promises are available to believers today; he teaches readers how to receive God's gift of healing, and how to more effectively win souls as "the light of the world."
What Bothers Me Most About Christianity What Bothers Me Most About Christianity
Ed Gungor
Howard Books
$15.99, June 2
Gungor offers a provocative look at the questions that bother not only the opponents of Christianity but dedicated believers as well.
What's he really thinking What's He Really Thinking?: How to Be a Relational Genius With the Man in Your Life
Paula Rinehart
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, May 6
A woman's guide into a man's heart and mind offering invaluable insights, understanding and the tools for building healthier relationships.
When Helping Hurts When Helping Hurts, How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor and Yourself
Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert
Moody Publishers
$14.99, July 1
Explains the root causes of poverty, articulates clear principles for helping without hurting and suggests effective interventions for churches to minister to the poor both at home and abroad. Appropriate for individuals or groups.

When Kids Hurt: Help for Adults Navigating the Adolescent Maze
Chap Clark and Steve Rabey
Baker Books (Baker Publishing Group)
$13.99, May
When Kids Hurt offers insights to youth workers and parents in an accessible form, focusing on how adults should respond. Practical sidebars and application sections, contributed by other youth experts, provide insights into youth culture and how adults can better guide adolescents into adulthood.


your fresh start

Your Fresh Start With God Begins Today: Moving Your Faith From Stuck to Starting Over
Doug Fields
Thomas Nelson
$21.99, Aug. 19



Your Life in Rhythm
Bruce Miller
Tyndale House Publishers
$12.99, July
Miller contends that God's way is for people to understand the natural rhythms of life and obey them. He introduces "rhythmic living," a new paradigm for personal and organizational life management that will relieve the stress and guilt of overbooked lives.


Your Own Jesus: A God Insistent on Making It Personal
Mark Hall
$13.99, July
Hall contends that too many people inherit somebody else's Jesus, mimicking what they see in their family, friends and pastor rather than facing the need to find their own Jesus. If a person exists on someone else's faith, they will miss the spiritual vitality and joy that comes from their own journey, and in times of trouble, they'll find an empty well to draw from.

Christianity and Society
Adopted for Life Adopted for Life
Russell Moore
Crossway Books & Bibles
$15.99, May 31
Adopted for Life is a practical manifesto for Christians to adopt children and to help equip other Christian families to do the same. Moore shows that adoption is not just about couples who want children-or who want more children. It is about an entire culture within Christianity, a culture that sees adoption as part of the Great Commission mandate and as a sign of the gospel itself.
Blood in the Sand Blood in the Sand
Benny Hinn
FrontLine (Strang Book Group)
$15.99, Aug. 4
Born in the Middle East and raised among Arabs, Christians and Jews, Hinn has a unique perspective on the Middle East. For this reason, Christians with a sincere desire to understand the roots of the conflict have questioned him for years, prompting him to publish this timely book. Blood in the Sand takes readers on a journey in time, from Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael to the critical situation we currently face as citizens of the world. The author shares personal memories of growing up in the region, scriptural prophecies pertaining to the current crisis and his own heart regarding what he believes is on the horizon. (cover not final)
Interrupted Interrupted
Jennifer Hatmaker
$12.99, July 1
What happens when Jesus interrupts the average life? Interrupted encourages believers to ask if their lives bring integrity to the gospel. Follow the faith journey of Hatmaker and rediscover Jesus among the least of us.
Religions of the Stars Religions of the Stars: What Hollywood Believes and How It Affects You
Richard Abanes
Bethany House Publishers (Baker Publishing Group)
$13.99, July 1
A fascinating look at what celebrities believe and how it measures up to biblical Christianity from a best-selling author on religion and pop culture.
Sex and the iWorld Sex and the iWorld: Rethinking Relationship Beyond an Age of Individualism
Dale S. Kuehne
Baker Academic (Baker Publishing Group)
$19.99, July
A political scientist and pastor offers a positive, holistic vision that helps readers engage the cultural debate on sex and marriage in personal ethics and public policy.
the audacity of faith The Audacity of Faith: Christian Leaders Reflect on the Election of Barack Obama
Marvin A. McMickle, editor
Judson Press
$17, May 2
A compilation of sermons and essays from religious leaders across the Christian landscape, all reflecting on the 2008 historic election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States. Features Tony Campolo, Carolyn Ann Knight, Gardner C. Taylor, Dwight Hopkins, Anthony Pinn, Emilie Townes, Brad Braxton, Otis Moss II, Gina Stewart, Marvin McMickle, William Willimon and Philip Yancey.
The End of Secularism The End of Secularism
Hunter Baker
Crossway Books & Bibles
$17.99, Aug. 31
In a world divided by religious pluralism and the concerns it raises within the public square, many have cited secularism as the answer. But is it today's recipe for social harmony and rationality, or a tainted brew that actually deters political and scientific efforts? According to Baker, there is only one way to find out: by putting secularism under the microscope and carefully examining its origins, its context, its claims and the viability of those claims.
The Myth of a Christian Religion The Myth of a Christian Religion
Gergory A. Boyd
$19.99, May
In this sequel to his best-seller The Myth of a Christian Nation, Boyd issues a clear call to manifest God's beauty and revolt against evil-with Jesus' life as our example. Passionate theology and practical insight combine to create a guidebook for simple, radical, Christlike living.
The Principles and Benefits of Change The Principles and Benefits of Change
Myles Munroe
Whitaker House
$19.99, July 7
Munroe explains how to tap into the positive power of change, no matter what the circumstances, enabling individuals to thrive while fulfilling God's purpose for their lives. Because change is inevitable, he addresses specific topics for those experiencing the mountain peaks as well as the valleys of life.


Called to Worship Called to Worship: The Biblical Foundations of Our Response to God's Call
Vernon M. Whaley
Thomas Nelson
$24.99, June 9
With Called to Worship, readers will learn from biblical heroes and ordinary people, compare Old and New Testament practices, glean insight from biblical poetry and the Books of Wisdom, and most importantly, see how the life of Christ serves as a living guide to worship.
Church Morph ChurchMorph: How Megatrends Are Reshaping Christian Communities
Eddie Gibbs
Baker Academic (Baker Publishing Group)
$17.99, August
An internationally known church observer expertly maps and positively assesses contemporary church movements.
Free for All: Rediscovering the Bible in Community
Tim Conder and Daniel Rhodes

Baker Books (Baker Publishing Group)
$16.99, August
Conder and Rhodes show that how we read the Bible is held captive by the dominant culture in which we find ourselves. The authors aim to expose the cultural authorities that influence understanding of the Bible and provide a way to encounter the text as communities.
Why We Love the Church Why We Love the Church: In Praise of Institutions and Organized Religion
Kevin DeYoung & Ted Kluck
Moody Publishers
$14.99, July 1
There's a place in culture to enjoy community, explore scripture, bring about positive social change, sing praises to God, pray and preach the gospel-and it's not Starbucks, it's not a solitary walk in the woods, and it's not the Internet. It's church, and in an age when more and more postmoderns are leaving the church to "find God," Why We Love the Church offers a passionate biblical and experiential argument for local church involvement.


1 Samuel Thru 2 Kings
Tremper Longman, ed.
Barbour Publishing
$9.97, August
An accessible reference that aids personal Bible study or Sunday school preparation. The eighth volume to release in the "QuickNotes Simplified Bible Commentary" series covers 1 Samuel through 2 Kings.
Isaiah: Believers Church Bible Commentary
Ivan D. Friesen
Herald Press
$29.99, June 9
The book on Isaiah paints a picture of God's purposes for a particular people and for the larger human family. In Isaiah's testimony, God's purposes hinge on a repentant people called and purified to be a light to the nations. Friesen explores how the interpretation of the book of Isaiah is carried out and lived out today in faith communities.


Pearl Girls Pearl Girls: Encountering Grit, Experiencing Grace
Margaret McSweeney
Moody Publishers
$12.99, July 1
Heartfelt writings that deal with loss and hardship in an honest way with respected authors such as Shaunti Feldhahn, Melody Carlson, Debbie Macomber and Robin Jones Gunn, who help remind women that they are not alone and that no circumstance is beyond the grace of God.
Windows into the Word of God Windows Into the Word of God
Elizabeth George
Harvest House Publishers
$10.99, July
George shares a personal selection of devotional material from the New Testament volumes of the "A Woman After God's Own Heart" Bible study series. In this book, she presents inspirational messages, focus verses and new prayers.

End Times

2012-Is This The End 2012: Is This the End?
Lloyd Hildebrand
Bridge-Logos Publishers
$14.99, July 1
Many civilizations have prophesies pointing to the last days. Is it just chance that many picked the year 2012? Does the Bible back this up?
Cashless Cashless
Mark Hitchcock
Harvest House Publishers
$13.99, July
Hitchcock reveals how the emerging cashless society is consistent with prophecy written in Revelation 13. With research on the global economic, technological and religious landscape, he addresses important questions, including how the absence of cash sets the stage for the Antichrist.
Day the Dollar Dies The Day the Dollar Dies
William Cantelon
Bridge-Logos Publishers
$13.99, May 1
Originally published in 1973, The Day the Dollar Dies was considered by some to be prophetic, and to many an impossibility. Thirty years later, however, it reads like today's headlines. Updated.
indispensbibleprophecy The Indispensable Guide to Practically Everything: Bible Prophecy and End Times
Douglas Connelly
$15.99, July 15
This guide puts at readers' fingertips the need-to-know information about the Bible's view of the future, the rapture, the Antichrist, false prophecy, Armageddon, judgment, the New Jerusalem and more.


rabbitandelephant The Rabbit and the Elephant
Tony & Felicity Dale, George Barna
Tyndale House Publishers
$17.99, June
If two elephants are put in a room together with a closed door, in 22 months, there might emerge one baby elephant. Put two rabbits together for the same amount of time will result in thousands of baby rabbits. In The Rabbit and the Elephant, "simple church" planters the Dales use the rabbit illustration to show the pace at which the Christian faith can and should be growing-through evangelism that is explosive and transformational.
The Unexpected Adventure The Unexpected Adventure: Taking Everyday Risks to Talk With People About Jesus
Lee Strobel & Mark Mittelberg
$14.99, May
Strobel and Mittelberg use compelling and humorous stories from their own lives in a devotional-style book that paints an irresistible picture of what personal evangelism can be-the fulfilling adventure of a lifetime.
Voices of the Faithful 2 Voices of the Faithful-Book 2: Inspiring Stories of Courage From Christians Serving Around the World
Beth Moore & Kim Davis
Thomas Nelson
$19.99, Aug. 19
A new year's worth of inspiring stories from the front lines of faith.

Family Life

Raising a Spiritually Strong Daughter Raising a Spiritually Strong Daughter
Susie Shellenberger
Bethany House Publishers (Baker Publishing Group)
$13.99, Aug. 1
A guide for mothers in nurturing their daughter's faith.
alt The Postpartum Survival Guide
Paul Meier, Todd Clements, Lynne Johnson
Tyndale House Publishers
$14.99, June
Eighty percent of all pregnant women struggle with depression before or after their child's birth, but the good news about postpartum mood disorders is that they are almost 100% treatable. This guide explains why this depression occurs, who's at risk, how to treat it and where to find God in it all.

A Gift of Grace A Gift of Grace
Amy Clipston
$10.99, May
When Rebecca Kauffman's older sister, who left the Amish community when she was a teenager, dies in an automobile accident, Rebecca is left custody of her two modern, non-Amish teenage nieces. Will she be able to reconcile the two worlds in her home-or will the clash of cultures tear her world, including her marriage, apart?
A Vote of Confidence A Vote of Confidence
Robin Lee Hatcher
$14.99, May
Beautiful and single, Guinevere Arlington knows her "place" in the early 20th century. She just refuses to stay there. Gwen loves her life in Idaho-the mountains, the town, her independence. But when she runs for mayor-and falls in love with her opponent-Gwen realizes winning may come at too high a price.
aliveday Alive Day
Tom Sullivan
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, July 14
Though psychiatrist Brendan McCarthy is blind, he sees himself clearly in a young patient named Antwone-a marine disabled in combat. Antwone should be celebrating his "Alive Day," the day he narrowly escaped death in combat, but he's depressed-nearly suicidal. McCarthy can relate-he too thought he'd lost everything when he lost his sight in a mountain-climbing accident. McCarthy determines he'll do whatever it takes to rescue the young marine from despair. But ultimately it's McCarthy's big-hearted and courageous black Labrador, Nelson, who teaches both Antwone and McCarthy the real meaning of life after near-death.
Any Minute Any Minute
Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford
FaithWords (Hachette Book Group USA)
$21.99, June 30
The story of a woman who must experience death in order to understand life.
Bamboo and Lace Bamboo & Lace
Lori Wick
Harvest House Publishers
$13.99, July
Left in the care of brother's best friend Gabe Kapaia and his family, Lily Walsh discovers the paradise of Oahu's north side at the Kapaia Resort. But she walks a fine line between two worlds. Can she embrace her new experiences without breaking her promise not to shame her missionary father in Asia?
Blood Bayou Blood Bayou
Karen Young
Howard Books
$13.99, May 5
A tale of romance and suspense that explores what true forgiveness means-both in the world at large and in the home.
Breathe-fiction novel Breathe
Lisa T. Bergren
David C. Cook
$14.99, June 1
In 1883, a desperately ill Odessa St. Clair arrives at a Colorado sanitarium, seeking a cure for consumption. When she witnesses a murder, Dessa struggles toward health, to solve the mystery-and to live.
Coming Attractions
Robin Jones Gunn
$14.99, July
The third book in the "Katie Weldon" series takes Katie through her last semester in college. As Katie ponders life after graduation, she's asking questions about her future. Will it be with Rick? And what about her growing friendship with Eli? And most important of all, is she really serious about her relationship with God?
Exposure Exposure
Brandilyn Collins
$14.99, June
Someone is watching Kaycee Raye. But who will believe her? In Kaycee's newspaper column, she's known for writing of her paranoia and fears. Is the new danger real-or is she going crazy? In this story of terror, twists and desperate faith, the startling questions pile high.
facesinfire Faces in the Fire
T.L. Hines
Thomas Nelson
$15.99, July 14
Kurt Marlowe is a long-haul truck driver who is hearing strange things on his CB radio. When he goes to a truck stop to try to find a phone, he ends up having breakfast with a young woman with a catfish tattoo on her arm. Inside it is a series of numbers that she didn't even realize were there but that have great significance. This collision with her life sets off an unstoppable series of interactions, each of which leaves the participants with the bizarre feeling that something fundamental has changed, and yet they have also, somehow, been freed.
Ghostwriter Ghostwriter
Travis Thrasher
FaithWords (Hachette Book Group USA)
$13.99, May 28
When a writer's haunting novels intersect with real life, he faces terror unlike anything he ever imagined.
Gold of Kings Gold of Kings
Davis Bunn
Howard Books
$24, May 12
Gold of Kings is the tale of an art historian who unravels the mystery surrounding her grandfather's untimely death and quickly becomes entangled in a web of international intrigue dating back to biblical times.
hauntofjackals Haunt of Jackals
Eric Wilson
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, Aug. 11
Mankind's struggle continues in the second book of the Jerusalem's "Undead Trilogy." A decade earlier, Jerusalem's Undead escaped their tombs in Field of Blood. One of their group was missing, and he will return with a vengeance, fighting his fellow Collectors for control of a vile book-a blueprint that exploits "six things, no, seven, that the Lord hates," as a way of dragging down mankind.
Lonestar Secrets Lonestar Secrets
Colleen Coble
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, July 28
Shannon Astor returns to southwest Texas to serve as the town's veterinarian, believing she's finally found the space to get her life back on track. Then she catches a glimpse of Jack MacGowan, the man who ruined her life years before. But even more shocking is the sight of Jack's 5-year-old daughter; could she be the daughter that Shannon has believed to be dead for all these years? As the truth emerges, everyone is forced to take sides.
Love's Rescue Love's Rescue
Tammy Barley
Whitaker House
$6.99, July 7
In the first of the series "The Sierra Chronicles," the War Between the States is dividing more than just a nation. To escape the conflict, Jessica Hale and her family flee their Kentucky homestead and head for the Nevada Territory. Her brother, Ambrose, committed to the Confederates, rejoins the Kentucky militia and is disowned by his father. But the worst is yet to come.
Maggie Rose Maggie Rose
Sharlene MacLaren
Whitaker House
$9.99, July 7
In book 2 of "The Daughters of Jacob Kane" series, the year is 1904, and Maggie Rose, the spunky, 20-year-old middle daughter of Jacob Kane, feels compelled to leave her Michigan hometown to work for a charity that transports New York City's abandoned children to families across the U.S. When a newspaper reporter comes to research the orphanage, Maggie is struck by his handsome face-but concerned by his lack of faith.
Menu for Romance Menu for Romance
Kaye Dacus
Barbour Publishing
$10.97, July
In Menu for Romance, an event planner finds herself embroiled between a psychology professor and a professional chef.
Mohamed's Moon Mohamed's Moon
Keith Clemons
Realms (Strang Book Group)
$13.99, May 5
Mohamed, raised in Assyut, Egypt, as a devotee of fundamentalist Islam, comes to Palo Alto, Calif., to find he has a twin brother, Matthew, whom he didn't know existed. Worse, his brother is a Christian and is about to marry the girl Mohamed once loved. Within three weeks, Mohamed's militant group plans to bring the U.S. to its knees, but the operation will destroy both his brother and the woman Mohamed believes should rightfully be his.
Montana Rose Montana Rose
Mary Connealy
Barbour Publishing
$10.97, July
A fragile and beautiful widow finds herself hitched to the wagon of a sod-breaking stranger.
Outlaw's Bride Outlaw's Bride
Lori Copeland
Harvest House Publishers
$12.99, July
When Johnny McCallister is accused of a robbery and forced to stay in Barren Flats, the last thing he expects is to meet the beautiful Ragan. Can he release his anger and embrace the hope of a new life and love?
Ransome's Honor Ransome's Honor
Kaye Dacus
Harvest House Publishers
$13.99, July
The first book in the "Ransome Triology" is set in 1814 England. Julia Witherington must marry to receive a large dowry. The one man she despises is the only man her father approves of-Captain William Ransome. When the two enter a fake one-year marriage, the real adventure begins.
Scared Scared
Tom Davis
David C. Cook
$14.99, June 1
When a heartbroken photojournalist encounters a struggling orphan in the African countryside, their lives are forever changed. Scared provides a sweeping, international saga that explores today's vital social issues.
Silver Birches Silver Birches
Adrian Plass
$9.99, June
When David Herrick receives an invitation to a reunion from a long-forgotten acquaintance, he reluctantly visits Headly Manor. When the friends gather, they no longer resemble the fresh-faced group of 20 years ago.
Snow Melts in Spring Snow Melts in Spring
Deborah Vogts
$10.99, July
Mattie Evans, a young veterinarian in rural Kansas, saves a horse injured in a terrible accident. But she also finds herself tending the wounded relationship between a prodigal son and his ailing father. Love, conflict, forgiveness and renewal drive the first book of the "Seasons of the Tallgrass" series.
Sweetwater Run Sweetwater Run
Jan Watson
Tyndale House Publishers
$12.99, August
In 1891 in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, two young women stand at a crossroads. Both are protégées of the same mentor, Copper Brown, yet they couldn't be more different. Darcy Whitt falls in love with the town's handsome yet unscrupulous attorney. Meanwhile her sister-in-law, Cara Whitt, suddenly finds herself alone, living in a rickety cabin in the middle of nowhere. As they struggle with the realities of life, both women learn to rely on their faith above all else.
Take Two Take Two
Karen Kingsbury
$14.99, June
The second book in the "Above the Line" series finds independent filmmakers Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison at the center of Hollywood wheeling and dealing. The two friends discover that all that glitters is not gold-and that success in Tinsel Town could cost them everything.
Talking to the Dead Talking to the Dead
Bonnie Grove
David C. Cook
$14.99, June 1
A young widow hears her husband's voice and consults a spiritualist, a shrink and an exorcist before a warmhearted pastor helps her move on in this novel of hope, grace and recovery from grief.
The Believer The Believer
Ann H. Gabhart
Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
$13.99, August
When Elizabeth Duncan hears that the Shaker community in the next county takes orphans, she presents herself and her orphaned siblings at Harmony Hill. Despite the hard work and strange beliefs, Elizabeth is relieved to have a roof overhead and food to eat. But when she feels a strong attachment to a handsome young believer named Ethan, life gets complicated.
The Blue Enchantress The Blue Enchantress
M.L. Tyndall
Barbour Publishing
$10.97, August
In this suspense-filled historical romance, a woman with a haunted past finds hope and love in a godly sea captain.
The Deliverer The Deliverer
Linda Rios Brook
Realms (Strang Book Group)
$13.99, May 5
This sequel to Lucifer's Flood finds ancient language expert Samantha Yale translating a new batch of ancient scrolls written by the same fallen angel from the previous book. This volume of writings covers the demon's eyewitness accounts of biblical events that span from the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt through the leadership of Joshua.
The End is Now The End Is Now
Rob Stennett
$14.99, July
One week from tomorrow, at precisely 6:11 a.m., the rapture or apocalypse or Armageddon is going to occur. But only in Goodland, Kan. The Hendersons are caught in the middle as the town-and the family-divides between belief and unbelief in this satirical and illuminating apocalyptic novel.
The Firstborn The Firstborn
Conlan Brown
Realms (Strang Book Group)
$13.99, May 5
The Firstborn-those gifted with Foresight, Hindsight and Insight at the time of Christ's death-are divided. And when an Islamic holy man is murdered, it becomes apparent that one of the Firstborn was to blame. Now, with the threat of a terrorist attack on an unspeakable target, members of the Firstborn are spiraling out of control. Leaders are dying, members are being kidnapped, and unity is being forced. Three heroes must work together to thwart those who would go too far.
The Frontierman's Daughter The Frontiersman's Daughter
Laura Frantz
Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
$13.99, August
Haunted by her father's former captivity with the Shawnee Indians, as well as the secret sins of her family's past, Lael Click comes of age in the Kentucky settlement her father founded. She draws strength from the rugged land she calls home and from Ma Horn, a distant relative who shows her the healing ways of herbs and roots. But the arrival of an outlander doctor threatens her view of the world, God and herself-and the power of grace and redemption.
justicegame The Justice Game
Randy Singer
Tyndale House Publishers
$13.99, July
When the target of an investigative report storms a Virginia Beach TV station, he kills one of the anchors before the SWAT team takes him down. Following the victim's funeral, her family files a lawsuit against the gun company that manufactured the killer's weapon of choice. The lawyers for the plaintiff and defendant-Kelly Starling and Jason Noble-are young, charismatic and successful. But as Kelly and Jason battle each other, they discover that the real fight is with unseen forces intent on controlling them both.
The Knight The Knight
Steven James
Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
$13.99, August
The Knight is the third installment in the best-selling series featuring FBI criminologist Patrick Bowers. He is used to tracking the country's most dangerous killers, but now it looks like a killer is tracking him. When he realizes the murderer is using clues from an ancient manuscript as a blueprint for his crimes, he faces a race against time to decipher who the next victim will be and to stop the final murder.
The Moment Between The Moment Between
Nicole Baart
Tyndale House Publishers
$13.99, May
Abigail Bennett was completely in control of her life until tragedy pushed her to the brink of something she's never experienced: obsession. Now she's given up everything she's ever worked for to chase down the object of that obsession. His name is Tyler Kamp. Even as Abigail races into her future, her past pulls her back. Only when she is brought to the edge of her obsession will she be able to come to terms with the tragedy that ignited it.
y factor The Y Factor
Liam Roberts
Realms (Strang Book Group)
$13.99, July 7
National Geographic's Genographic Project is mapping DNA samples to develop a comprehensive family tree of the human race. Computer scientist Eric Colburn and geneticist Alana McKinsey join the project while continuing their college romance. Eric stumbles on a plot by a Muslim scientist, Dr. Alomari, who has co-opted the project to inflame the Muslim faithful with genetic proof that will vindicate Ishmael as the rightful heir of the Abrahamic covenant.
Things Left Unspoken Things Left Unspoken
Eva Marie Everson
Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
$13.99, June
Jo-Lynn Hunter is at a crossroads in life when her great-aunt Stella insists that she return home to restore the old family mansion in sleepy Cottonwood, Ga. Beneath the dust and the peeling wallpaper, things are not what they seem and what Jo-Lynn doesn't know about her family holds just as many surprises. Jo-Lynn isn't sure she wants to know the truth-but sometimes the truth has a way of making itself known.
Tour de Force
Elizabeth White
$12.99, May
When Jacob Ferrar-artistic director of a small, regional company-casts Gillian Kincade in his compelling ballet, it seems like a match made in heaven. But unexpected challenges and career conflicts soon have the couple questioning whether they're truly following God's direction-or their own.
TSI: The Eyam Factor
Paul McCusker, Walt Larimore
Howard Books
$13.99, Aug. 4
In the face of a plague that threatens the world, forensic heroes investigate the past to save the future-studying evidence from when the Black Plague decimated a small English village in the 17th century.
Unsigned Hype Unsigned Hype
Booker T. Mattison
Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
$9.99, June
Tory Tyson may only be in high school, but he knows what he wants out of life-a successful music career. He's finally ready to stop spinning old records at parties and start laying down his own beats-and the Unsigned Hype music contest is the perfect place to launch his career. But will he be able to handle the fame and fortune he seeks?

Gift Books
alt Grace for the Moment
Max Lucado
Thomas Nelson
$16.99, June 9
The first issue in the "Modern Classics" series, this title is a 365-day devotional that emphasizes the help and hope of God in everyday moments. Includes space for daily journaling.
didithisway I Did It HIS Way
Johnny Hart
$16.99, May 5
First and only collection of religious B.C. comics from creator Hart whose famous strip ran in more than 1,200 newspapers worldwide for 50 years.
Pocket Guide to the Afterlife Pocket Gude to the Afterlife
Jason Boyett
Jossey-Bass (Wiley)
$12.95, Aug. 10
A short, humorous look at the afterlife that includes: The Cosmic Lexicon (A Glossary of the Hereafter); Great Moments in Eternity, Part 1 (A Timeline: 2000 BCE to 1563); Great Moments in Eternity, Part 2 (A Timeline: 1743 to Present Day); Geography of the Beyond (Where You Might Go); The Bible on Heaven (A Scriptural Tour of Glory); The Bible on Hell (A Holy Trek Through the Fiery Pit); and The Afterlists (Cataloging Kingdom Come).
Pocket Guide to the Bible Pocket Guide to the Bible
Jason Boyett
Jossey-Bass (Wiley)
$12.95, Aug. 10
A short, humorous look at the Bible that includes: Biblicabulary (A Glossary of the Good Book); Cast of Characters (A to Z); What Happens, Part 1 (The Old Testament at Breakneck Speed); What Happens, Part 2 (The New Testament at Breakneck Speed); The Brief History of Holy Writ (A Timeline); Versions and Perversions (A Selective Survey of Translations); and List Ye Be Smitten (Biblical Flotsam and Jetsam).
pocketguidetosainthood Pocket Guide to Sainthood
Jason Boyett
Jossey-Bass (Wiley)
$12.95, Aug. 10
A short, humorous look at sainthood that includes: There Should Have Been a St. Webster (A Glossary of Terms); Saints You Should Know (A-Z); There's a Saint for That (Patron Saints and Their Causes); The Canonization Process (in 18 Simple Steps); and Saints Flotsam and Jetsam (An Assortment of Lists).
Tea with a Twist Tea With a Twist
Linda Richardson, Lauren Rubinstein
Harvest House Publishers
$24.99, June
Tea lovers craving new and novel ideas for their next tea party will be inspired by specialty tea expert and author Lisa Richardson's eight contemporary tea parties. Photographs by food photographer Lauren Rubinstein complement each page.
pleasurecompany The Pleasure of Company: Plan-Ahead Menus and Parties That Let You Enjoy Your Guests
Debra Ponzek
Thomas Nelson
$19.99, Aug. 6
A go-to source for 300-plus fantastic but simple recipes. Menus arranged by type and season.


Getting in Shape God's Way Getting in Shape God's Way
Ron Kardashian
Siloam (Strang Book Group)
$24.99, May 5
Using his own story combined with his education, and experience with clients, fitness trainer and pastor Kardashian teaches readers four keys to changing their thinking and their behavior. Kardashian aims for lasting results instead of temporary relief because his teaching effects change from the inside out.
Press Pause Before You Eat Press Pause Before You Eat
Linda Mintle
Howard Books
$14.99, May 26
Mintle, a licensed professional in clinical practice and a specialist in eating disorders, deals with the root cause of intentional eating and restores the joys of mindful eating.
Wrestling with Our Inner Angels Wrestling With Our Inner Angels
Nancy Kehoe
Jossey-Bass (Wiley)
$19.95, June 1
Wrestling With Our Inner Angels fills the gap in training of psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists with Kehoe's own research and experience in helping professionals understand the role of religious and spiritual beliefs in the lives of their clients.


Soul Spa Soul Spa: Spiritual Therapy for Women in Leadership
Joyce A. Mitchell
New Hope Publishers
$16.99, Aug. 3
Scripturally based, these daily meditations and guided journaling pages lead women in seeking authentic spirituality with transforming application for daily life. Bonus material includes facilitator suggestions for group discussion, as well as plans for a women's retreat.
The Work of the Greeter The Work of the Greeter
Paige Lanier Chargois
Judson Press
$12 , August
The latest volume in Judson's classic "Work of the Church" series, this book offers practical information for development and implementation of a more structured hospitality ministry of greeters. Beginning with the biblical precedent for such a ministry in the gatekeepers of the Jerusalem temple, the author goes on to provide detailed suggestions for the recruitment, organization and function of greeters in the life of the church.
Whole Church Whole Church
Mel Lawrenz
Jossey-Bass (Wiley)
$24.95, May 4
From the "Leadership Network" series comes Whole Church: Leading From Fragmentation to Engagement. Instead of looking at church life as a series of monotonous gatherings, programs and missions, Lawrenz teaches how readers can view ministry as a holistic, life-giving and integrative adventure that engages with all of God's creation.
Words for Worship 2
Diane Zaerr Brenneman
Herald Press
$24.99, May 26
Brenneman has assembled a collection of prayers, litanies and other elements for worship throughout the church year. Contributors use fresh language and vivid images, and give congregations the words to help give voice to their worship. An additional section features elements for morning and evening prayers, praying in public places and for special times within regular worship, such as blessings and dedications, commissioning and laments.


Adopting the Hurt Child Adopting the Hurt Child
Gregory C. Keck, Ph.D., Regina M. Kupecky, LSW
$17.99, June 15
Without avoiding the grim statistics, this book reveals the real hope that hurting children can be healed through adoptive and foster parents, social workers and others who care. Includes information on foreign adoptions. Updated and revised.
Championship Fathering Championship Fathering
Carey Casey
Focus on the Family
Tyndale House Publishers
$13.99, May
As CEO of the National Center for Fathering, Casey draws on his experience and stories to support the principles of championship fathering: loving, coaching and modeling. This book will help fathers raise healthy, well-adjusted, confident kids-mentally, physically and spiritually.
Engaging Your Teen's World Engaging Your Teen's World: Become a Culturally Savvy Parent
Brian Housman
Brazos Press (Baker Publishing Group)
$14.99, August
An expert on youth ministry shows how to guide and parent teens in today's popular culture without being a nag or a naysayer.
Moms go where angels fear to tread Moms Go Where Angels Fear to Tread: Adventures in Motherhood
Joan Wester Anderson
$12.99, Aug. 1
Anderson, in the tradition of Erma Bombeck, shares funny, wise, wacky and faith-grounded experiences of motherhood that culminate in unexpected insights.
Parenting Adopted Adolescents Parenting Adopted Adolescents
Gregory C. Keck, Ph.D.
$17.99, June 15
Keck-adoptive parent, psychologist and adoption expert-helps readers understand and appreciate the complicated journey that adopted adolescents face.
Parenting the Hurt Child Parenting the Hurt Child
Gregory C. Keck, Ph.D., Regina M. Kupecky, LSW
$17.99, June 15
Includes suggestions, wisdom and advice to parent the hurt child. The best hope for tragedy prevention is knowledge. Updated and revised.


A Praying Life A Praying Life
Paul Miller
$14.99, April 15
A Praying Life is an honest look at the difficulties of prayer, unanswered prayers and successes in prayer. Readers will appreciate Miller's down-to-earth approach and practical nature. Parents will find his family-life experiences especially helpful.
Did You Think to Pray Did You Think to Pray?
R.T. Kendall
Charisma House (Strang Book Group)
$14.99, Aug. 4
Kendall points out in Did You Think to Pray? that readers can only benefit from spending more time with God in prayer.
Faith Set Free Faith Set Free
Will Davis Jr.
Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
$12.99, May
Davis reveals the importance of praying for yourself, outlining personal habits and disciplines that enhance these prayers. He also gives a list of 100 pinpoint prayers to get readers started and reflection questions for further study.
Power Prayers for Your Marriage Power Prayers for Your Marriage
Barbour Publishing
$7.97, August
This practical guide offers biblical reasons to pray along with specific prayer-starters for 21 key areas in your marriage.
Prayers that bring change Prayers That Bring Change
Kimberly Daniels
Charisma House (Strang Book Group)
$11.99, May 5
More than just a book on how to pray, Prayers That Bring Change is filled with actual prayers based on biblical principles that will help readers live victoriously in every situation. Learn to break the powers of darkness, and release the blessings and favor of God.
Secrets of a Prayer Warrior Secrets of a Prayer Warrior
Derek Prince
Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group)
$13.99, May 1
Prince offers the definitive guide to effective, life-changing prayer. He shows readers their authority in Christ through prayer, how to receive what they ask for, how to align themselves with God's heart and more.
Power of Praying for Yr Adult Chldrn The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children
Stormie Omartian
Harvest House Publishers
$13.99, July
Omartian shares stories from other parents and insights gleaned from personal experience to help parents pray with the power of God's Word about their adult children's relationships, future, integrity, faith and trials.

Crazy Good Sex Crazy Good Sex: Putting the Myths Men Have About Sex to Bed
Les Parrott
$19.99, May
In this practical guidebook filled with straight talk, Parrott shares six secrets that can enhance a couple's sexual intimacy. Parrott offers crucial facts and practical insights to help men and their wives experience the best sex they've ever had.
Kiss Me Like You Mean It Kiss Me Like You Mean It
David Clarke
Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
$14.99, May
King Solomon, the Bible's greatest lover, had a few secrets up his ancient sleeve about how a husband and wife can experience unending passion.
alt Rick & Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage
Rick Burgess and Bill Bussey
Thomas Nelson
$16.99, May 7
Radio hosts and authors Rick and Bubba address such topics as apologizing ("The Ten Worst Ways to Say I'm Sorry"), communication ("Grunting Is Not a Language"), date nights ("Worst Date Nights in History"), finances ("I Thought You Paid the Gas Bill") and playing sports together ("I Did Too Let You Win").
wholeheartd marriage The Wholehearted Marriage
Greg Smalley and Shawn Stoever
Howard Books
$15.99, June 2
Marriage counselors Smalley and Stoever show couples how to wholeheartedly embrace and understand God's true design for love.


El Llamado De Dios - 72 El llamado de Dios
Henry T. Blackaby & Norman Blackaby
New Hope Publishers
$11.99, July 6
This six-week workbook study will lead men and women to explore the life-transforming, world-changing call that God gives every follower of Christ. Chapters include: "What Is a call?" "Who Are the Called?" "How Am I Called?" "When Am I Called?" and "How Do I Live Out the Call?"
RompiendoBarreras Rompiendo las barreras: Venciendo la adversidad y alcanzando tu maximo potencial
Jason Frenn
FaithWords (Hachette Book Group USA)
$12.99, Aug. 13


Don't Miss Your LIfe Don't Miss Your Life!
Charlene Ann Baumbich
Howard Books
$14.99, June 2
Baumbich motivates readers to laugh, play and relish the good things in life.
alt Finding the Purpose Beyond Our Pain: Uncover the Hidden Potential in Life's Most Common Struggles
Paul Meier and David Henderson
Thomas Nelson
$22.99, Aug. 19
A revolutionary approach to dealing with life's challenges that guides readers in how to face them and to recognize them as gifts from God.
Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse
Paula Sandford
Charisma House (Strang Book Group)
$14.99, Aug. 4
Having counseled hundreds affected by sexual abuse, Sandford offers love, acceptance and healing to the victims-the abused, the abuser and their families. This book is a tool for those who counsel and minister to lives fractured by sexual abuse.
Life Transformed Life Transformed
John Loren Sandford and R. Loren Sandford
Charisma House (Strang Book Group)
$14.99, June 2
Life Transformed is a practical approach to the process of growing spiritually mature by learning to overcome habitual thoughts that paralyze and prohibit spiritual maturity. There is a solution, a process of spiritual transformation by the renewing of the mind.
Only You Can Be You Only You Can Be You
Erik Rees
Howard Books
$19.99, July 7
Rees offers readers the tools to make positive life choices that are in accordance with their unique gifts-helping them find genuine happiness and purpose.
Organizing Your Day Organizing Your Day
Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims
Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
$12.99, May
Helps readers accomplish more in shorter amounts of time and reduce stress.
what's a mother inlaw to do What's a Mother (in-law) to Do?
Jane Angelich
Howard Books
$15.99, June 2
Angelich teaches readers how to become the mother-in-law they've always wished they had.


Glittering Vices Glittering Vices: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies
Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung
Brazos Press (Baker Publishing Group)
$14.99, June
A new look at ancient and enduring Christian moral wisdom on the seven deadly sins, their meaning for today and possible remedies.
Performing the Sacred Performing the Sacred: Theology and Theatre in Dialogue
Todd E. Johnson and Dale Savidge
Baker Academic (Baker Publishing Group)
$17.99, August
A theologian and a theater artist examine the nature of theatrical performance within contemporary culture and its relationship to Christian life, faith and worship.


10 Things You Aren't Telling Him prnt 10 Things You Aren't Telling Him
Julie Clinton
Harvest House Publishers
$11.99, August
With examples from her marriage and those of women surveyed, Clinton writes of intimacy solutions to help a woman have important conversations with her husband about her hurts, past secrets, sexual needs, dreams and goals, spiritual needs and her hopes for the marriage.
a different kind of wild - cover A Different Kind of Wild
Debbie Alsdorf
Revell Books (Baker Publishing Group)
$12.99, July
Alsdorf coaches readers into the exhilarating process of developing as a woman of God. She reveals how to break free from old expectations and boring patterns and find the WILD (Women In Lifelong Development) way of life.
Breathe Breathe: The Freedom to Thrive in Relationships After Childhood Sexual Abuse
Nicole Braddock Bromley
Moody Publishers
$12.99, May 1
Bromley understands the fears and anxieties women face as they seek to build healthy relationships after sexual assault. As a sexual-abuse survivor, the author offers women the power and hope necessary to share their story, build intimacy and develop healthy communication in all her relationships. Breathe is also a tool for those in a relationship with an abuse survivor.
The Fabric of Women Fabric of a Woman
Pamela Hines
Whitaker House
$12.99, August
Hines leads Christian women to a more positive outlook on life. The author reaches out to those who may spend so much time helping others they've either never learned, or forgotten how, to invest time and energy into themselves. Creatively incorporating scripture and personal experience to show others how to find peace despite circumstances, Hines urges women to make time for rest and restoration of the body, mind and spirit.
From One Ministry Wife to Another From One Ministry Wife to Another: Honest Conversations About Ministry Connections
Susie Hawkins
Moody Publishers
$14.99, June 1
Hawkins brings 30 years of experience as a minister's wife coupled with her role as the mother of two ministry wives. By focusing on key relationships and responsibilities in the church and home, she guides young women to a greater understanding of how to serve God faithfully as the wife of a minister.
Princess Unaware Princess Unaware
Brenda Garrison
Standard Publishing
$14.99, July
Princess Unaware seeks to empower readers to overcome the mire of the world's expectations and claim their true identities. Includes a four-day "Finding the Fabulous" Bible study at the end of each chapter for individual or group use.
Sacred Singleness Sacred Singleness
Leslie Ludy
Harvest House Publishers
$11.99, August
Firsthand stories and testimonials of modern-day single women will help readers find delight, purpose and true joy.
Silent Seduction of Self-Talk The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk: Conforming Deadly Thought Patterns to the Word of God
Shelly Beach
Moody Publishers
$13.99, June 1
Provides a readable narrative and practical tools that help readers surface their inner conflicts. These dialogues can blind them to the scriptural truth that the vision they hold of themselves and the reality of their walk in Christ are often polar opposites. Beach explores real-life examples and includes tools to assist in the spiritual disciplines of self-assessment, repentance, commitment and transformation.
When a Woman Meets Jesus When a Woman Meets Jesus
Dorothy Valcarcel
Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
$13.99, May
When a Woman Meets Jesus recounts 18 powerful stories of women who were transformed by the perfect, unconditional love of the Savior. Rather than trivializing their problems or ignoring women, Jesus responded to their deepest needs. He reminded them of their value and transformed their past, present and future.


All That Glitters All That Glitters
Nicole O'Dell
Barbour Publishing
$7.97, August
All That Glitters and its interactive "Scenarios" series give readers the opportunity to make important choices for the characters. Will their choices lead to a happy ending?
Almost Sex Almost Sex
Michael DiMarco with Hayley DiMarco
Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
$14.99, July
In the tradition of Technical Virgin, this book speaks frankly to guys about the common misconceptions even Christian youths have about sexual loopholes that allow them to experience sexual activity without marriage. DiMarco helps young men cope with all aspects of sexuality, including the difference between flirting and foreplay, what girls want from guys, emotional virginity, friends with benefits and more.
Cherished Cherished: Discovering the Freedom to Love and Be Loved
Chandra Peele
New Hope Publishers
$14.99, Aug. 3
Seeks to engage readers deeply in God's Word on a six-week journey to real freedom. In discovering God's matchless love for her, a teen girl will grow to understand how she can then love Him with all her heart, soul and mind-and love others as she loves herself. Written in conversational "big sister" style, the author relates to teens in a nonthreatening way with real stories and application.
elyon Elyon
Ted Dekker with Kaci Hill
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, June 2
Dekker revisits the universe of his half-million selling "Circle Series" with the continuation of this popular YA series-and brings along a member of "The Circle" as his co-author. Darsal is trying to love the Horde as Elyon asked her to, but she's torn between this new mission and her original one , especially now that Johnis and Silvie no longer seem to be on her side. The Chosen Ones are facing their greatest threat-extinction-and only by Elyon's grace will they survive to tell the tale.
lunatic Lunatic
Ted Dekker with Kaci Hill
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, June 2
Dekker continues his half-million selling "Circle Series" with Lunatic-and brings along a member of "The Circle" as his co-author. Johnis, Silvie and Darsal found the Books of History, and now it's time to return home-but five years have passed at home, and nothing is as it was. The Horde has taken over Middle; Thomas and the rest of the Forest Guard are in hiding; and a strange new force is challenging everything they thought they knew.
Ruby Unscripted Ruby Unscripted
Cindy Martinusen-Coloma
Thomas Nelson
$12.99, May 5
Ruby Madden moves to an affluent town in Marin County, Calif., believing her dreams are coming true, but her hometown life is drawing her back. Her not-so-secret crush finally likes her. Her older brother decides to stay behind with their newly remarried father. And her best friend gets a boyfriend who's all wrong for her. And Ruby's new life isn't as easy as she envisioned. Marin High School is a place for the rich and famous with their BMWs, chic clothes and liberal beliefs-a place where she clearly doesn't belong.
sonothappening So Not Happening
Jenny B. Jones
Thomas Nelson
$12.99, May 5
Isabella Kirkwood had it all: popularity at a prestigious private school in Manhattan, the latest fashions and a life of luxury. Then her father, a plastic surgeon to the stars, decided to trade her mother in for a newer model. When her mother starts over with her new husband, Bella is forced to pack up and leave all she knows to live with her new family in Oklahoma. How can a girl go on when her charmed life is gone and God gives her the total smackdown?
Timescape Timescape
Robert Liparulo
Thomas Nelson
$14.99, July 14
In the fourth installment of this young adult series, the King family plummets into a nightmare of head-spinning action. David, Xander, Dad and Keal have discovered a terrible secret. Now, finding Mom is only a small part of their mission, and time is running out. The Kings know their survival depends on stopping the bloodthirsty assassin Taksidian. If only they can find his weakness in time.
Truth or Dare Truth or Dare
Nicole O'Dell
Barbour Publishing
$7.97, August
The interactive "Scenarios" series gives readers the opportunity to make important choices for the characters. Will their choices lead to a happy ending?